Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/miles/kms for Thursday 4 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/miles/kms for Thursday 4 February (Part 2)

Dear Travellers

Oh my word - the South Korea whistlestop tour was breathtaking. What made it so special was I had no pre-conceived ideas about where the journey would take us. Of course the people and food were the icing on the cake :) :)

Just like you and your own journey, I bet you didn't expect where it would take you and how much you want to keep improving and clocking up more steps.

We are still missing a handful of travellers - hope they check-in with their steps very soon.

If you have a Fitbit, please register on and join the billion step-athon. Fitbit will donate Β£50,000 for every billion steps.

Tonight we are back on the steamer - favourite cocktails served by George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Idris Elba and Meryl Streep. And I heard on the grapevine that Ricky Martin will make an appearance on the dancefloor :D :D

Tomorrow we head for Japan - ooh I can't wait :)

Happy Travels everyone :D :D

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  • 7.2kms today and Daniel Craig is mine first dibs !! 😜😜😜😜😜😜


  • Ok Flossie, you win, I'll take George Clooney :)

    You're still managing to clock up those K's :)

  • I might be a bit poorly but the dog still needs his walks !! For Daniel Craig well !!!!!!!😜


  • I know, you'd probably run a marathon! :D

  • Won't you share, he's gorgeous!

  • NO !!!


  • 😭......I wouldn't either lol !

  • hi there Lizzy beautiful ship only 283 step done today not been good spent most of today in bed take care Alan xx

  • You take care of yourself Alan.

  • hi there, i have to i've no choice but to look after myself, many thanks for your concern. Alan

  • Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow Alan. Good to see you posting on here thoughπŸ‘

  • hi there many thanks and like tesco's says every little helps take care. Alan

  • For sure. Sometimes we don't always feel up to things but I find this forum is a great motivator and its light hearted. We are all here for the same be healthier...and this is a fun, relaxed way of doing it. It's the first time I've done it using a forum but find it a very pleasant experience and some of the comments are so funny.

    I do hope you are feeling brighter today. Do what you can do. The fact you pop on here to log steps or chat shows you are still in a good mindset. Now, go dig out those trainers πŸ˜„

  • hi there that's one thing i can say that's kept me going is the friends i've made on here, without there loving support, i don't think i'd be here now. take care Alan

  • Sorry, was a bit distracted by Seoul - only just made it back to the steamer in time. Had to row a bit, the dragon boat training earlier on our journey helped there. Anyway I walked 12.6 k today. I'll hang around for the cocktails and have a chat with Daniel Craig. Japan should be great - heard a lot about it from my younger son who's a bit of a Japan freak, but never been there myself. Looking forward to the food and a decent sake. Actually thinking about it I'll get my son over for the day, he speaks the lingo (a bit) and he can give us a guided tour.

  • Our own personal guide! Sounds like a fab idea :)

    Great walking JC :)

  • Just the 6.3 for me today- too distracted with Idris- knees gone a bit wobbly. . . 😍

  • Haha! You did well despite the wobbly knees rainshine :)

  • i don't have a fitbit, but cleaning, decorating and gardening all day again i feel as though I have walked at least 5kms and had a workout in the gym! Maybe I should stop trying to pretend kms/steps until this house moving thing is over?

  • That's going to have to be your decision John. How long do you think it's all going to take? We'll miss you :(

    Have you got a birthday coming up, so that you can ask for a fitbit ;)

  • My birthday is not until August :-( I checked activities against calories burned and it appears that an hour of walking burns slightly less than an hours gardening or an hours housework so could I equate say 3 miles to an hours gardening/decorating/cleaning? Confused :-?

  • I would love to say yes to that idea, but this whole challenge is about distances covered. Many people do strength exercises that can't be counted, eg weight training, pilates, yoga etc.

    How about trying a cheaper version of the fitbit eg a pedometer. I've never had any success with them, but others use them all the time with no problems at all.

  • If you're on your feet and on the move all day you're definitely clocking up kms! :)

  • What a great night this is going to be 😊

    Not wanting this fantastic journey to end.

    Todays total is 8.4 km, still not fit to exercise but on the way up slowly. Looking forwards to Japan 😊

  • Not fit to exercise and 8.4K's seems a pretty incongruous pairing! ;)

    Let's hope you're 100% fighting fit for Japan :)

  • But that's just walking to work and back 2x, walking at work and walking at home. So no extra. Still struggling to breathe properly so won't run for a while yet- mind you, this has given my shin the rest it needed πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

  • They say every cloud has a silver lining :)

    Anybody else would have caught the bus though :)

  • I live 8 minutes walk from work πŸ˜ƒ

    No, I walk a lot at work 😏 throughout the day 😊

  • I've seen people drive a 1 minute journey! :)

    You are just made of tough stuff :)

  • Titanium πŸ˜…

  • Ooo George Clooney, yum yum. Hi, my kms today are 3.02 on 4th Feb. Have a great night everyone.

  • Yes, I was drooling too Marianne ;)

    Well done for your K's :)

  • 2.8-km for me today. Just got back from "after work" drinks - I dread to think how many calories were involved in that...

  • Oh dear Garfield, you should have followed Liz's example and done some running on the spot, to see if you could burn off some of the calories! :)

  • I fear you may be right. I think another run is in order for today to undo some of the damage! The only thing in my defence is that I declined all offers of the chips etc that people had ordered for the table - does that at least score me some brownie points? : )

  • Only if it's a sugar free brownie! :D

  • 2km today x

  • Well done Claire :)

  • 6.47km for Monday

    4.25km for Tuesday

    4.59km for Wednesday

    3.89km for Thursday

    Sorry I am late posting hopefully the km will go up again next week and I will get better at posting them

  • Thanks jenni, that's absolutely fab :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    My kms for today (Thursday 4th February 2016) are as follows:

    Running on treadmill 3.5kms

    Bike: 10kms

    Hillclimber: 1km

    Cross-trainer: 1km

    Rowing machine: 2km

    Walking: 2.5km

    Total = 20kms.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That's fantastic Lowcal 😊 what a great variety of exercises 😊

  • Thanks Elissy,

    Hope you're beginning to feel a bit better.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Slowly getting there, thank you, Lowcal

  • 11.81km for me Thursday thanks.

  • Fantastic Mimsta! :)

  • Another busy day at work 6.39 miles. Hooray for a day off tomorrow πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Woohoo for a great number and woohoo for a day off Angie :)

  • Really looking forward to Japan. Love the food for one thing. I'll go easy on the cocktails tonight and give the midnight buffet a miss!

    What a difference a dry, sunny(half of it) day makes. Stepped out this morning on a mission with two dogs (doggie sitting) and clocked up 6.4 kms. Back out this afternoon on the moor and managed another 7.7kms so total for today 14.1 kms, 21116steps!

    I needed these as was out for supper tonight. Only had one course of king prawn linguine. According to my trusty pedometer I have burned 508 calories so will offset these against my meal.

    Just got one more night out to plan for. Saturday night....Indian favourite!

  • I'm drooling Bu-dog, this is like reading a menu! ;)

    Fantastic K's today! :)

  • 8 km for me today.

    My fitbit had been playing up today. doesn't keep its charge so i did walk around for a bit before i realized it had stopped working. ringing customer support tomorrow to complain...😠

  • Oh no Carpo! You tell them that if they don't fix it pronto, they'll have Liz and me to deal with! ;)

    Great K's though :)

  • Haha. I've talked to them and they are going to send me a new one:) She logged on to my account and could see that the battery drops very quickly from 50% to empty. She also told me to not charge it using a wall plug, only charge from a computer. So that might be the reason. But in my defence it does not say anywhere not to use a wall plug...

  • It'll be a standard reply, made to look like it's your fault. If you'd been charging via a computer, she'd have said you should have been using a wall plug :D

  • Actually she never said it was my fault, but requested that I charge it from my computer from now on. So when I get the new one that's what I will do.

    The battery never lasted as long as they stated though. They said 7-10 days. It lasted 3 days on the first charge...

  • I've never had a laptop that's stayed charged as long as they've promised either! Maybe it's us! :D

  • Haha. Always had the same problem, but my work laptop has a 9 hour battery life. I've had it about a year now and it still keeps its charge... I think in my case it will be the amount of money I'm willing to spend on technology. I don't even want to know how much this laptop cost my company. I use it for all my computer needs now. My old personal laptop I don't even know where it is anymore, lol

  • 5.8km today as back on nights; which is shame as I've been enjoying my extra exercise at the gym.

    Hopefully walking the dog tomorrow will clock up some more steps.


  • Still a good number though Ruth and I'm sure you'll come up with great ways to increase it :)

  • Thursday = 2.8kms for me.

    Really not feeling well have still got a chest infection after 3 months and 3 courses of antibiotics and steroids. Started on 4th course of antibiotics and steroids today because my dr has said my chest xray is showing infection still present and fluid on my lungs. In so much pain and fed up with it all. Sorry for moaning I will shut up right now!!

  • Oh veganista, no wonder you're moaning, anybody would be after such a horrible time :(

    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this and am sending you healing vibes and good wishes.

    Take extra special care of yourself and we'll all keep our fingers crossed that this lot of antibiotics and steroids will do the trick :)

  • Thankyou so much moreless your kind wishes mean a lot. I will get there I just have to try to keep in my mind that each day passing is a day closer to me feeling ok.

    Thankyou again hun have a lovely day xx

  • Hi all. Sorry, Daniel is a little tired ;) my kms for Thurs are 5.3 pottering and a sainsburys dash. Told Ed he was getting a bit lazy (so I could spend some time with Daniel) and he went to the gym :) 33.2 kms - 22.6 spinning, 3 rowing and 7.6 daily steps.

  • Oh my goodness Kate, have you no shame?! You're almost as bad as Lucca! ;)

    Ed, keep up the good work and I'll have a word with Liz about finding someone super for you whilst Kate's dallying with Daniel :)

  • Haha! He hasn't got the energy left for dalliances :D its win win for me ;)

  • :D

  • 7kms walking and 6 kms cycling

  • Fantastic Nussaybah! Wtg you! :)

  • Good morning

    4.5 km for me on Thursday, 4th

    Happy Friday


  • Good morning and happy friday to you too Steve :)

    Thank you very much for your K's :)

  • 17016 steps or 12.67k for yesterday

  • Fandabedozy Lexi :)

  • 4.2 km for me. X

  • Well done Phil :)

  • Morning all,

    Thursday's totals are 3.61km walking 10.43km cycling so overall 14.04km πŸ˜€

  • Oooh kars, that's excellent! :)

  • morning all.

    Ok I have now registered my fitbit!

    Yesterday I did 2.2km. Waiting for health and energy to return.

    Apologies for short message am somewhat distracted by Mr Elba applying vics to my chest and mopping my fevered brow with a chilled flannel. Oh there are some benefits to the infections of the century. :-)

  • Good grief! Everyone's at it! :o

    Let's hope you're bouncing with health and vitality very soon :)

  • Morning :-)

    8.2k run and 5.9k dog walk = 14.1k

    Mr L is still sulking in the under stairs cupboard claiming his leg hurts after running the other day and has done 2k :-)

  • Woohoo Lucca! You're going great guns! :)

    Men can be such wuss's ;)

  • Hi all. 10.6k for Thursday. Off to see friends today and a bit concerned about what will be on the menu when eating out. Guess I can try to eat the fish and leave the batter? (They love their Friday fish and chips!) Would love to have some healthy sushi when we are in Japan. :)

  • Great number Mrscaw! :)

    Fish and chips! Mmmmmmm.................... those were the days! :D

    I think your plan to remove the batter sounds like an excellent compromise :)

  • 4.5 km

  • Well done Don :)

  • I think I've posted this on and old thread, thats what happens when you go on compoooooters at two in the morning.

    1:5k on a tread mill its not a lot of fun, cycling is much more exciting, Now its tipping it down and there is no point in going out just to get wet. So back on bike with no wheels going no place. I've got bike in front of telly so I can keep up with Bradley Wiggins on his hour record, should be a fun.

  • Anything that helps to clock up the K's is a great idea grandad :D

  • Hi. Sorry I am late. I managed 7.9km yesterday. Mostly shopping, now knackered and broke. Already clocked up a few for today too.

  • Woohoo Sueper! It's amazing what can be achieved by a shopaholic :D

  • 16550 steps , energetic day walking and dancing but still cant swim until steri strips come off hopefully mon. Any one who wants to learn some new dance moves have been watching dvd by Karen Harding and Erin Boag. called strictly dancercise, could be useful on the dance floor to show off to Ricky!! cha cha salsa quickstep jive and samba

  • Wow Lizzie you certainly did have an energetic day! :)

    Fingers crossed for those steri strips coming off on monday. so you can get back to your swimming :)

    I must take a look at that dvd, it sounds like fun :)

  • skiving day (again) 7.14kms for me today 2 spin classes missed :(

  • That's not skiving Prin, but I hope it wasn't your calves playing up again that stopped you going to your spin classes.

  • Missed the morning as a recovery from Wednesday speed, then got a dinner offer that meant no evening spin or Zumba 😬

  • 9.42km for Thursday :)

  • Very nice keep-on :)

  • 4.8k. Promise to do better tomorrow!

  • This is the total that shouldn't be here, isn't it Phil? :)

  • Yes ☺

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