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hello. ive been trying to lose weight for years and only had success with an nhs weight loss scheme. I weigh 12st 7 and would like to get down to 11 stone to begin with. i'll be 61 in the spring and worry about diabetes and mobility, as I get older.just came accros this site while looking for weight loss clubs in my area and thought I'd give it a go. i'll be following the structure used by the healthy lifestyle classes I attended 8 and a half years ago-eg 7 portion carbs, 7 portions fruit and veg, 2 portions protein 2 portions dairy 2 fat I treat. so day 1 of a new start!

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Hello Dotty

This is very similar to the plan I follow, 6 months on and two stone off, still need to lose another 2 though 😕 Weight loss is slow but the eating plan is good so it's not a struggle. Good luck!! 😊


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