I am sticking to diet rigidly and weight lose has stopped :(

Hi. I'm a 54 year old female and after being weighed at a hospital found out my bmi was 35! I was so shocked. I knew I was certainly overweight but had no idea that I was obese. I am just 1.5k from moving into 'overweight' rather 'obese' and my weight lose has come to a standstill. I am reading all the posts to help carry on as I need to lose another 20k!!! :(


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  • how long have you been at this plateau? if its less than 3 weeks then stick it out as it might be a little blip

    people do various things to change it up - as you could be consuming too little cals and need to increase by 100?

    another option may be to start to include exercise if you don't already?

  • Hi. Thanks for the advice. I seem to be having 1 week with no loss then a 1lb loss and I think great I'm starting to lose again then weight loss stops for another week. I do a desk job and had become so unfit. I joined the gym and swim 200 - 250 lengths per week.I also use the treadmill and do an aqua gym class (I do around 250 mins of exercise per week and I previously did no exercise). I intend to increase my physical activity gradually. I have been weighing myself every morning, although I'm not sure that's the right thing to do. This week I've been so good and this morning I had lost 0.6 lb so I hope thing are moving again.

  • measure yourself if your doing that much exercise you are likely toning up and losing inches instead!

    and at the end of the day I wouldn't care how much I weighed if I could easily fit into a size 10 lol

  • Try adding up your calories for the week and then dividing them unevenly over the week. x

  • How many calories are you consuming a day? If it seems too low sometimes a higher calorie day then switching back seems to get stuff moving again :) i've been stuck in two plateaus both lasting 3-4 weeks but eventually they pass and myweight shifts downward again.

  • Hi. I'm having 1400 calories per day and doing exercise. I haven't had a period of more than 1 week without losing weight but then I lose a lb then the same thing happens. I had been weighing myself every day but I don't know if that is particularly helpful. Well done to you for sticking with your diet plan. I would be so disheartened if I went 3-4 weeks without any weight loss.

  • Hi, check your measurements, waist, bust, hips, upper arms. I have had several weeks when I have lost inches but not weight. Good luck

  • Cycle your calories. Multiply the 1400 x7 but consume more some days and less others. Don't go below 1000 any day and don't have a low day on a high exercise day.

    Eg Mon 1200 Tue 1000 wed 1400 Thursday 1400 fri1600 sat 1800 sun 1400.

    That way your metabolism won't know what intake to expect. It also helps socially as you can have high intake days when socialising

    Worked for me.

    Hope things shift soon

  • Hello. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your advice. Initially I was too scared to change my eating routine as it had been working so well. When I got upset that I was being so good for very little reward I tried the mixing it up and it is working (I have started losing a steady 2lb per week again). It also means I can indulge a little on Mothers Day which is great!! Thanks again :)

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