Around the world in 80 days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 3 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 3 February (Part 2)

Dear Travellers,

Well done to everyone for reaching Day 40 of this challenge. We are amazing :) :)

After we spent the morning walking on the Great Wall of China, we visited the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and of course the Panda house at Beijing Zoo.

Now we are back on the steamer and enjoying a massage and a pedicure.

Tonight Ricky is back on the dancefloor and his backing singers are serving your favourite cocktails. So its time to shake your Bon Bon like you have never done before :D :D

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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94 Replies

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  • Hi Lizzy,

    Wow, Day 40 already!!! Where is the time going? Such great adventures that time is literally flying by!!!

    Weren't those Pandas lovely?

    Looking forward to lots of dancing tonight, and shaking our Bon Bon - whatever they are.... :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I agree Lowcal, time is flying! :)

    As far as I'm concerned, bonbons are sweets :D

  • lol :-)

  • Its a Ricky Martin song :O Where is Lucca? :D :D

  • They have a different meaning in the 'Urban dictionnary' - I think I'll stick with your meaning. :-)

  • :D

  • Oooh just looked in the urban dictionary. Ricky is so naughty :D :D

  • He is very naughty! :-)

  • Some countries call Christmas crackers bonbons. Australia is one of 'em :)

  • Have to agree time going by so fast; loved the panda's too and the walk along the wall helped with my 8.5km today.

    See you on the dance floor


  • That walk certainly did help your walking Ruth, well done! :)

    Are you going to be shaking your bon bons too? :D

  • Def shakingy my bon bons; strawberry flavoured are my favourite; but the sherbet is getting everywhere lol. πŸ˜†

  • Messy! :D

  • Struggling to get on here tonight - might be dodgy wifi.

    6.16 km for me today walking around Birmingham. Can add the drive too? It is about 210 miles! No? Ok then ;)

  • Good try Sueper! :D

    You did well enough without resorting to cheating :)

  • Hi 11.69 km for me Wednesday.

  • Great stuff Mimsta! :)

  • Evening fellow travellers

    I'm really enjoying this wonderful journey with you lovely people. I must have been encouraged more than usual today as I have pedaled 13.4 km this evening on my exercise bike πŸ˜€. I have also taken the stairs at work 4 times today (3 floors, 9 flights I think)! My steps today are 2694.

    Nearly Thursday already, where has the week gone?

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • Woohoo Nic, you were flying today :)

    It has been a really quick week, hasn't it :)

  • Its been a quick year!! I can't quite beleive its February already either! I need to shift this weight a little quicker too and cannot wait to get into the 11's, hopefully by Easter (suepers challenge) πŸ˜€

  • Oh my, I'd so like to be near the 11's :) I'm hoping for the 14's for Sueper's challenge and that's pushing things! :)

  • This time last year I was over 15 stone and to be in the 12's for me s astounding!! You can so get into the 14's moreless you're amazingly dedicated I know you can do it πŸ˜€

  • 4279 steps today, not many as was working from 8 am to 8.30 pm, just quick nip round the block with the dog β˜€οΈ

  • That was an awfully long day Fran, no wonder you didn't venture far :)

  • Yeeees, it's working πŸ˜‰

    Ahem, sorry, got carried away there πŸ˜ƒ

    Back in the land of living, but still exhausted. Made it through work but won't do anything strenuous yet as chest still bad.

    Managed 7.4 km along the amazing wall of China.

    Tired out, so will enjoy watching you shake your Bon Bons while I have a cocktail 🍸😁

  • 7.4K's sounds pretty impressive, considering you have a bad chest Elissy :)

  • Not impressive if you saw my speed πŸ˜ƒ

  • I'm all for snail pace myself, it's what I'm good at :D

  • I've been so busy teaching today yet only walked 3k. Knew I should have jogged along the great wall!

  • Not to worry Phil, today's another day :)

  • Evening All

    7.6km today and I still have some energy left for a bit of shaking. Enjoy your evening everyone.

  • I hope you kept clear of the flying sherbet Fran ;) Great number :)

  • Hi all, I can report I walked all of 3.5kms for Wednesday.

  • You did well qd :)

  • Cant believe we are half way through our challenge...80 days seemed loads when i first read about it!!

    My total for wednesday is 11.4kms....lots of treadmill running this week πŸ˜€

    Good luck all for the next 40 days πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • It's gone very quickly quin, we just need to keep up the good work, which you're doing splendiferously! :)

  • 6.89 kms for me today tucked up in bed now - bliss

  • Well done Beryl :)

  • Hi happy movers, me today 21.68km - almost the same as yesterday although a completely different day. It ended as all good days should with the safe delivery of a brand new rosy baby girl to my lovely cousin. So very happy indeed.

    Have a good evening everyone.

  • Congratulations Gonti πŸ’

    And well done on your km, fantastic number 😊

  • How wonderful Gonti! Congrats to you and your cousin! :)

    Fantastic number, as always :)

  • My goodness. What a day! What a day! China is amazing- but can hardly believe we are at the half way mark oh my goodness I need to put much more effort in!!!

    I'm so lucky I'm not bothered about Ricky since there is no way of getting to him past everyone else! Guess I'll just stay here with Idris Elba, chilling...


    Oh yes it's 10.1km from me today


  • 10.1K's looks like you're putting in the effort to me :)

  • I used your calculation formula converting steps- adding up those steps covered without changing your GPS position makes a big difference, apparently :) :) :)

  • It makes me happy :)

  • Hi. 8.5k for Wednesday. Loved the walk on the wall....

  • Great number Mrscaw :)

  • A massage followed by cocktails....Mmmmm, heaven!

    A dry day today for a change. Doggie walking and housework clocked up 15434 steps, 10.3kms.

  • You were busy Bu-dog! :)

  • hi Lizzy i only did 1201 steps today but better then nil take care Alan xx

  • That's a great number of steps Alan :)

  • hi there only 283 step been in bed most of the day take care Alan

  • Ooh I really need a massage and pedicure tonight! Only managed 5.3kms for weds in the house and a quick foray to Tesco :/ Ed did 22.6 - 7.1 steps at work, 5.5 dog walk and 10k jog :)

  • You're both fab! :)

  • Popping in very late to report 22.53kms of cycling between home and 2 jobs and back home again. Knackered now! I'll happily take you up on that massage and pedicure! Not sure I'm up to any dancing though πŸ˜”

  • Great number Ruth 😊

  • Thanks Elissy. That was my first cycle commute to work in about 2 weeks and it nearly did me in! Still recovering from weird phantom bug that just seems to make me feel exhausted - not quite 100% better, but nearly. Hope you're feeling better soon too. These annoying bugs definitely affects the ks! :)

  • Take it easy, Ruth. Yes, its the exhaustion afterwards everyone I know is suffering from. Was hoping it wouldn't last quite that long though.

  • Woohoo Ruth! WTG you! :)

  • 3686 steps for today

  • Well done prettylady :)

  • 9.1 km for me Wednesday.

  • Great stuff Carpo :)

  • 7.62 kg for Wednesday.

  • Good going Don :)

  • 4.13 miles + 8.24km run. Well done everyone!

  • Wow Steph! That's fantastic! :)

  • 11828 steps / 8.57k and 22.75k cycling. Total: 31.32k for yesterday.

  • Yikes, that's impressive Lexi 😊

  • Thanks :-) It was less impressive when I was struggling up a hill on my bike in the dark last night (lesson learnt - just don't go that way again until summer) but I felt pretty good afterwards.

  • Woohoo Lexi! I'm wondering what you're eating, because I'm sure you're jet propelled! :D

  • Tonight, shepherd's pie! Mmm...looking forward to it already!

    Lots of carbs (including vegetables) the rest of the time - I know there is a push towards low carb high fat but it wouldn't work for me. I've lost weight since October by reducing the portion size of those carb-heavy meals (I had to buy kitchen scales!) and cutting out junk food - take those away and my diet is very similar to before I started on the 12 week (now week 19!) plan.

  • I was thinking more along the lines of cabbage + beans = methane = jet propulsion :D

  • Morning all,

    well i certainly enjoyed the great wall and did 6.88km walking and 8km cycling so total for Wednesday 14.88km 😊

  • Fandabedozy kars! :)

  • 11km on Wednesday.

  • That's great lekpame, but you do realise that you need to log on to the latest thread, every day, to give us your totals for the day :)

  • Hello everyone!

    Sorry for the late reply here, had a very long and busy day.

    I recorded 40km yesterday.

    2km cross-trainer

    35km spin class

    3km run

    I also did a mini gym session after but I don't have a step counter so can't add those in.

    Hope everyone had a good day! :)

  • Holy boloney geza!! That's a humungous amount of K's!! WTG you! :)

  • Thanks! Although I think it knocked me off kilter as I was more tired than usual so had to take it easy the past two days!

  • Our body's have minds of their own, if you see what I mean. They're only going to do what they're going to do, however much we wish they'd do more :)

  • Sat on bike with no wheels going no place and had the computer fixed so that will be 11k, I'll have to put telly in front of the bike and put the Tour DE France its to boring other wise.

  • LOL grandad, that's sounds perfect! I hope you're winning the Tour de France :D

    Great number! :)

  • Hi All,

    Put this on Monday's round the world post but am reposting here just incase as I am having a lot of agro with posts on healthunlocked.

    Sorry moreless, rather distracted at the mo, need to add it as a task to my phone methinks!

    Tuesday = 7.3km

    Wednesday = 9.8km"

  • I know what you mean lynalla, it's all a bit hit or miss with the site at the moment! :(

    As luck would have it though, this time we have both of your posts :D

  • Hello All ,

    Wednesday = 3.3 km's

  • Well done veganista :)

  • 6.94 miles for Wednesday. A very busy day at work. No exercise afterwards too tired.

  • You'd already done 11.1K's Angie, no wonder you were tired! :)

  • 7kms for Wednesday 3rd. Walking. Trying to remain upbeat to beat my personal best by the end of this week but not hopeful!!

  • You can do it Nussaybah and if it doesn't happen this week, there's always next week :)

  • 9270 steps on wed looking forward to a nice cocktail my attempt in nutribullet looks a yucky green and purple colour. Took juicer back today as have decided I prefer veggies in soup and fruit cut up normally!

  • Finally!!! Not been able to post for the last two days .... not sure what was happening. Here are my stats for the last three days.

    Tuesday 4,254 steps

    Wednesday 4,950 steps ( around the airport waiting for my other half to get back home from New Zealand)

    Today 3,675 steps.

    I'm glad to be back and able to post again 😁😁

  • Had ago at that walking thing again on a tread mill 1.5 k , I don't think it will catch on cycling is much more fun.

    So that don't confuse you ML it is 02:07, its so quiet, think I'll go and bang the trees wake the birds up.

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