Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

Good evening all, I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm starting the plan tomorrow following an 11lb loss in January doing the C9 cleanse. In November my husband walked out on me and my 1 year old son and then I turned 30 at the start of the year so I have used these events as my motivation not necessarily to lose a huge amount of weight but more to do something for myself that meant I was taking better care of myself and also resulted in me being in better shape mentally, physically and energy wise to be the best mum and dad in one. Oh yes, and I work full time as a secondary school teacher which is...interesting! For my first week I would like to set myself the challenge of making time to exercise on at least 5 of the days. Anyone that wants to join me, I would love a buddy! Anyway, lovely to meet you all and I look forward to sharing our successes together xxx


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6 Replies

  • Hi KW30 & welcome.

    Good on you for turning a negative in your life into a positive.

    A half hour walk with the baby strapped to you will give you a great workout!

    Good luck :)

  • Good evening KW30 nice to have you with us :-) sorry to hear that your husband walked out on you that's pretty sad, but you sound like you have it all together and have a clear plan. Congratulations on your 11 lb loss to date that is great :-) Wishing you a successful and happy journey moving forward into Feb with some more great results to come. Well done.

  • Way to go you! 11lbs? Get in!

    You are an inspiration to us all.

    You have had a rough time and your story so far tells us you are incredibly strong.

    I love your quote / image! How true.

    Keep this quote and your success in January somewhere you can see it to spur you on.

    We are here for you every step of the way. 😊

  • Welcome KW :) if you search and follow FizzyLiz you can hop on the around the world in 80 days challenge - it should help motivate you to do your 5 days of exercise a week (and some!!) Good luck - you're in very good company on here :)

    Kate x

  • You have joined the right forum here, everyone is so motivating and encouraging. I have just found a strictly dance exercise dvd which looks fun and you could do at home, its called strictly come dancing with Karen and Erin, it might get you in the mood to get out there again, especially the latin, best wishes x

  • Hi kW good for you , you have made a great start by joining here every one seems so nice and genuine. We are all here for the same reason our health and motivation. Sorry to hear you have been left but don't let that stop you on your journey, use it to help you to power you in the right direction I am sure you will do it. Good luck !!!

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