Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/miles/kms for Friday 5 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/miles/kms for Friday 5 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers

I have always wanted to visit Japan. I am so excited that we are here. Today will be spent on the island of Fukuoka and then this evening we are going to Yokohama.

Yesterday I clocked up 10,000 steps. More marching on the spot in the kitchen and on wooden floor in living room :D

The boys and Meryl enjoyed themselves so much last night. They will meet us in Yokohama tonight for karaoke :D :D

Happy Travels everyone :) :)

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23 Replies

  • Oh Idris ... back!!! George would like to have a go!!

    Sorry ladies. Am hysterical.

  • Does bromide work on women??!! :D

  • Oh so wish we were there !!! 😃

    Fizzy you must spend so much time trawling for beaut pictures, well it really brightens my day!! 😃


  • Yippee - I can count to ten in Japanese, say good morning, and also say "Wait a minute". If you need any help with the translations whilst we are here - don't hesitate to ask ;-)

  • Domo arigato - we'll bear that in mind :-)

  • I'm sure that will make our visit so much smoother Lucca! :o

  • Yes, you can imagine the help I'm going to be, can't you :-D

    itchy, knee, san, shee, go, rocku, shissy, hashy, coo, ju (the spellings might not be entirely correct...!! ;-) )

  • Thursday; 2 km walk from train station to town hall round trip, 1km dog walking, jog to church (strange action for an atheist) 1.1km.

  • What a busy little Hector you were! :)

    I bet the minister got all excited to see you running to church! :D

  • Please can I record this morning's 5km run, a real achievement for me to finally fit a 'long' run before work. Took some organising but now I've done it once it'll surely be easier to do it again. Also it helped that there was a little daylight :)

    Enjoy Japan everyone. I'm not massively into travelling, rarely use my passport as I always holiday in the UK, but if the chance arose to go to Japan I'd be right there. Amazing place, amazing people. Happy travels :)

  • Woohoo Ruth! WTG you! :) It just goes to show that where there's a will, there's a way :) The lighter mornings will make a huge difference to all of us and I expect to see you logging early morning 10K's very soon :D

    I haven't even owned a passport since 1992, which shows how much travelling I do :D

  • Hey - well done Ruth :-) Hopefully this is the first of many early morning runs for you !! It does make a difference now it's getting a bit lighter in the mornings, doesn't it. Now if it would just stop raining and blowing a gale as well !!

  • Another destination I have longed to visit.

    I worked really hard at the gym today and clocked up 20.95kms. I have a busy day tomorrow, so not sure what I will manage, but I will try my best.

  • Woohoo LtL! You did work really hard! Well done you!! :)

    I say the same thing about the lottery :D

  • Goodness - what a total :-) :-) Well done !

  • Hello All, looking forward to visiting Yokohama. My kms for 5th Feb 2.59. Best wishes to Everyone for the weekend.

  • Well done Marion :)

  • oooo moreless im renamed ha ha

  • Sorry Marianne - blowout of the brain! It's my age, you know! :D

  • Tired little bunny I suspect.

  • That's true too :)

  • Now, dont stay up too late tonight, thats an order. Ha Ha

  • I promise I won't :)

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