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I know that I have to lose weight because I get hip pain quite a lot. Also breathlessness when I walk up hills. I am aged 62 and I have an under-active thyroid, which really doesn't help. I do eat a mostly healthy diet, including lots of fruit and veg. My downfall is that I eat too much of it and don't do enough exercise. I used to do lots of cycling, but I have lost my confidence on a bike.

Though it would be nice to be slimmer, I am finding it really difficult to motivate myself, and I hate taking advice! I have been to slimming groups but I find the meetings or "sharing" bit deeply irritating. I sound like a proper old grump, don't I? I would say that I am a fairly outgoing, happy person usually, but mention the words "lose weight", and I want to curl up and put my hands over my ears. I just hope that by recording my weight on a weekly basis I will gradually lose, I think it was the "weigh-ins" which were the most helpful bit of the slimming groups. I did lose a bit of weight that way, but felt like a naughty girl if I sneaked off home after the weigh ins. I am currently just short of 17 stone and a size 22 on top, 18 on the bottom. So I am what you might call: "at risk".

I do make a point of walking in Richmond Park whenever I can, and I find that taking photos is the best motivation for making sure I get out and about. I only have a cheap camera, but that means I can take it everywhere easily and I love sharing the pics. Though they are not up to much of a standard compared to the others I see on the photo sharing sites, you can make an impact with an unusual subject or point of view. It motivates me to walk further to try and find something of interest, otherwise I start to think of when the next cup of tea stop will be.

Does anyone else feel like me, resentful of the fact that things have got to the stage where you are instructed to lose weight, but ruefully aware that something must be done?


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  • I HATE people telling me what to do. I know what I'm doing wrong and don't need anybody rubbing my nose in it. But, when you think about it it's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. The only person who's being hurt is you (and maybe your family). You have to get past the other people and do it for yourself.

    I never tell people when I start losing weight and I'd never join a slimming group. I don't want their false encouragement or reproachful looks if I fall off the wagon. I just get on and do it - for me (and my husband and kids). Only when it starts to get noticeable do I "come out of the closet" and maybe join forums like this!

    Others are different and need the encouragement and accountability of the outside world. It helps them from the beginning. We're all different.

    It doesn't mean I don't appreciate the support of this forum though! The people here are in no way patronising and the encouragement is great!

  • Thanks for the support, JaySeeSkinny!

  • Hi Tarot-jac,

    Welcome to the forum. How lovely that you enjoy walks in Richmond Park, and can take photos of such a beautiful place. Maybe you can share a photo on this forum, as you can upload photos here too - it's nice to see colourful pictures with posts - I have recently posed a photo of some cake in a recent post. :-)

    One of our members (a lovely woman called Moreless) has put together a Welcome Newbie pack - it just contains a few things that different people have put together that happen in the forum, and everything that is mentioned is of course completely optional. The lovely thing about this forum is that you can interact as little or as much as you want to, and people don't judge or 'instruct' each other - it's more of an encouraging and supportive place.

    There is a Monday group 'online' weigh-in, and you can see the latest thread in the 'Events' section (located on the right-hand-side of the home page) if you want to have a read and see if you might like to join in that.

    Some people have their own weigh-in posts, and some people prefer not to share their weights but just enjoy reading and interacting with posts.

    Here's a link to the Welcome Newbie post, that Moreless has created:


    There are also some great recipes there - especially the ones collated by Lucca10, I think they are great!

    Hope you have a great weekend, and wishing you success with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi guys and gals, yes we all have this issue with weightloss, or lack of it... I have an underactive thyroid gland and with the best intentions in the world the weight will not go!!! As the skinnys will tell you it's not rocket science, but to me it definitely is rocket science... I know the weight took longer than five minutes to go on so it will take time and ALOT of WILLPOWER to shift...

  • Hi tarot-Jack, welcome to the forum! You will find lots of genuine people here always willing to answer your questions and give loads of encouragement. I'm quite new here myself, this will be my fourth week, I wasn't 'told' but it was suggested to me by my asthma nurse that I should try to lose some weight! As I am also classed borderline diabetic! Oh and obese!!!!! Ha ha I think that was the one that hurt most! Anyway I'm doing it for myself! As well as my husband and family,for my health and basically coz i've still a lot of living to do! Something just clicked this time! And visiting the forum has helped me heaps! Hope you decide to stick around and maybe post some pics! Good luck anyway :)

  • Thanks, jester-puss, I admire your determination. :)

  • Thanks Tarot-Jack, I just know I can do it! And so can you! Good luck!! 😁

  • I tend to want to do the opposite if anyone tells me to do a thing so I'm following this plan for me and me only. I'm also 62 and it's not that I want to look amazing because I quite like myself after many years working on it but I want to be healthy. I love Richmond park and walking anywhere with my dogs. I wear a Fitbit which monitors my steps and motivates me to move. I love it. Good luck there's so much on this site to get involved in.

  • Hi Florence 181230,

    No doubt our paths have crossed at some point in Richmond Park! I want to be healthy, too. I have bought a pedometer, but haven't used it much yet, still not sure I've got the hang of it. It's a lovely day today, isn't it? I am pretty busy, but hope to make it over to the Park later on, to take advantage of the lovely light.

  • Hi I'm in Devon where I live and it's rainy and windy but still lovely. I go to London often to see my grandchildren and Richmond is one if my favourite parks. I love the Heath too. Lucky you it's so sunny in London. Take care. I recommend a Fitbit. πŸ™‹

  • Hello tarot-Jack 😊 Your post could have been written by me!! Lol 😊 I always told anyone who asked that it wasn't lack of knowledge keeping me fat!! I hate being told what to do, and what to eat!!! What is working for me is an 'eating plan' I enjoy, calorie counted so nothing is forbidden, enough carbs so I don't feel hungry, a permanent, long term solution, and, I an most definitely NOT 'on a diet' ! good luck 😊😊😊

  • Thanks, Anna61! I think that your method is what I aspire to, and glad that it's working well for you. Thanks for the encouragement!

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