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Around the world in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Saturday 6 February (Part 1)


Morning Travellers

I hope everyone had a lovely time in Tokyo and enjoyed the karaoke box experience. I hate doing karaoke but somehow Bradley Cooper persuaded me otherwise!

Yesterday I managed to clock up 8.02 kms. Everyday this week, I have exceeded my target of 10,000 steps. I hope this week you have all have acheived and exceeded your own target. Together we did exceptional at the start of the week and then it tailed off. We need to step it up and be consistent. Remember this is your journey and no one judging you except yourself.

Moreless and I are amazed and so proud of everything you have achieved. A plea from us is we do need you to check in everyday with your kms/steps/miles. Its frustrating and takes a lot of time for us to track down 'lost' travellers. We are doing this challenge together - we need everyone to get around the world and whilst on the steamer, go on day trips to far flung places on the Pacific Ocean.

Right we are now on Day 43 and in Yokohama. Steamer is already in the port and it is leaving at 4pm.

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)

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Morning all!

Jot down a 5k parkrun for me please today!

I knocked 3 minutes off my time last week, I just want to get to the Sushi quicker!

Happy Saturday!! :)

Gonti10 kg in reply to Hidden

Brilliant -hope the rain held back😀

Hidden in reply to Gonti

Thanks! Nope, it peed it down all the way through, and was quite cold. Probably why I finished quicker, haha!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Woohoo Geza! Well done you! :)

suzybenj1 stone

Aye aye c'ptain - message received:-)

5k cross training

8 k bike

1.5 walking

Gonti10 kg in reply to suzybenj

All before lunch!

suzybenj1 stone in reply to Gonti

Twas very determined:-)

morelessAdministrator in reply to suzybenj

Wow Suzybenj, you did get off the starting blocks early! :)

Hi All, 2.5kms for Saturday 6th.

Been a lovely pleasant drizzly day, great for the garden and for my skin & sanity too. :)

Gonti10 kg in reply to queenie-duke

Fantastic attitude, I think the rain is a bit rarer for you?!,

queenie-duke55kg in reply to Gonti

Yes it is Gonti, sometimes we can go months without rain. And even though they said we were going to have another El Nino - apparently that forecast has not been right for our area. Since way before Christmas we've been having regular downpours - our lawn has never been so luscious & green. We're having to mow every 4 or 5days, it's crazy and I'm loving it! I pegged the washing out in the rain this morning, it can get a heavenly rinse, no rush for it to dry :)

Gonti10 kg in reply to queenie-duke

This made me laugh although Oz weather systems aren't usually funny! Make the most of it.

morelessAdministrator in reply to queenie-duke

Well done qd :)

Gonti10 kg

26.8k spinning class

16k bike to gym and back

Got soaked going there and back!

Just heading out again🌧

suzybenj1 stone in reply to Gonti

Blimey Gonti- well done

morelessAdministrator in reply to Gonti

Cor crummies Gonti!! That's above and beyond! :D

8.59 mile walk this morning, even made it to the end! haha!

Gonti10 kg in reply to AnewMe

Thats amazing - this is a good day for sitting indoors with a good book

morelessAdministrator in reply to AnewMe

Hello AnewMe,

Is this you joining us for the second half of our trip? How marvellous!

That was a fantastic walk and it will make a big difference to our total :)

Don't forget we need you to lodge your K's with us daily :)

Welcome aboard the trip of a lifetime :)

Back on the bike with no wheels going no place, 8.7k . haven't done the walking thing I think I've pulled a muscle in the leg, something sure hurts. I'll get my mountain bike out and see if I can work it off.

morelessAdministrator in reply to grandad

Just you be careful grandad, if the exercise bike isn't sorting the leg out, I can't see the mountain bike doing it either. You don't want to make it worse! :)

You might be right ML, reporting to sick bay and see the ships Doctor, leg very painful.

This is the problem of having a 20 year old brain inside a bit older head. might be on a deck chair on the top deck getting the sun for a while.

Still I did get 5 miles.

morelessAdministrator in reply to grandad

That sounds, by far, the more sensible option grandad, fingers crossed it's nothing too serious. Enjoy the sun! :)

Well done for those 5 miles though :)

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