Sunday's pledge

Morning all! Thought I would kick us off with a Sunday pledge!

Today, just for a day, my last calories will be consumed at dinner, no later than six and not another morsel of food will be eaten before Monday 8th Feb. No snacks or hot milk!

I have had this pledge for a few days

this week, this is my 4th day. by doing it i have managed 2 days of 17hour fast and one day of 16and a half hours (lost half hour due to an habitual handful of nuts on Friday! ) so 3 days of over 16 hours. Am delighted.

So going for 4th day today. Just for a day.

I am finding it very satisfying that not one calorie enters my body for 16hours so my body can get on with other stuff (like house repairs!! ). I am now only drinking water and herbal tea all evening.

How did you get on with your pledges and what do you pledge today? 😊


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12 Replies

  • My pledge is just to enjoy today's food, I see my younger son, for a pizza and salad later on, just had a cooked breakfast!

    Sid it I'm still losing, and yet endeavouring to maintain, I still do a daily calorie total at the end of each day, no going overboard tho

  • We actually only had a 1/4 of pizza each with salad, then mini cheesecake each, bit carb heavy, made a nice change tho

  • Well done! 😊

  • Found a really nice place to eat in brighton yesterday really healthy it's called foodilics if any of you are down there check it out its in north street they also have a web page I ate lush healthy food and orange carrot and ginger fresh juice

  • It's absolutely brilliant! I once walked by and was nearly floored by the garlic wafting out! Love it!

    There is also a wonderful Vietnamese near there I think. It's near the top of the street with all the Indian restaurants. The decor is all bright green and very modern. Food is fantastic.

  • Asics you're so self-disciplined these days! My pledge is to go to bed by 10. My week starts off so much better if I can get an early night on a Sunday, and it means I may even fit a run in before work tomorrow. Good luck with sticking to your pledge. Just for today :)

    Oops I meant to say - I did stick to my last pledge - to do 12 squats plus 1 press-up even while staying at my boyfriend's. I may up this to 15 squats and 2 press-ups soon... Watch this space :)

  • I know...who is this imposter?!

    Well done on delivering on your pledge!

    It is the pledging that really helps me. Plus did you know I wrote my Christmas 2016 update already for lowcal? I re-read it every now and again for a boost.

    On this I wrote "I now fast most days for 16 hours over night."

    I am truly amazed at my self discipline and I genuinely think pledging here with you guys makes the difference.

    I cannot believe that in the first week of Feb I am already alcohol and sugar free and fasting is going so well. The main reason for the speed in these steps is because I have been off work so long. Time to read and reflect, more time on my own to think and no stress of work! There is a lesson in there too isn't there? I never put myself first for time.

    The challenge will be next week back at work.

    But...I made my big chicken slow cooker stew this morning to help with lunches and dinners, so that's a good start!

    Sorry Ruth...don't know why I shared all that - hope you don't mind.

    Good luck with the early night! 😊

  • Most of the time I was doing the 12 week plan I was either unemployed or working on sporadic freelance work. The financial side of things was stressful but I did at least have time - I really think changing habits does require a lot of time! In that time I cooked a lot more from scratch, became more disciplined about only shopping for fruit n veg during the week, and exercised a lot more regularly. There's definitely a lesson there! The challenge really begins when you try to keep all these things going when you become more tight for time. But it can definitely be done, just be patient with yourself and do everything in small steps :)

  • Hi Asics,

    Sharing your daily pledge with you last night really really helped me to manage to 'keep it' - so thank you soooo much! I was tempted to snack, but I thought - Asics is doing this, and I will also stick with it. It's very unusual for me not to have a few snacks on the weekend evenings - I'm much more disciplined mid-week, but weekends always seem more challenging.

    I am attending an unexpected meal out tonight - in an Indian restaurant - not great timing in terms of tomorrow's Monday group weigh-in, but I don't want to miss the meal - so my pledge for today is to ensure I don't have any extra snacks for the remainder of the day - usually I'd be having my 'weekend extras' which include things like a packet of crisps, and maybe a chocolate eclair, but I've not bought those, as I know the Indian meal will be more calorific, so I want to ensure I don't go overboard to compensate.

    I'm also adding in doing more press-ups, cycle crunches and squats (20 of each), because I feel sure that if I don't 'pledge' to do those things, they may get side-lined...!

    Wishing you success with achieving your 4th day of a longer fasting window - you are doing soooooo well to keep that going.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done! I know what you mean I was the same.

    I promised. You promised too. So I stuck with it!

    I cannot believe I watched 2 rugby matches and Saturday night tv with nothing but sparkling water!!

    You have made some good choices about your food today, I think this is a big thing to learn isn't it? You can have the stuff you love just not all in one go/ all in one day!

    Today, fasting from last night, I will actually manage 18 and a half hours! 11.00 made it 17. I was putting a load of stuff in my slow cooker for the week and thought I might have a couple of nuts before lunch. I looked at the clock, pondered the state of my tummy and decided no I could wait t lunch. I won't eat now til 12.30 at the earliest. I am having a bath now though so it may go later.If i make it to 1 that will be 19 hours...and boy will I enjoy my lunch!

    Good luck today and enjoy your Indian!

  • Thanks Asics, it did feel tough last night, as my tummy told me I was hungry, but I said 'No! Asics won't be giving into gremlins, and neither will I...!' - glad we were able to get through it ok. :-)

    Great that you're going to be enjoying your lunch so much - that's really great! :-) I will enjoy my Indian meal too - I do really love Indian food - not had one since before Christmas! :-)

  • Great team work!

    Enjoy every mouthful! 😊

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