Around the world in 80 Days - please post your kms/steps/miles for Sunday 31 January

Around the world in 80 Days - please post your kms/steps/miles for Sunday 31 January

Morning Travellers

Here is Ayers Rock in all its glory. Well worth the climb :) :)

We are now on Day 37 of our epic voyage around the world. Today we take the hot air balloon to the Northern tip of Australia and quickly board the steamer heading for Hong Kong.

We have done amazingly well this week - every day we have exceeded our target of 501 kms. Not quite there for Saturday but I know we will get there by this evening.

I spent yesterday sorting out stuff at home and having a big clean. For the past 10 days, we have had the whole flat renovated - walls, woodwork, floors - all done. Such a transformation - just how we are transforming ourselves - just not so quickly :D :D Anyway managed to clock up 6kms and I can feel it today. Back on it today - to the tip and Ikea :O

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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34 Replies

  • I'd like to vote for doing a Floral dance tribute tonight for the late, lovely Terry Wogan :-(

  • I loved Wogan especially as the commentator for Eurovision :(

  • I know - he was great wasn't he. You always got the sneaking suspicion that the longer the show went on, the more tipsy and therefore sarcastic he got !! I grew up with Wogan, Blankety Blank and listening to Radio 2 in the mornings - I fondly remember his summaries of what had happened in Dallas the previous evening - especially the whole Who Shot JR storyline :-)

  • Aah Blankety Blank - quality telly 😍😍

  • I'll second that! What the heck's going on? We seem to be losing all our favourites! :(

  • I am getting a bit confused on when/where to post daily kms etc, could not find the link on the days. I managed 1km on Friday and 2kms for saturday and sunday. Are swimming distances counted as well?

  • I swim once a week. It always counts.

  • Yes they do. Good numbers Kantara :) Everyday you can post on either Part 1 or Part 2. I think if you 'followed' me, then you would see my threads come onto your newsfeed.

  • Hi 7km walking around both London based Tate galleries and central London.

  • WTG Aqua - love art galleries and they certainly tot up those Ks.

  • Looking forward to the balloon ride, it is something I have always wanted to do!

    Well done on your hard work around the flat, that must burn some calories. What did you buy in Ikea?

    I did weight-training at the gym and a loooong walk with a friend (the snow has gone, sniff), so exceeded my expectations for today and also for the whole week. Today's total is 16.72kms!

  • Hi LtL - Ikea in Croydon was heaving so were on a mission. Got an under the bed storage, coat hangers and some lightbulbs.

    Well done on your Ks - you have done so well this week. And its lovely walking with a friend and seeing those kms tot up without effort :)

  • 6.5 ks - windy blustery walk - probably undone by the roast potato's put in front off us at the pub...delicious tho :-)

  • Roast potatoes Suzy??!! What about that 1.5lbs??!! ;):D

    I'm sure that walk will have negated the extra cals :)

  • .....yes goal prob missed......

  • Don't give up yet, it ain't over until the fat lady sings and I'll save you that torture until the weigh-in tomorrow :D

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    Just returned from a large lunch out, so not sure how that will impact on my weigh-in result tomorrow. Oh well, it was tasty! :-)

    My kms for today are a total walking of 13.5 kms.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm sure that looong walk will have seen off any extra cals Lowcal :D

  • Hi Lizzy, hi Moreless, I can report a total of 8.5 km today. A short walk in horrible sleet and rain, some housework (and some of those kms mentally belong to yesterday because they were clocked up on our way back home after midnight). Otherwise lazy for me. Just calculated that I just fall short of 13 km a day this week (I'm a statistic freak and my app calculates it anyway). But I refuse to get off this couch to do the extra 50 metres or so I need - enough is enough. That was still 90 km of walking or running this week. Good for winter.

    Ayers Rock was a challenge. It was very hot and I had real problems catching my breath. My legs are also quite sore, will probably be very stiff tomorrow. But loved the way we cheered each other on. And when one of you (can't remember who, had sweat in my eyes at that point) put their hand out and hauled me up I was so proud of the team. Hey, we did it!

  • Am loving the enthusiasm that's oozing out of your post JC :) We are indeed, a fabulous team! :)

    Your numbers are fantastic and you have absolutely no need to push yourself any further :)

  • 3.33km for me today. Still a bit rainy down here but braved it and it was fine :)

  • Well done you Sueper, sometimes the thought is worse than the actual deed :)

  • 6699 steps today, bit better ☀️

  • Well done Fran, I'm so pleased to hear you're on the mend :)

  • hi Lizzy have i sent you a post with my steps if not then i've only do 896 today take care see you tomorrow Alan xx

  • Sorry didn't manage to post as wifi went loopy. Friday 8km Saturday 6km

    While I'm here Monday 1st Feb 6.5 km

    Happy travels.

  • And sunday suzymac? :)

  • Sorry. Sunday was a day of rest, no gym for me. I need to get a pedometer thingy then I can add all my normal walking but that is not any extra so I don't think that would count! Calories in gym last week 2250 !

  • Thanks Suzy, can you remember thursday? :)

    Don't bother with a pedometer, save your money for something decent like a fitbit :)

  • Hi suzymac, still waiting on thursday's K's, but needing tuesday's and wednesday's now :)

  • I'm really sorry I haven't been able to contribute this week. I discovered a leak as we had to rip up the floor, so no gym as i was waiting for joiners and plumbers for the last two days. And now dealing with my 15 year old son being sent home from school down south due to alleged 'misuse of social media' where he happened to be in a group where a mate of theirs was posted drunk on gin ( at 15!) and he had commented 'wasted'. The crime is to comment not the getting drunk.... well done well known English public school. so my 15 year old is on train now coming home for two days. I have two other big boy 18/19 year olds so not naïve as to how the world works but so cross at this stage . So no gym , no exercise and on my third glass of wine tonight as I am so worked up. Thanks big Berkshire school !!!!

  • OMG! That's ridiculous! Don't forget to demand a refund on the fees!!

    Don't worry about not contributing, our concern is that travellers are just "vanishing" without a word, so we don't know if there's something wrong with them, or if they've just got fed up. As long as we know what's happening, we're quite happy to wait :)

    I hope you've calmed down a bit by now and that you won't be reaching for a 4th glass. Keep calm and carry on :)

  • thanks for you comments and support moreless. I know this isn't the 'average complaint' that we get to air on this forum but for me with 4 boys it is my life and my up and down. 'Slough comprehensive' as it is known can be a brilliant school but like any Is victim to the parents that are there. There are no typical such parents, just those that want to cause trouble. Grrrrr Iam having a rant and yes

  • Ach, we don't do average here! ;)

    Enjoy having your son home for a couple of days, send him back with a stern word and get your own back at parents day, with a well rehearsed plan of action! :)

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