Help! Trauma!!

Rookie mistake. I should have bought some proper bathroom scales before I got started on this weight-loss thing. I tried out my new, sexy, super-accurate bathroom scales this morning. They weigh 3 kg heavier than the old ones. I've been really good this week, so it isn't me! ☺

Aaaarrgghh!! Double-whammy. Not only am I three kilos worse off than I hoped, but it means that I was even more of a Porky Pig than I thought I was, when I got started!

Going to have to go out tonight, and have 12 pints and a double kebab, to recover from the psychological distress... (only kidding!!!!)


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17 Replies

  • I do sympathise! The same thing happened to me last summer when I replaced batteries in my scales, they'd obviously been weighing "off" for a while. Don't let it put you off like it did me!! I'm only just starting again this month ☀️

  • No way! It's made me twice as bloody-minded! ☺

  • Lol !! 😃

    Ah how awful ! Put it behind you you might have a nice surprise come weigh day .

    Have you checked them ? Stick a bag of potatoes on just to make sure it's not the scales out 🤔

    Well worth a try !


  • That's the very first thing that I did. No such luck!! ☺

  • aaagh! That does it, I am not buying any new scales yet! I don't think I could take the trauma :-? In the end it is just a number so crack on with the plan and you will soon get back to your pre-new scale weight.

  • I was kind of expecting it. The last time I got weighed at the GP's, there was over half a stone difference from what I was expecting, and I couldn't blame it all on the contents of my pockets, although - in my then state of denial - I did try! ☺

  • ...:-) that happened to friend of mine except it was something like 0.75 stone difference in the wrong direction-- he was horrified:-)

  • Yes, the first ever time I decided to diet, I remember getting around half a stone from my BMI when mum got new scales. They added 7lbs, so I questioned her and she admitted they had always been 7lbs off! It's gutting when that happens!

    At the end of the day though, the number on the scales isn't the only thing that matters.

  • So annoying to buy new scales and they lie! :)

  • Hahaha, I have a very friendly scales. My doctor has a nasty one.

  • Hahahaha😂😂😂😂

  • I had a 'scales' experience last week! I bought some new ones, and found I was weighing in at half a stone less than I thought I was. I decided that they were wrong, but if they weighed consistently it wouldn't matter. I visited the doctors the day after, and hopped on theirs! Mine are right! Whoohoo!

  • Well done, you! Keep it up!

  • Start yourself off afresh, from today - maybe in lbs instead of Kilos! New scales, new beginning....

  • I just added 3 kg to all the weights in my diary.

    I don't like looking at my weight in stones and/or lbs every day. I've been using kilos only for 25 years, and thinking about my weight in younger, svelter days - when my scales measured in stones and lbs - is painful! ☺

  • I'm putting up with my less than accurate scales despite advice. The funny thing is, every now and again it needs to be recalibrated. You look down and you see the needl - it's below 0, so you tweak to put it bang on 0. That's the week when your weight loss plateaus. It stays that way for a week or two, then you notice it's slightly above 0, and, joy of joys, you need to tweak it down. I swear it's responsible for half a poun or a pound loss :-)

  • My old mechanical ones were all over the place. I enjoyed that same half a kilo decrease, too. Unfortunately, with the new set, I've now found out that the periodic loss was only from the scales and not from me!! ☺

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