So I fell down :(

I don't know what's been going on with me since yesterday. I decided that as it was payday I would let that be my day of decadence. One day where I could, during my weekly shop, buy myself a candy and have a coke zero. Fair enough! Did that last night (malteasers), no problems.

Tonight, I SWEAR, the bottle of bubbly that's been in my fridge since Christmas started calling my name N-A-T-A-S-H-A!!! For a few weeks now I have been admiring how cold it looked with the condensation on the bottle, sigh! Today, the demon got me and I succumbed - and I was RIGHT! The perfect temperature. To make matters worse, I took the last instant noodle pack (guilty pleasure) and had it -threw in some sweetcorn in to pacify the conscience.

NOW, I am sat here CRAVING some Thornton's or a dark chocolate or ANYTHING!! i sense a lonnng night of internal battles trying to ensure I don't walk the five minutes to the Tesco express to satisfy this urge. So far on the second glass of bubbly, I really should pour the rest down the sink, shouldn't I?


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10 Replies

  • Have you not got one of those caps that keeps it fizzy.

  • Those caps are removable and therein is the problem. They need to create one with a secret code that can be held by someone else - a chastity belt for bubbly!

  • freeze it in little baggies for using in recipes. No waste and no temptation x

  • Look my friend, it's fine wasn't the problem the sweet treats? Didn't you decide to tackle those treats first?

    If you have managed to stay away from the sweet treats (other than the planned one) go to bed knowing you succeeded!

    You didn't say you would give up the fizz!

    One thing at a time. One sweet treat a day. Pledge that and celebrate each win. When it's a habit move onto the unnecessary booze. When that's a habit target the meals... etc etc or whatever order or problem area will have the most impact for you.

    When I started the dry days I was eating choc. I couldn't have done both together from day 1... I know myself too well. But at the moment I have both under control.

    So well done! No unplanned sweet treats were eaten.

    Tomorrow is another day... reflect on what you want to repeat tomorrow and what you want to improve on. And tackle one at a time!

    Sleep tight! ☺

  • It takes time, we have our good days and days that suck!! Like the other replies said. You know what u have to do... Take a day at time. I'm sure now u have had your treat, will be a long time til the next 1?

  • I can only hope!

  • Hi don't beat yourself up! There are good days & not so good days! You've enjoyed the bubbly & it's gone now! See yesterday as a treat day & move on. I like a glass of Prosecco myself ( or two! ) It's no biggy! Today is another day! Move on & back on track! Good luck :)

  • Till it's gone cravings won't go am afraid been there done it what we can't have want it more my tip is always have a little choc in fridge.then you know you can have a little .if you like buy a tiny bottle take a glass pour rest away .that will take the urgency away to have it good luck take care x

  • you have gone quiet - all ok?

    I have had a bad couple of weeks with events that have been good but not for the gym or diet. But back on it this morning and been to gym.

  • This might sound really odd but sometimes the act of getting rid of it is easier than having to see it everyday in the fridge. I.e pour it down the toilet.

    I threw away 2/3 of a tub of Ben and Jerry's and you know what? It felt great. I made the choice not to eat it. Money is tight, so I basically just threw away £4. It hurt. But not as much as the guilt of eating a whole tub of ice cream.

    I have not bought it since!

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