Around the world in 80 days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Tuesday 2 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Tuesday 2 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers

We are on Day 39 of our voyage around the world. We have clocked up 18,501kms and we have visited Suez, a little island near Yemen, Mumbai, Agra, Kolkata, Andamana Islands, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Koh Sumai, Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo, Bali, Queensland, Alice Springs, Hong Kong and now we are in Taiwan.

30 travellers got lost along the way. However we still have just about 75 travellers so please don't go wandering too far in Taiwan :D :D

Yesterday when my OH went to bed, I was marching on the spot to get my steps in :D :D I managed to clock up 9.07kms. A great start to the week.

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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147 Replies

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  • Great pic - will try marching on spot to get steps up:-)

  • So did you Suzy? :)

  • Thanks for prompt - have been meaning to post - but things are frantic at moment- and home life very full on stressful.....

    Pleased to report I did go out yesterday - there were hail stones followed by a strange yellow globe and a patch of blue in the sky - not sure what it was - but is was the same today -lovely.

    Did 6.5 k yesterday

  • Oh dear, I hope it's nothing too serious, Suzy!

    We had similar weather to that here today, but more of the hail and less of the blue and yellow :D

    Great K's! :)

  • I don't remember anybody taking that picture of me??!! :D

    Wtg marching on the spot Liz - hope you didn't wear out the new carpet! ;)

    My totals today are:

    Cycling - 17.28

    Rowing - 0.22

    Total - 17.5K's :)

  • Well done moreless, maybe I'll have room for an exercise bike... or gym membership in future lol

  • Get a real bike with a stand Steve, then you can visit bars further afield :D

  • Oooh - nice headdress moreless. Doesn't it fall off when you're rowing ?! ;-)

  • It's a nightmare Lucca and trying to get on and off the rowing machine in a cheongsam is hellish! :D

  • At least you look very glam whilst you are doing it :-)

  • You should see me when I'm walking the dog! I wear my gold lamΓ© then :D

  • Hello!

    My totals for today are as follows:

    Total: 30km

    1.5km cross stepper

    28.5km spin class

    Hope everyone had a great day! :)

  • NIce one!

  • That's a lot of spinning!! Well done...

  • Woohoo Geza! What a star! :)

  • Sorry yesterday was around 4064 steps was not accurate therefore today I will tell you 7769 steps and let you work out the rest.

  • Don't worry bd, we'll work it all out for you :)

  • Moorless I worked it out 5.9 km. Am I correct? Well I did better than yesterday and I still have to remember to put it on when I start my walk not in the middle!

  • Not far off bd, I make it 5.8K's, but I shan't split hairs :)

    It won't be long, before you think about your pedometer, before your breakfast! :D

  • Moorless I was so proud that I worked it out :) and now you tell me or rather shall I blame it on Google! :)

  • Use a calculator bd - it all depends on whether you round up, or down :)

  • Moorless Haha I went to convert steps to km and typed my number and the results were 5.9. It sounds like they like me and were very generous! :d I worked it out! Take my number and divide by 1320.

  • Bd, clip it on to your clothing in the morning and forget about it till you sit down for the night. I wear mine on my bra strap. I put it on first thing and don't think about it till bedtime.

  • Hi,

    4.35 km for me. Got 3 - 4 hour drive to Birmingham tomorrow but hopefully I'll still get a few km in when I arrive :)

  • That's a great number Sueper :)

    It has been suggested to me that I get a Flinstone car, so maybe that would be a good option for you?? :D

  • How amazing would that be :)

    I have just bought a new pedometer to record my steps for the 80 days challenge as my watch won't pick up GPS when I am shopping etc. And need to find another way of building up the kms when it is constantly raining. So I may yet record a few more.

    I need to get on that 10km board! Last 10km was before xmas.

  • I hope that pedometer works for you, I've had no success with those little devils myself! :)

    Maybe do a Lizzy and march on the spot! :D

  • I thought Lizzy's idea of marching on the spot is a great idea :)

    I've bought one that goes with my Nintendo DS - using one of those is how I started out last year but that battery went and it was cheaper to buy a new game than just a new pedometer.

  • Try this Moreless, Β£13 from Amazon. Basic but does all you need it to do. Steps, distance, aerobic steps, time and calories burned. Also saves 7 days worth. I love mine.

  • I'm wary about another one Bu-dog, because I've bought 2 so far and neither of them has worked! Maybe it's me! :o

    I think I'm going to save my money and get a fitbit - in for a penny, in for a pound! :D

    Thanks so much for your advice though :)

  • Forgot to post link πŸ˜‹

  • None today but hoping for some tomorrow

  • Thanks for keeping us in the loop Aqua :)

  • Put me down for 11km today :)

  • Wow Scooba - have they moved the student bar further away ? :-D

  • Nah I had a couple hours gap between my lab and lectures so I walked in twice ;)

  • If the bar was that far away i'd sit at home with a bottle of captain morgans!

  • My fav is a drop of Woods navy rum, but I'll suffer a captain Morgan if your offering !! πŸ˜ƒ purely medicinal you know !


  • I'll have to try woods when the next student loan arrives in... mid-April!

  • Wow Steve! Fab number! :)

  • Evening All, Taiwan is very busy, I'll keep a look out for our wandering Travellers. My kms for 2nd Feb are 5.11.

  • Well done Marianne :)

    If you find any, don't let them escape! ;)

  • I sure will moreless, I hope we find them.

  • Evening :-) Can't believe we've lost 30 travellers - the vodka jellies weren't that strong !

    Did a 5k run today - first time in under 30 minutes - yippee !! Just call me Mo ;-)

    Add to that a 2 k warm up/down walk/run and I've done 7k.

  • And Mr Lucca?

  • He's just out with the dog - I'll report back in when he returns. I'm afraid he'll just have to be reported on my posts if that's ok - getting him organised to post his own would just be a nightmare !!

  • This is totally fine by me. I have the same trouble with Mr Fizz - you may have seen on the challenge (username is Darrenchef)

  • Blimey - didn't realise he was Mr Fizz - he does loads of kms !!

  • And that is all walking!!

  • That's amazing. Is he a chef ? Is all that walking from his job ?

  • Yes he is a chef and never sitting. The kitchen is in the basement so he spends alot of time walking up down the stairs to the dining room. And when he's doing a double shift (like today), he'll probably end up clocking about 19kms :D :D

  • My OH is a chef as well - very bad for the waistline (mine). But great for the tastebuds - yummy!

  • Ditto :D :D My OH cooks amazing food and we rarely go out unless its a gourmet restaurant because OH does a far better job at home :)

  • Yes, it's a good job hubby works in the evening and I only really see him at weekends, when he also cooks. If it was every night I would be 3x the size I am now! Not so good for him of course, the hours are crap.

  • I think you and jcskinny should have us round for dinner lol.

  • Just shows the difference an active job makes to sitting down all day at the computer !

  • Ok - Mr Lucca has returned and his total km for today is 5km :-)

  • Woohoo Mo! Great job! ;)

    Those AWOL travellers must have been lightweights :D

  • Exactly 13 k for me today. Mostly going up the 101 tower and wandering around Taiwan. Strangely I was in Taipeh this time last year, so this trip is bringing back a few memories. I think I'll go to one of the temples later on and listen to a ceremony - that should relax me a bit. Might wander through one of the night markets, but I definitely won't be eating some of the weird things on offer there! Happy travelling everybody!

  • Great number JC! :)

    I used to love the night markets in HK and frequently ate the strange offerings :D

  • Not brave enough!

  • Hello! Not lost! may have been yesterday though! I've done 7km so far today. Have included some for the swimming I'm just off to!

  • That's a relief Frankie! ;)

    Great number :)

  • Monday; 0.7km dog walking

  • Thanks Concerned :)

  • Oh Fizzyliz what are you like! Well done for determination 😊 I managed 5.61 kms today not so great but it was that sort of day

  • Looks good to me Beryl :)

  • Tuesday 0.6km dog walking, 0.75km walking to and from a meeting.

  • Well done Concerned :)

  • Finally I have internet!

    I am working hard to bank some Kms because I know I probably won't manage any on Thursday due to back to back appointments, so I nearly killed myself to do 25.33 today! (I had to sit down and have a banana-break near the end, phew!)

  • Woohoo LtL, that's staggering, literally!! :)

    Banana break? That deserved at least steak and chips and a knickerbocker glory!! :D

  • Great result πŸ‘

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    My total for today is 9.5km walking.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good going Lowcal :)

  • hi Liz, am snorting with laughter at the thought of you marching on the spot next to your bed. I wish I could wear makeup as well as the lady in your photo.

    Total today for me 22.58km

    Gorgeous weather in my neck of the woods: I cycled 🚴to a very crowded early morning circuit classβ›ΉπŸ» (run by the NHS for working people with bad knees ) and then on to work and thence to the movies. Add in a lunchtime walk, fetching designer coffee for colleagues and some warm up stuff on the rowing machine and treadmill. It all add up. Am on sofa.😴

    Have a lovely evening all.

  • What a busy little person you were, Gonti :)

  • 5.5km today

  • Well done K_o_g :)

  • First day in Austria so lots of airport steps ! Of both varieties πŸ˜„ I did 8.6 km, proud of myself!!

  • Woohoo Britdiane, wtg you! :)

  • Hi Britdiane, any K's for wednesday and thursday? :)

  • Just 4.2km

  • There's no just about it Paja, all K's are good K's :)

  • yes yesterday 9892 and Wednesday 5920 step

  • Thanks Paja, that's great :)

  • Hi Paja, any K's for wednesday and thursday? :)

  • Another 7kms for today πŸ˜‡

  • Good for you Flossie :)

  • Hi all, not impressed with all the oops messages!!! Tuesday = 12.1 poorly kms for me, and Ed did 35.3 - 23.2 k spinning, 5.6k steps at work and 6.5k dog walk.


  • I can't imagine what you're going to be clocking up when you're fighting fit Kate, if those are poorly K's! I see Ed's determined to hang on to the top spot too :)

  • Probably not many more for me ;)

  • Hi All πŸ˜€

    My kms for today (tuesday) are 10.3πŸ˜€

  • Great number quin :)

  • Thanks Moreless πŸ˜€

  • 2.9 today as gym was scuppered by a sickly child! Xx

  • Oh dear Claire, I hope they're on the mend now :)

  • Thanks moreless she's back to school tomorrow so I'll be back to the gym xx

  • Just back from Open Evening and managed 9.997 steps at work today.

  • Oh my Saga, you only needed 3 more steps to attain the golden 10,000 :)

  • 4.4 k today

  • Good job Phil :)

  • 10.53km for Tuesday for me. Can't wait to see where we are going next. Hoping to stick with you all the way, don't want to get lost🌏

  • You stick with me Mimsta, I'll make sure you don't get lost! We need you and your fab numbers! :)

  • Just managed 8km, my new daily goal

  • Woohoo henlady, wtg you! :)

  • 5.3 km, sorry, site awful tonight, taking hours, hope this works 😞

  • I got completely locked out last night Elissy, supposedly for improvements to be made. Shame I haven't noticed any changes this morning! :o

    Great K's! :)

  • Evening all

    10.1 km on the exercise bike today and 1.25 km Swimming πŸ˜€

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • Fantastic Nic! :)

  • hi Lizzy what a beautiful place wish i was there anyway my steps for to day is 2323 hope it can improve many thanks Alan xx

  • Well done again Alan πŸ‘Œ

  • hi Bu-dog many thanks for your kind words, it help to see them take care Alan

  • You and me both Alan :)

    We know you always do as many steps as you can :)

  • hi there only 1201 steps today hope your ok see you tomorrow take care Alan

  • 1201 steps is great Alan! Well done you! :)

  • 30 lost travellers.....probably found a really good restaurant and are filling themselves full of all the forbidden fruits!

    Back to reality, 15523steps, 10.4kms today. Had hoped for more but ran out of time! I was out for supper tonight, no alcohol but had a sachet of tartare sauce with my scampi. How many calories are in those sachets I ask myself? You really can't have scampi without it can you? Extra steps tomorrow methinks!

  • OMG Bu-dog, I love scampi with tartar sauce! :) Apparently there are 60 cals in one of those sachets - well worth it! :D

    You still managed loads of steps :)

  • Hi all,

    Hope I'm not to late for the bar, enjoying the scenery to much.

    6.9km for Tuesday πŸ™‚

  • 24hr bar Ruth, so you can never be too late :)

    Good K's :)

  • Amazing how far you can travel walking on the spot! I had an aborted cycle to work today - it got too rainy/windy and I just didn't feel up to it so locked my bike at Bethnal Green and took the tube the rest of the way. Had to pick my bike up after work and cycle back from Bethnal Green though, so all in all did 8.08km. Not too bad, but way short of my usual 20km commute...

  • I just watched caught on camera - think all you rd bikers are brave (and bonkers - Ed included) :)

  • Some are more bonkers than others. Anyone still cycling once torrential rain has started is probably certifiable :)

    I'm a bit more leisurely and stick to back roads, and like yesterday I know when it's beaten me and I'll admit defeat and take the train instead. Going to attempt to ride to work again today though. Wish me luck!

  • Good luck! :)

  • Sounds sensible to me Ruth. I watched that programme too and it's made me all the more nervous. Thank goodness I live out in the country :)

    It's still a good number of K's :)

  • Hi. Only 3k for me today. I'm aiming to walk to work in the morning so hopefully a few more tomorrow : )

  • All K's are good K's Garfield :)

  • Evening, 5257 steps today β˜€οΈ

  • Good going Fran :)

  • Hello ladies had a new lampshade fitted in my dining room you my dear Moreless are wearing it's pair 😜

    17km spinning this evening and 13.55km walking to gym and work although a kind neighbour took me part of the way to the gym so i missed getting my 20,000 steps way back At the beginning of the challenge I remember how pleased I was to do that many.......

  • I really am part of the fixtures and fittings then! :D

    It's amazing just how much our new norms have become, wtg you! :)

  • How unfit am I? We got the keys for a new place yesterday and spent the day cleaning, decorating and gardening and I am cream crackered! Even though I could post 2km on Monday there is no way I could do any kms whilst i am doing the work on the new place. Any suggestions? How can the vigours of DIY transfer to kms ?? :-)

  • Get yourself a fitbit John, because it'll track and monitor all of your activity :) It's the next thing on my fitness wish list :)

  • A Fit Bit? Sounds tempting :-)

  • LOL!!! :D :D :D

  • Hello, I did 8626 steps yesterday... How do you convert that to km?! Sorry it's not up to the 10km mark (again!). Been a bit busy clearing out kitchen cupboards, working etc.

  • 8626 X 0.00075 = 6.47K's :)

    Do you have a fitbit rainshine? As I've just said to Kantara, it'll pick up all of your activity :)

  • Hi moreless, thanks for the formula. That's great! I've been reporting only what the Moves app on my phone says but it has to be moving in GPS terms to register, and I think you have to have been going for 2 mins as well. The steps are recorded on an ancient Nike fuelband- it doesn't give me distance though. I'm a bit strapped at the mo and not sure when I do commit cash whether it will be some sort of fitbit or some sort of garmin... have to consider as well what might record swimming activity (the fuelband doesn't cos its not waterproof!) :)

  • You're better equipped than me, I have to count everything manually! :D

    You definitely want to get it right first time, because it's too much money for it not to do everything you want it to, somewhere down the line.

    Good luck, it's a minefield out there! :)

  • Sorry I haven't managed to get on here due to being unwell. Monday for me was 4K and Tuesday was 2.8k.

  • Thanks RAF_girl, I hope you're feeling better now :)

  • Were you well enough to clock up any K's yesterday and today RAF_girl? :)

  • Yes yesterday was 4.4k, I posted in the forum. And today was 5.5k.

  • Thanks RAF_girl, I blame my stupidity on my ancient glasses and my dementia :D

  • Good morning fellow travellers 😊

    Tuesday =2.9 km's for me.

    Have a good day everyone 😊

  • Good morning and thank you, Veganista :)

  • Sorry, I lost track of time, been looking after a poorly grand daughter, who has given me her cold now! So the numbers will be lower for a day or two πŸ˜•

    3.9 km for Wednesday and just 1.9 km for Thursday. X

  • Oh dear Britdiane, I hope you'll both be feeling better soon.

    Thanks for your K's, don't worry if you can't manage many, all K's are good K's :)

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