Farewell Chunky

Monday 1st February saw my first weigh-in since New Year. The big question is, am I smiling or frowning? Weellllll.........πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ ( get the picture?). I have lost 8lb and feeling so boosted by the loss. Yes I know my aim was 10lb and the scales read two pounds less than that, but an aim is what it was and not something written in stone with dire consequences if not attained. I am elated at the 8lb loss and aiming for the same this month. So I now weigh 217lb.

Breakfast today was a bubble and squeak recipe taken from this months 'Veggie' mag, with a poached egg, it was delish and clocked up just 193kcals. Lunch is my homemade Broccoli and Stilton soup with a crusty roll at 320kcals. Dinner tonight is to be garlic and herb basa fillets with a roasted winter veg side ( well, the oven is to be on for most of the day so may as well make something easy), roughly 200kcals and I have been fancying proper homemade rice pudding for ages so that'll be popped in too, scoring up another 200kcals. I am in work tonight and am treating myself to a slice of one of the banana cakes at another 200kcals ( not a slimmers cake at all, but my goodness it is worth the sugar, lol) and a spicy veg pot of couscous, again 200kcals. Total kcals for the day will be around 1313, quite low for me but filled with yummy stuff. What's everyone else got planned? 😊


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20 Replies

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  • What a fantastic January for you! Just think what a year will do!!

  • Woohoo Shellie, what a result! :)

    I don't know how you managed to stay away from the scales for a whole month, but you did and you were rewarded handsomely :)

    All your food sounds absolutely scrumptious, I shall be having smoked mackerel salad for lunch and a pork and veg casserole for dinner :) Happy eating for both of us! :)

  • Your meals sound lovely moreless. I am still having problems with the site and have just shot off another email to tech team, so hopefully this reply sends begore I am cut off the site again!!!

  • I got locked out last night and had a message saying they were making improvements. I don't see any! I'm going to have to email them again too. :(

  • Hi Shellie,

    Congrats on you massive 8Ib off, so glad your monthly weigh in has paid off big timeπŸ˜ƒ

    I do like your menu today wish I was sharing it !! I'm really struggling fighting a chest infection on my 2nd lot of antibiotics but still not picking up. Not much appetite but grazing on quick stuff that's not that healthy!!

    A friend called yesterday and brought me a choc orange, ( to cheer me up !!)I've had 1/2 for breakfast does that count to one of my five a day ????πŸ€”

    Love the sound of homemade rice pudding, it took me right back to my Nana's she always baked/cooked.She would make a huge rice pudding it seemed to last for days !! sometimes she serve it cold with tinned peaches ooh can taste it !!! Lol Ah happy memoriesπŸ˜ƒ


  • Aaww flossie, I hope you get rid of the chest infection soon hunny, awful thing to have I know. I am sorry to disappoint you, but no, the chocolate orange does not count towards your five a day - only to spike your blood sugar levels. You are a naughty girl, now go have Mr flossie hide or eat the other half before you scoff the lot. I have been fancying rice pudding for ages, every magazine or tv ad seems to be wafting the smell under my nose, so tonight I indulge - can't wait, lol. 😊

  • Did get rid of the choc orange, Paul the postman knocked with a parcel for next door so I gave it to him!

    Had cup a soup for lunch but not fancy any tea !!!

    Do you eat the skin on the rice pudding ? Urg!!


  • Nice to see you back Shellie. The site has been driving me to distraction recently!! Hope they sort something out soon - I'm fed up of my replies disappearing :/

    Well done on the 8lb loss :)

  • Amazing result- well done! I can't imagine the discipline required to keep on programme but AVOID the scales- I can't help it I'm on almost every day and sometimes more than once a day. *sighs! *note to self: should get out more/get a life!!!

    Anyway well done you and I will try to glean some inspiration from you to stay off the scales a bit more :)

  • Woweee... can i come round to yours? The menu sounds fabulous! Congratulations on your 8lb loss - fantastic achievement!

    Here's to a great Feb.

  • Well done Shellie :-) You've been having a tough time recently, so it's nice to see some positive news :-)

    Just had avocado and toast and some cooked chicken for lunch (along with numerous snacks this morning :-( ). Having Caponata for tea - yum !! :-)

  • What's Caponata ? πŸ˜ƒ


  • bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/222...

    Sounds a weird combination but tastes lovely :-)

  • Yes, does sound weird !!


  • Hi Shellie,

    How exciting to hear you've lost 8 pounds this month, that is fantastic!!! :-)

    Your meals for today sound absolutely delicious, and I hope you enjoy them all - I'm sure you will.

    I'm planning on having a homemade turkey chilli meal tonight with wholegrain basmati rice, and I had a jacket potato with tuna mayo and a side salad for my lunch, and porridge with nuts, seeds and dried fruit (apricots and raisins) for my breakfast.

    Hope you have a great day and a brilliant week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Congrats on an epic loss this month Shellie, and mega congrats for making it safely back onto the site too. Hope your posts keep posting! Your menu for the day sounds great. Mine isn't as homemade as usual, due to being very very short of time, having started work at 9 am this morning and not finishing til 9:30 tonight - I guess that sounds familiar to you! I started my day with 2 poached eggs on Shar bread, one of the villainous gluten free breads, but it's only 64 cals/slice and makes it easy to have eggs for breakfast. I've just had a lunch of 6 oatcakes, half a pot of hummous and lots of crunchy salad veg. I'm interspersing a nature valley crunchy bar (comes in 2 parts), 2 satsumas and about 6 large strawberries throughout the day for snacks - I'm half a nature valley and 1 satsuma through so far. Then at 10:30 when I get home I'll have something like a tin of veg stew or something similarly 'easy'. I've discovered Amy's Kitchen, all gluten free. The 'spanish soup' is full of rice and beans and is 400 cals for a whole tin, and it's delicious, so I might have that - I've started keeping these things on standby to stop me overeating after long shifts, cooking up ambitiously large amounts of food! I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.

  • OMG Shellie, my mouth is watering reading your post. You've done great losing 8lbs and what a wonderfully positive attitude. I'd love to do your broccoli and Stilton soup - have you posted the recipe anywhere? Hard to believe all that yummy food you have planned only comes to 1313 calories.

  • Hooray brilliant loss fir January. πŸ˜€

  • Absolutely fabulous, well done on losing 8 lbs ShellieL your a super star :-) xxxxx

  • Fantastic 8 lbs in a month! You are a star!

    Your menus sound delicious! I had shepherd's pie.

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