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Week 4

The start of week 4 and I am down 1.8lbs so total of 6.6lbs loss.

I've really learned the value of being consistent with exercise. It's been great. This week I'll be adding that along with focusing on eating healthier snacks and I've created a new eating plan for myself to follow for the week.

I am also shifting my cheat day to next Tuesday, since it'll be shrove tuesday and stick with just a cheat treat on Friday evening!

Week 3 was splendid, hopefully week 4 is equally great!

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Well done you, keep up the good work! You mention you've learned the value of consistent exercise, any tips?

How often do you work out & what type of exercise do you do?


I'm currently doing 30 shred which I've been doing for the last 4 weeks.

In day 27 actually! Almost finished 😊 It's great and I can do it at home, lasts only 25mins and I do it early around 06:00am then get my day started.


Well done on the weight loss - that's fab! You sound really positive and in a good place :) Good luck with week 4!


Thank you! I'm in a good place mentally and that is so essential for me! All the best.

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Well done 😊 I also have a "day off" and find that really helps 😊


I agree with you about the exercise, well done, keep it up.


sounds good when it works of course, but I find that the older you are the harder it is to shift stubborn pounds, so if its ok, do you mind telling us your age? when I was in my early fifties, I got to 10 stone...which is my ideal weight...Im 11 stone now and going to the gym although not as regularly as I can as I work full time still


It sounds good regardless exercise and healthy eating I've learned needs to be something I need to be positive about always.

Losing weight at any age is difficult I assume, although it gets harder as you get older, it is still hard.

Hopefully you can up your workouts soon. You seem to know what to do to get the results you want. Good luck.


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