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I joined on here round about October time...full or enthusiasm although very sceptical about if and how I would stick to my plan. I started the 12 week plan and then a couple of weeks later, the Couch to 5K. I've been doing the Couch to 5K at a slow pace, taking roughly two weeks at each stage (I have never been sporty, even as a kid!) but I am feeling the benefits and, despite having a few weeks off due to health reasons, I am now up to running at 8 minutes at a time...something I honestly thought I would never achieve! Today I reached my first stone loss and over 4 inches off of my waistline. I am now within the 'normal' BMI range, albeit right at the very top, and my very high blood pressure is now down to almost normal! I haven't posted before but come on here everyday to read all the encouraging posts and to get tips. I think today is a very appropriate day to say thank you for all the help I've received from here and hope to post again when the second stone is lost. If I can do this, then anyone can!


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  • What an achievement, well done you!

  • Well done you; ive started couch to 5k & taking easy at my own pace but not quite reached 8 mins so thats amazing

  • Like I say, if I can do it, anyone can. I was SO unfit, it was a real sense of achievement to just run for 1 min at first. I find the mental battle is harder then the actual physical. My husband usually comes with me but wasn't able to today, so I went by myself for the first time. My head was constantly fighting with me saying I couldn't do it, then another voice telling me I could lol! And I did! That adrenalin rush at the end of each run is amazing. Good luck :)

  • I agree with the sense of achievement as i felt that when i ran for 90 secs the other day; how long did it take for you to get 8 min run x

  • It's taken me since early November to get to the 8 min mark, although I did have to have a 5 week break due to health problems, so I re-started from the beginning again, although I did move up a bit quicker then when I started. I'm feeling that 8 min is my limit at the moment as the next jump up is for 20 mins and feel that's just not realistic for me at the moment. Well done - the highs every time you reach the next level are so good :) xx

  • Wow! Very well done on the weight loss and the running 😊 I agree about this site being friendly and supportive 😊

  • Well done x

  • Well done on losing that stone - that's fab! I started on the C25K and it is such a great program - I am not naturally a runner either although I have come to love it now and have joined a local running group! Good luck on the next stone - and don't forget to reward yourself for this one!

  • Ooo hadn't thought of a've got me thinking now! And huge congrats for joining a running group :D

  • Well done! I'm going to do the C25K starting Monday due to the tips and support from the lovely people on here. Congrats on your first stone to hope you've got a treat for yourself planned :)

  • Really must think of a reward...mind is blank at the moment. What rewards to people give themselves? Best of luck with the C25K, just take it easy and enjoy the adrenalin rush at the end of each run :).

  • I choose anything from small jewelry items, Yankee Candles and even food treats from the naughty but nice list in my head. My next goal is get to a size16 and I think my reward for reaching my final goal will be some Marc Jacobs perfume.I say final goal but thought that size 18 was enough for someone my age till I got there and wanted more off lol ! Women eh? We're never happy ;)

  • Lol! Think this is quite addictive - when I finally get to my goal weight I will miss that rush of getting on the scales and seeing a loss! Thanks for the ideas - think I'll treat myself to a piece of jewellery (or two!) :D

  • More suggestions for rewards- Jeans in the new size- fantastic sense of achievement :) or a walk in the sunshine, or a coffee catch-up with a friend; or something a bit pampery- a hair appointment (even a blow dry!), a manicure or pedicure, or a massage- oooh I wish I had something lined up right now!!!

  • Now there's some good ideas to get to my new goals. I do need some new jeans, beginning to look like Coco the Clown these ones are billowing around my legs so much...yippee!!

  • Wow - you've done so well, you dark horse!! Well done - look forward to another update in due course. I'm really with you on the slow and steady thing...

  • That is a brilliant result and a fantastic inspiring post to read. Well done Jojo on both the C25K and weight loss! Go you! :) :) :)

  • Everyone on here is so lovely...why did it take me so long to post!?! xxx

  • Well done keep doing whatever your doing as its sure working 👍👏👏👏

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