Running for the bus

Yesterday my husband and I had to make a mad dash to catch our local train. It wasn't far, 200 metres at most, but a full sprint, and as I hopped on the train I wasn't even out of breath (and I was faster than hubby). A year ago that would not have happened. So another little thing that gives me a little motivational kick and keeps me on the straight and not quite so narrow!

Onwards and downwards.


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12 Replies

  • Fantastic you are so fit and probably skinny!

  • Not skinny enough! And not fit enough! When I look at the C25k site I don't feel fit at all. So these little bus runs really please me!

  • Al right you win you are fitter and slimmer than a year ago and for that you definitely deserve a pat on your back. No comparing yourself to others as I am sure at the rate you are going you will also be able to do C25k.

  • I think comparing myself to others CAN be motivating, if it's achievable. But sometimes it can be so depressing. It's good at the moment, partly due to this website. But there have been other times and deep down I'm a little worried the bad times may just be round the corner waiting to hijack me.

  • Well we are all here to rescue you so that you don't slip back to your old ways!

  • And I hope I can repay you all at some point!

  • You have already done that by motivating me to get off my backside and go now for a walk or rather a run!

  • Brilliant! That's what this website did for me last Sunday! Hey, between us we'll shift all these pounds and get our bodies and fitness back!

  • That walk/run was great!

  • I can run about 30 feet to my car without getting out of breath ;)

    I am quite pleased with this even though it doesn't seem much but considering how unfit I was a year ago it is great :)

    Keep up the good work - these small things help us realise we are making good progress :)

  • Yep, we should always compare ourselves to last year and be thankful for the changes that occur. Mind you it's hard work! Good for you for the 30 metres!

  • Sueper Well done for running and not being out of breadth. This really motivates us and keeps us going forward!

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