'Work arounds'

So this evening would see me accomplish 8 sugar free days.

This evening for the first time in a while, I wanted something to snack on and I wanted something sweet. My kitchen is full of sweet stuff - haribos, chocolate, chocolate biscuits, cake and the freezer has ice cream too.

My first work around was following a tip from the 'sweet poison' book. I opened one bag of Brazil nuts, one of almonds and one of cashews. I emptied into a large jar, mixed up, then took one handful. Phew! Disaster averted.

Unfortunately as bedtime approached I felt the need again and wondered about having a hot chocolate made with Cadbury options. One weeny sachet of chocolate wouldn't hurt - right? But yes it would...I would spoil my sugar free run.

I rallied! Instead I found work around 2: a mug of hot, full milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Again I read in sweet poison that full milk can taste quite sweet when you give up sugar. (Lactose in milk is ok as it is handled differently by the body than fructose).

Boy! It was sweet and scrummy and just what I needed before bed. The cinnamon was a nice little taste twist.

I am delighted. Yes, I have had extras this evening but they have been healthy options and I remain sugar free. Yay!!


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  • Fantastic! Trust you to resist your temptation! I did something very similar tonight I was in the mood of eating sugary foods an I ended up with a veggie soup and now I am full. Was too scared to go for fruit as I was scared I will go over my limit so I chose veggie instead. It is a really nice feeling to resist temptation! Keep going!

  • Yay! Get us sensible, strong girls! Great option veg soup!

    I considered boiling an egg but just could not be bothered.

    Gorra go light needs to go out.... NOW! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You have some will power! I am very impressed you have stayed sugar free for 8 days - did you get headaches in the beginning? How do you feel 8 days down the road? I am interested in trying this :) The sugar free twists are such a good idea. Well done you!

  • This is the surprising thing NMJ, I traditionally have no will power at all! I give in with a good stab at several reasons (excuses! ) why it is ok to cheat.

    This time my head is in a different place, I have publicly pledged and I know at the moment it is not people on here I am cheating nor the scales... it's me and my health that will suffer. Maybe because this year my goals are health driven not weight driven. (With weight loss hopefully being a happy by product. )

    One thing giving me strength is that so many of the regulars on here have already succeeded in this. Some gave it up months and months ago so it is possible! And these people have had great success with their weight loss since.

    It is hard to say if i had headaches because I gave up sugar or because of my flu. I am sure it was a mix of both.

    I do know that although I am suffering all over and despite the amount of drugs I am taking, physically, my tummy and digestion are very settled. My skin last week was awful - with nose blowing and everything congested - yet it is very clear today.

    Everything is working effortlessly it would seem.

    My advice would be to give it a go, taking one day at a time. Just give it up for one day keep telling yourself it's 'just for today' then see how you get on.

    Would be lovely to have some more people doing it at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hello NoMoreJunk i went sugar free a couple of days after asics and i had a really bad headache 2 days into it but im starting day 7 now and i feel good. I dont have any cravings for sweet things now but it was more of a habit for me to just eat anything and everything at night time but ive found that if i have a long soak in the bath by the time i got out the feeling has passed.

    I wasnt good for a few days but its well worth it now so go on you can do it it will be worth it in the end. x

  • Go you, fantastic, you are a star ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

    I found that by giving up sugar I have suddenly re-experience how tasty food can be. You suddenly rediscover your taste buds. Amazing isn't it

  • Awww thanks nhs!

    I know...how sweet are almonds?! And cashews (not quite as healthy as almonds I know) but man they are like eating sweets!!

    What I must remember when I return to work and normal life is to keep these sort of things with me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I find any milk tastes sweet to me now. I have a small (100ml) milky coffee (fully skimmed) quite often during the day and that fulfils a 'sweet treat' for me :-)

  • Good way to get the sweet fix! โ˜บ

  • Thank you for the comments both asics and djas, I am definitely going to give it a go. One day at a time! I'll keep you posted :)

  • Please do keep us posted it will be interesting to see how you feel in a few days. Good luck you can do it. x

  • Asics - when you say you've given up sugar, is it just refined sugar etc, or have you stopped eating eg. fruit as well.

    Just asking really because if you eat dates still, these are a really nice sweet treat to have and only sweetened with dates - no sugar, honey, artificial/natural sweetener etc added.


  • For the moment the only sugar or fructose I am getting is from fresh fruit like satsumas.

    Thanks for the tip. I won't rule out dates going forward but just avoiding at the moment. I actually have Ella's and for a while her energy bites with dates, nut butter and raw cacao were my life saver. Some of my friends were convinced they were truffles!!

    I read that nature provides its poison (fructose) with the antidote (fibre) so you now have my curiosity peaked as to the fructose / fibre content of a medjool date.

    will investigate! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Have you made these? They really are exquisite! X

  • Oh yes - I discovered the recipe around Christmas and started making them, and we permanently have a batch made up in the fridge now. The whole family eats them and my little girl takes them into school as her playtime snack !

    I keep recommending them to everyone - they must think I'm mad :-)

  • That's what I was like... insisting everyone try them! May make a couple of batches up at weekend! Thanks for the reminder. X

  • Asics Does it have complicated ingredients as I just googled it out? Thanks as you are making me very curios and hugry!

  • Nope. ๐Ÿ˜Š all available from a good super market. Although to save a search and for better prices (e.g . Coconut oil comes in bigger sizes I get some of it from Amazon (just like Ella! )

  • Thanks Ascis will go ahead!

  • You can mix up the ingredients a bit as well. I don't bother putting protein powder in them, and I also don't use medjool dates - just the cheaper more dried ones. I find that if you soak them for 15 mins beforehand they work just as well. Also you can change the types of nuts you use as well. I normally make them with just almonds :-)

  • Lucca I actually would only buy these dates as the cheaper ones dried have sugar and it is no good for me as I have a Thrush.

    Thanks for telling me bout the protein powder to leave it out!

    Thanks for the link! Now I can have a treat! :)

  • Hi bakers - do you mean they have added sugar ? Not the ones I get from Holland and Barrett - they are just dates with just about the same natural sugar content as medjool dates.

  • Lucca Sorry I always thought there are 2 types of dates some are dried which have more sugar but it sounds like you are far more knowledgeable than me. Thanks for clarifying matters!

  • I should try the ones from the book with the nut butter in them - they sound nice as well :-)

  • Oooo oooo Lucca! Have you tried the 'chocolate' mousse made with avocado? Forgot about that one! At one point that was my failsafe dinner pudding! Have got Ella's book out again. Last year (late spring /early summer) all my meals were coming from this book. Thanks for the reminder... I am going back to it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Not tried the chocolate mousse yet - I love avocado but still can't bring myself round to thinking a chocolate avocado mousse would be nice - but I really should experiment before dismissing it !!

    I got Ella's book for free at the start of this year with a subscription to a vegetarian magazine. Some of the recipes are great. I make the black bean chili a lot now, and have you tried the mexican quinoa bowl ? - that is delicious !! (I just used some shop bought humus instead of the cashew butter).

  • I love the chili! It is my favourite. I make huge batches and freeze. I also like the lentil Bolognese and the coconut thai curry (but chili my fav followed by the Bolognese. Haven't tried the quinoa bowl. Will give it a go. The avocado mousse - I know what you mean, I was same especially as although I like bananas I am not keen on mushed ones but they really are good!

  • Medical date. Ok i have looked them up. They are firstly a power house of vitamins and stuff.

    Depending on where you look a portion of 3 or 4 of them (I forget as I had a wee doze! ) contain between 65 and 70g of sugar. So about 35g of fructose. (And a dash of maltose).

    Fibre content of same portion is 6g which is 27% of daily requirements. So a good dose of antidote.

    So my conclusion at the moment is that I will stay away from them a wee while longer while I get my sweet tooth under control then make some energy bites which I am sure will, by that time, be mega sweet!

  • They are dangerous to have around :-)

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