Around the world in 80 Days - Please post your steps/miles/kms for Saturday 6 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 Days - Please post your steps/miles/kms for Saturday 6 February (Part 2)

Dear Travellers,

The steamer is leaving shortly. We are heading to San Francisco, which will take us 22 days. Don't worry plenty of fun and relaxation on our journey to USA.

Scheduler for this afternoon including Zumba on the upper deck, Pilates on the lower deck, massages and pedicure behind the waterfall at the bottom of the volcano and wine tasting by sommeliers who looks very much like Daniel and Idris :D :D

This evening there are foxtrot lessons on the dancefloor. Then we have two special guest appearances - Ricky and Jon :D :D :D Finally your favourite cocktails served all night.

Happy Travels everyone

:) :) :)


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140 Replies

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  • Heard your plea for us to post daily as you have difficulty tracking lost travellers down. Can well understand! A big thanks to you for running this trip for us - we really appreciate it and it motivates us all sometimes to go that extra mile! I haven't finished today but will definitely make at least 15.3 k before I get home late tonight. if I go over - or under - I'll adjust tomorrow's figure (promise, no cheating). Will be a tiring day tomorrow as we're going hiking in the Alps. Assuming the weather doesn't spoil our plans.

    Hope the lost travellers are slowly slinking back.

  • Thanks for your understanding JC and thanks for that splendiferous number :)

    Hiking in the Alps sounds wonderful, have a great time :)

  • Great numbers 😊

  • Hi Fizzyliz.

    Please accept my apologies for not posting the last couple of days, its been really hectic at work and I've been feeling under the weather full of cold again with an awful cough!! Cold easing off today but cough still bothering me.

    Thursday - 0km

    Friday - 6.4 km exercise bike (just couldn't manage any more)

    Saturday - 7.3 km exercise bike

    Really sorry again for being absent and not posting.

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Nic, hope you're feeling much better soon :)

  • 6 km crosstrain 3.7 km treadmill swim tomorrow

  • Ooh Aqua! Great totals. Enjoy your swim tomorrow :)

  • Still feel bad but I have to keep doing my bit

  • You're a little treasure! :)

  • Brilliant Aqua :-) great numbers :-) :-)

  • Fun and relaxation! Just what I'm needing :)

    Today's totals are:

    Cycling - 9.5

    Walking - 8

    Total - 17.5K's :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Great kms!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • Your kicking those 17's moreless :-) your numbers are very impressive. Well done x

  • Thanks T1, my plan is to increase my average by 1/2K every day, so starting tomorrow, you should start seeing 18's :)

  • 1.87km for me today :)

  • Well done Sueper :)

  • I had a full day, so minimal kms for me, sadly. I hope to catch up a bit tomorrow. Just a feeble 3.5kms - sorry folks!

  • Now, now, LtL, you know that all K's are good K's :)

  • Hi all

    Wow what a floating island you have chosen for us to travel on, to San Francisco. Not very good at the foxtrot but will enjoy those cocktails. 18.5 km for me today including 10k on my exercise bike (just dusted off after being unused in the garage for a couple of years). Have a great weekend everyone🚴🏽

  • Woohoo Mimsta! What a brilliant number! Exercise bikes are great for clocking up the K's :)

  • 5km today, still struggling so only one dog walk. Mr F is dog walking duty for a couple of days to give me a chance to recover, will his kms do instead of mine ??? Why have a dog and bark yourself 🐾🐾woof lolπŸ˜ƒ


  • Oh Flossie, you poor thing! I'm so sorry to hear you're still struggling :(

    Thank goodness Mr F is there to walk the dog and hopefully look after you as well.

    Some travellers OH's have signed up for the journey, so I see no reason why Mr F shouldn't :)

  • Sorry to hear your still under the weather hun :-( I wish you well my dearest floss x

  • Daniel a bit of a hatful then flossie πŸ˜‰

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Ooh Bu-dog !!

    But well worth it 😜


  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    I did 12km of walking today.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh well done Lowcal, that's a lot of walking! :)

  • That's an impressive number, Lowcal, well done 😊

  • Excellent Lowcal :-) 12 kms cool :-)

  • 13.25 km today

    9.5 km yesterday

  • That's fantastic K_o_g :)

  • Saturday; 1.25km dog walking.

  • Well done Concerned :)

  • I am feeling a bit better today so I have managed to do 4km, in the mountains tomorrow taking my grandson for his first skiing lesson so I'm not sure how many steps will get done, I will aim t more than today though, thanks for keeping me motivated x

  • Well done Britdiane :) Glad you're starting to feel better.

    What fun to be taking your grandson for his first skiing lesson - that's something that would be highly unlikely for me to do :)

    Motivation is what this challenge is all about, so I'm really pleased that it's working for you :)

  • I did say taking to, not giving him the lesson πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Come on Granny, get your skis on and take him onto the nursery slopes! ;)

  • I'm back baby, I'm back :-)

    Today is the day I am back on track and I have some good kms to report this evening :-)

    Walking 2.2 kms

    Running 11.58 kms

    Very pleased now I'm back on my exercise game :-)

    Happy travels everyone x

  • Woohoo T1! I'm so pleased that you're back in action. You'll be a much happier bunny now :)

    That's a big number for your first day back! :)

  • Oh very big moreless, thank you :-) I'm so, so happy and it goes to show that resting does also pay off. I listened to my body and it got better so fast. I'm happy and healthy :-) :-) :-)

  • Just keep listening and taking heed, because you don't want any set back's now :)

  • I willl moreless thank you honey :-) x

  • That's a lot of running, well done Trafford 😊

  • Couldn't wait to see how far I could go :-)

  • Yey - T1 is back in the game :-)

  • Sorry been lazing all day on that deck nothing of note to report

  • What a sensible woman you are Beryl :) Thanks for keeping us posted :)

  • Only managed 7km today. More than enough in the grotty horrible weather!

  • Looks good enough to me henlady :)

  • Oh dear only 4234 steps today, pouring with rain before, during and after work. Neither me nor the dog braved it!! β˜€οΈ

  • I don't blame you Fran :)

  • Hi all, looking forward to chilling on the steamer :) My kms for today are 3.5 :( can't wait for my antibiotics to kick in! Ed has done 33kms - 5.1 spring clearing the garden, 5.3 dog walking and 22.6 spinning :)

  • You chill away Kate :) Spring clearing in the middle of winter?! Kate, what are you doing to poor Ed to drive him out to the garden in truly horrendous weather?! ;) :D

  • If he doesn't start now it won't be ready for spring!! 3 big dogs take their toll :/ :)

    Don't think I said anything about yard work being good for a dadbod... ;)

  • Vanity of vanities, all is vanity! ;)

  • 10k from me today amazing what you can clock up round Aldi with your mum 😜

  • Good grief Prin! You must have a humungous Aldi!! :o

  • No just an 81 year old ninja mother! ( to be fair walked to and from the gym since I had set up a Fitbit goal day challenge)

  • Good for her! :D

  • I'm surprised I managed 4.4 km today since it's rained non-stop! An amble round the supermarket and walking on the spot a bit. I really will try to get my 10000 steps done tomorrow!

    Am enjoying the trip though. Thanks for keeping us in order!!

  • I'm loving the K's that shopping is bringing to the pot Phil :D

  • I decided to enjoy the storm from inside today. But I did potter round the house a bit and I also ran 4k on my treadmill (c25k week 4 - my furthest yet!) So a total of 4.6k today. If I don't ache too much in the morning I'm going to brave a walk into town. Now I have my fitbit back in action my motivation for getting those little lights has coming flooding back too : )

  • Woohoo Garfield, well done you! :)

  • Busy at a friends birthday today, i'll stick to 0km and I should be stuck in the car tomorrow unfortunately..

  • What, no dancing Steve? ;) :D

    You need a Flintstone's car too :)

  • 6.4 km today, that's shopping, housework and having a fantastic time at the panto πŸ˜„

    Time for a gentle foxtrot as cough seems to be finally easing slightly 😏


  • Great numbers Elissy, well done :-)

  • Thank you, can't wait to get back to c25km 😊

  • Oh no you didn't! ;)

    Which panto Elissy, it seems like forever that I went to one :)

    Good news about the cough :)

  • Sleeping beauty - and did my teenage son get picked on - YES πŸ˜…

    Last year it was my OH hahaha

    Love the smaller local pantos, the jokes were hilarious! We had a fantastic time, really cheered us up in this miserable weather 😊

  • Fantastic! I really must get to see one, they are so much fun! :)

  • Very lazy day again after s busy week only 1.9 miles.

  • Everyone deserves a lazy day hun :-) 1.9 is still a good number :-)

  • I agree with T1 Angie :)

  • Hi, a bit late but been out. my kms for the 6th Feb are 2.39.

  • Well done Marianne :)

  • hi Lizzy that a lovely boat why aren't i on it, anyway today i did 2150 steps hope all are well Alan xx

  • Great steps Alan, well done! X

  • hi there Bu-dog many thanks only 562 today take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Haha, sundaybis the day of rest Alan so you're allowed to take it easy. Hope you had a good day x

  • hi Bu-dog many thanks for you kind words, its nice when people understand what your going through, it will be nice if Mr sunshine would stick his head out up here, take care must say before i nearly forgot to say i'm feeling a bit more of me today than yesterday, just tiredness now but i have to cope with that every day take care speak with you later my friend Alan xx

  • You are on the boat Alan, along with all the rest of us :)

    That's a fab number of steps :)

  • hi there must apologize first. when i first read you opening line i thought you said i look like the boat, i haven't got my reading glasses on. many thanks what's helping me is it doesn't matter how many or how small your comments are so cheerful, to start off i thought you where just being kind, but the comments i've read not only from you but Lizzy and others are genuine and warming. so may i say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for your genuine comments your friend always Alan xx

  • We're just one big family here Alan :)

  • hi there i know and isn't it great being part of it. thank you again your friend always Alan xx

  • It certainly is! :)

  • wow your quick replying its great xx

  • Hi all,

    5.5Km for Friday 5th and 7km for today Sat 6th.

    See you all for the foxtrot lessons later with Ricky and Jon. Off for a pedicure after all the Zumba and Pilates, my poor feet definitely need it!!


  • Great stuff Ruth :)

  • Trip up Box Hill dog walking with family and so on- 8.9km πŸ˜€ Meantime back abroad I'm looking forward to a few sessions in the pool and just chilling taking a stroll round the deck with Idris ;)

  • Good job rainshine, but could you please stop monopolising Idris and let some of the rest of us get a look in?! ;)

  • Thought you were all busy with that Ricky Martin chap... πŸ˜‰

  • Only me, rainshine - noone else gets a look in :-)

  • That's how it is with Idris and me πŸ˜€

  • Sorry, slightly confused is this aimed at specific people or everyone?

  • If you've joined the round the world in 80days thread. If not, pop your name down. Open to all I think x

  • Bu-dog is right, you just need to give your name to Fizzyliz or Moreless, and they will ensure you are added to the list of people partaking in this Around the World in 80 Days challenge, and then you can record your kms - I think it is open to all. :-)

  • Bu-dog and Lowcal have steered you straight h706 :)

    You are more than welcome to join us on our trip of a lifetime. All we ask is that you log your kilometres walked, run, cycled, swum, danced, rowed, daily with us.

    Please hop aboard :)

  • Happy weekend everyone πŸ˜ƒ

    Saturday = 1.8 km's !!

  • What a cheery message veganista, I hope it means that you're feeling better and have managed to pack a few more boxes :)

  • Hi hun Saturday no boxes packed but I had a bath and did a load of washing and totally wiped out after that !!

  • Not to worry veganista, the packing can wait :)

  • Sorry to be late checking in. Last night with Daniel.......well, what can I say!!

    Only managed 8.1 kms today, Saturday, 12132 steps. Hoped to do more to save some calories for tonight's curry but it didn't quite go according to plan.

    On the plus side I chose to drive so no wine, shared a starter, main meal with a spoonful of rice and one bit of naan. No desert so damage limitation I hope.

    Looking forward to enjoying all our cruise to San Francisco has to offer. Happy days!!

  • Poor Daniel is suffering from PTSD since you strapped him to your bedstead! ;) :o :) :D

    Sounds as if you were very restrained with your curry and went alcohol free - well done you! That and 8.1K's must have seen you avoiding any weight gain :)

    San Francisco, here we come! :)

  • 7.68 km for Saturday

  • Good for you Don :)

  • Good stormy morning

    4.5 km for me on 6th

    Best wishes


  • Well done Steve :)

  • 5.1 miles for me yesterday. It sounds a lot but my Fitbit measures every step I take in 24 hours. Actually the weather was so foul yesterday I only managed a hour's walk in driving wind and rain with my dogs. We were all soaked but they loved it. love my dogs. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ©πŸ©

  • I'll bet your dogs love you too Florence, especially as you're willing to take them out in all weathers. Good for you! :)

  • Oh I'm ashamed to say that we had an awful day yesterday due to the weather. Lots of wind and rain all day down here and really miserable :-( Consequently we did nothing except sit in front of the fire and watch a St Trinians film !! I guess we need to put something down so Mr L and I probably managed a km each going round Sainsburys in the morning !!

    However, I've just thrown Mr L out the door for a run, and I'm going once he gets back, so we should be back on track for today's kms ! (I need to, ate too much food yesterday !!)

  • Was it one of the original St Trinian's? I used to love Joyce Grenfell :)

  • Oh yes - Joyce Grenfell, Terry Thomas, George Cole, Alastair Sim etc !

    Looking back now though, they are incredibly un-PC. Feminists everywhere would be turning in their grave !! I had to keep pointing out to my daughter that they didn't treat women like that anymore :-D

  • Go for it, Lucca 😊

    Yesterday was really awful weather here, too (Devon). We braved the outside world once to go the the post office and look at the river level - awesome!!!

    This morning there's an almost blue sky, so out for a little walk before the rain later 😊

  • Devon is home for us as well :-)

    Have you seen the weather for tonight/tomorrow ? Storm Imogen is apparently bringing 70-80 mph winds and rain :-(

  • I know, parents in law village was getting flooded near the river yesterday, luckily they are on a hill.

    Really need a bout of dry weather now. The kids need to get out more!!!

    Anyway, enjoy your run while it's dry 😊 πŸƒ

  • Morning! Don't think I gave you Friday. So here are both!

    Ok so firstly apologies again, I am planning to return to work tomorrow. I am not quite right yet nor 100% fit so am terrified about having enough energy to last the day. I have therefore been reaΔΊly resting and getting plenty of sleep. I also watched rugby all afternoon yesterday. πŸ˜•

    So all these excuses because my kms lower than most of poorly days. I know when I am back at work and well again I will be back to hitting target.

    Friday 1. 2km

    Sat 0. 9km

  • Poor you 😊

    Take it easy tomorrow, I still get tired and exhausted and still coughing, but I managed 3 days at work.

    Take plenty to drink as well 😊

  • Thanks Elissy. Will take my bottle in thanks for tip. X

  • All K's are good K's asics :)

  • Sorry too that my posting hay wire at moment.

    From tomorrow I will post early each morning the km for previous day. Sorry am adding to work load. X

  • Morning all did 3.04km walking and 12.01km cycling so total 15.05km for Saturday 😁

  • Woohoo kars! Fandabedozy! :)

  • My 41st birthday on Saturday 6th Feb and between, walking, golf, bowling and dancing I did a whopping 16.5 km :)

  • Happy birthday Cazmaz, so sorry to be late with the greetings:) Wow, that was a very energetic birthday, wtg you! :)

  • I was all over Oxford street for a bit.... then it all went wrong and we ended up in a cocktail bar! Once spicy tequila cocktail and a couple of coffee martinis later and I won't be making my class this morning! Only got self to blame! and it was great fun seeing some friends haven't seen for ages so no regrets. Going to Kew later so will make sure I have walking shoes on and get some km in for this! Have a good day all!

  • The best laid plans Frankie! Glad you had a good time though :)

  • 29021 steps or 22.07k. 30 min run & 90 min walk provided most of the steps.

  • You must be super fast Lexi! :o

  • Sorry, I did 7.2km yesterday.

  • Well done Frankie :)

  • Book me a massage and pedicure please!!! I managed 5,320 steps yesterday ... Very busy day running up and down stairs!! Looking forward to exploring this fabulous boat!! 😊😊 ps. Lost the post that told me how to convert my steps (that was the time I couldn't post any replies grrrrr )

  • No probs Sopmarfree :)

    5320 x 0.00075 = 3.99Kms

  • Good morning - completed 7.7km yesterday - Saturday. A good walk with my dad down by the river, (unfortunately) followed by dinner out so chips consumed!! And to the ballet. But no alcohol consumed as I was the driver πŸ˜€.

  • What a lovely day Gill! :)

  • Hi

    6.2k for Saturday please.

  • With pleasure Mrscaw :)

  • 5kms walking and 10.2 kms cycling for Sat 6th !

  • Woohoo Nussaybah! That's fantastic :)

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