Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Friday 5 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Friday 5 February (Part 2)

Wow wow wow. Japan has exceeded my expectations. Its so quirky and straight all at the same time. I am so in love with it :) :) :)

Tonight we are soaking up the everything that Tokyo has to offer. The superstars - Idris, George, Tom Brady, the two Brads - Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper, Daniel, Meryl and Rachel Hunter are joining us in a karaoke box complete with dancing poles, tambourine, microphones, your favourite cocktails and an impressive database of English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese hits. Its going to be a very special evening :D :D :D

Over the weekend we need to get busy clocking up lots of kms. When we get on the steamer, we are on the open sea for 22 days crossing the Pacific ocean to San Francisco. We are in need of extra kms for day trips :) :)

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)


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94 Replies

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  • 3k from me today. For the sake of everyone's ears I think I'll give the kareoke a miss but looking forward to a few easy going day trips over the coming week.

  • I have a voice like a foghorm Garfield, so I'll leave my "singing" til we're onboard the steamer! :D

    Are you ready to clock up some mega K's this weekend, so we have have some nice, easy going day trips? :)

  • Yes! My replacement fitbit charger arrived today (finally after three weeks!) So hopefully my kms will pick up again now that i can start including round the house/offixe steps too

  • Yaaaaay! :)

  • 4.53km for Friday

  • Well done jennie :)

  • Well it must be my turn for Daniel tonight. Flossie must have finished with him by now!

    I have only managed a disappointing 10917 steps, 7.3 kms. The rain has returned and brought with it a blinding headache so not on top form.

    Hoping for a good walk tomorrow to get some calories to spend on my curry!

    Off to look for Daniel.

  • Not disappointing at all Bu-dog, especially with a splitting headache! I hope you're feeling much better now and that Daniel lived up to expectations :)

  • Have been surveying my new vinyl floor in order to make 20,000 steps and have added a bit extra for our day trips so15.5 kms stepping from me

  • Well done Prin, that's sure to have made a trip to somewhere exciting, all the more possible :)

  • 1.5km

  • Well done Steve :)

  • Oh, exciting night and a fun packed time ahead 😎

    7.08 km from me today, won't be too much over the weekend as still breathing difficulties, but maybe some walks in the pouring rain β˜”?????!!!!!

  • Don't push yourself too far Elissy. I'm not sure walking in the rain will be good for your chest! Your numbers are always fab! :)

  • Just the 9.4km for Idris and me today. Dined at a Michelin starred restaurant, drank alcohol, ate cheese, what-evs. Only my birthday weekend once a year and that's what I've been saving calories for all week. Worth it? Hell yeah! πŸ˜€

  • Happy Birthday Rainshine!!!

    Glad you had a lovely time.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Belated birthday wishes rainshine. It sounds as if you enjoyed every minute :)

    How can you say JUST 9.4K's? That's a terrific number! :)

  • Nice to see Japan. My parents lived there for a few years.

    Didn't quite get to goal today. 7.3km

  • So have you been to Japan before then henlady?

    Not too far off your goal - well done! :)

  • No, I'm a bit of a home bird. Don't mind where I go if I can be bs k in time for tea.

  • That pretty much rules Japan out then! ;)

  • 16723 steps or 12.78k for today, plus 20k spinning. Total: 32.78k....lets get out on some days trips! :-)

    Karaoke - might skip that one - no one needs to hear that!

  • Woohoo Lexi! That's a whole day trip on its own! :)

  • Hi, 7.4 km for me today :)

  • Fantastic Sueper :)

  • I am a broken woman now both physically and financially. Some good news though - bought some trousers in Asda size 24 but they were labelled wrong and are in fact size 22 and they fit :D This time last year I was wearing size 32!

  • Woohoo! What a happy stroke of luck! 5 sizes smaller! WTG you! :)

    I'm thrilled for you Sueper, because it's things like that that make it all worthwhile. In another year, you'll be wearing 12's!! OMG! :)

  • I couldn't imagine being a 12, but then to be honest I didn't expect to be a 22 ever again! Never say never :D

  • I have 2 pairs of size 12 jeans in my wardrobe, which I would dearly love to fit into again, so I shan't give up til I do! :)

  • I am sure you will do it :)

  • I managed it 11 years ago, unfortunately, I didn't manage to maintain. This time it'll be different :)

  • 4.8k. Sorry I have just posted that on Thursday too by mistake.

  • Not to worry Phil, Liz will sort it out :)

  • Dmy nose has been running but not me. Xx

  • Lol Aqua! Thanks for keeping us informed :D

  • 8km :)

  • Fantastic Cazmaz :)

  • 10.6 km for Friday. Half of this which running.

  • Well done Nussaybah! :)

  • Just 2kms for Friday.

  • All K's are good K's qd :)

  • 6.49 kms for Friday.

  • Good going Don :)

  • Amazing - i am lovely this virtual travel.

    Twas desk jockey yesterday - but clocked up 1km

  • It's great isn't it Suzy! We learn something new every day and experience things beyond our wildest dreams :)

    All K's are good K's :)

  • Had a funny old week, OH home - he works away, visiting family and work. Don't know how you find the time to write the amazing posts you all do! But thank you for doing it.

    So here are my km for last week.

    Sun 2.79

    Mon 4.28

    Tues 3.97

    We'd 3.54

    Thurs 2.43

    Fri 4.56

    So even though I have my parents with me this weekend ( mum can't walk much) I will try and get my km up today and tomorrow to make up for my inconsistent. Postings :)


  • We were worried we'd lost you Gill, so very relieved that you're still with us and still clocking up the K's :)

  • Thanks FizzyLiz for the stories and great pictures - they are brill. Also thank you moreless for the patient motivation.

    Friday's scores on the doors is 5 km on an exercise bike.

    Happy Saturday


  • We can only so what we do, because of the fantastic work of all the travellers Steve. Keep up the good work and we'll be able to keep up ours ;)

  • Lagging behind with posting yet again,sorry.

    Thursday = 4.8kms

    Friday = 9.6kms

    Have a great weekend everyone :-)

  • Thanks lynalla :)

  • Good morning Lizzy and moreless :-)

    For Friday I managed to get out for a little walk which was nice after not being able to walk or run and managed to do 3.8 kms yesterday :-)

    I'm very pleased with this as my body is on the mend and I am going to try out a run today and see how things go so will check in later tonight with my kms for today :-)

    Happy travels everyone :-)

  • Take it easy t1 - hope the run goes ok and you are back on the mend :-)

  • Thanks lucca :-) I have had to restrain myself for long enough. I am listening to my mind and it's telling me to exercise and my body feels up to it now. I have literally not done anything for two days straight and yesterday I managed a little more kms than the previous two days so it's about time I get moving again :-)

    Glad I took the time to rest as my body has fixed it's self a lot faster than I could have imagined YAY :-)

  • It's really frustrating isn't it ! Still, it was probably for the best to rest it up, however annoyed it made you feel :-)

  • Hi T1, I'm so pleased that you feel that you're on the mend now. I shall keep my fingers crossed that your decision to try a run was a good one, because I'd hate to hear you'd suffered a setback.

    Take care :)

  • Hi. 6.2k for Friday. Not very energetic k's 'strolling' with friends, but lots of laughter, which I hope also burns more cals?

  • You could have sat with your friends drinking tea and eating cake, so a stroll with lots of laughter is infinitely preferable! :)

  • Morning all :-)

    Yesterday's totals are 5.8k run and 4.3k dog walk = 10.1k.

    Mr L did 2k again - I've told him that unless he bucks his ideas up he will be tied to a dancing pole and hit repeatedly with a tambourine whilst listening to moreless singing Korean karaoke hits from the 1970s.

    He has promised to walk the dog a lot further today... ;-)

  • You have seriously made me laugh lucca, imagining moreless singing Korean karaoka hits from the 70's :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Great numbers by the way lucca. I would like to achieve something similar to you today :-)

  • I don't know why that should make you laugh T1? I'll have you know my rendition of "Because I'm a girl", has audiences weeping ;) :D

  • Oh the punishment would be much worse than that Lucca, not only would he have to suffer my singing, but he'd have to watch me, in my spandex, contorting my blubber on the pole! Without doubt, a fate worse than death! :D

    Good job you're super fit and able to cover for him :D

  • Hi...forgot to log thursdays so its 10.7kms for thursday and 11.5 kms for friday πŸ˜€

    Have a good weekend x

  • Thanks quin :)

  • 7.6 km for me Friday.

  • Great stuff Carpo :)

  • Friday; 1.5 km dog walking, 5.4 km cycling for work.

  • Well done Concerned :)

  • Friday I did 3.4 km's.

    Really looking forward to slobbing out all weekend though I must try get some packing done too.

    So hate being poopy, I'm really looking forward to feeling well!!

  • I suspect a slobbing sort of weekend is just what you need and will make you feel heaps better veganista :)

    You're still clocking up those K's though :)

  • Yes moreless it's surprising that little but often makes the km's clock up!! πŸ˜ƒ

  • That's exactly how I clock up my K's veganista. 10 mins an hour is more than enough :)

  • Here's my steps .... 4,680. Getting better so more steps, yay!! Will be going for regular deck walks then? How about some egg and spoon races?? Hope everyone is ok, see you all on board 😊😊

  • That's good news Sopmarfree :)

    We'd have to hope for dead calm seas to be able to attempt deck egg and spoon races! :D

  • Bike with no wheels 9k , tread mill 1.5k

  • I think about you when I'm on my bike that goes nowhere too :)

    Great total grandad :)

  • I'll have a go at the Karaoke! I do a mean Elvis impression I've been told...or was it I was told it was mean to do my Elvis impression? I can't remember!!

    Anyway, just 2km of walking for me on Friday. Every step counts though!

    Have a good weekend everyone! :)

  • Lol Geza! :)

    You have the catchphrases off pat now, so I'm surplus to requirements! :D

  • Hi all,

    4.72km walking and 7.5km cycling so 12.22km in total for friday 😊

  • Fantastic kars! :)

  • Sorry late posting, 4.2 km for Friday. Today we have young granddaughters staying with us and it's pouring with rain so km's might be a little disappointing today, I'll record my total later.

  • Not to worry mrsg, I hope all's going well with your granddaughters :)

  • Hi all

    9.44km for me for Friday. Used a lot of energy laying and cutting carpet tiles but sorry doesn't count for Kms.🐝

  • You still managed 9.44K's though Mimsta and that's terrific! :)

  • Thanks moreless. I've made up for it today (Saturday's post)🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽

  • I replied to you Mimsta and it appears to have vanished! :o

    I have seen your very impressive total for today :)

  • So today my fitbit died:( hoping that restart will sort it out. Estimated steps therefore as I wandered around Manchester in the rain and then attended a cocktail masterclass - so walking after that was a bit swirly! I reckon about 3.5 kms based on what I normally do and the google map distance checker. Daiquiris anyone?

  • Aarrgghh!! What a nightmare! Fingers crossed for the restart!

    If there was ever a masterclass to attend, a cocktail one would be it! Strawberry daquiri for me please :)

  • Hi FizzyLiz 7.26km for Friday and 7.21km for today :)

  • Fantastic keep-on :)

  • My son who is 4 said something about cars 2 (the film) to me earlier whilst i was on here and i thought he wanted to watch the film so stuck it on for him but i have just realised that the picture is from the film. What an eagle eye my son has!

  • By some very strange coincidence kars, my grandson did the same! :)

  • 5098 steps for Friday β˜€οΈ

  • 2.5 miles only for Friday.

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