Over 1 stone!!!!

Finally got over one stone loss, 15 pounds in total, I usually give up by now, it's been proper hard, a real mental challenge, I have had a couple of wobbles, but I'm not going to beat myself up as previously I would of, I gave started to realise it's just life, if I want a bar of chocolate I will have one, just not a massive one!!!! I have a very long journey ahead as I have about 8 stone to loose, but each step I take it's a step closer. We can do this guys xx


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11 Replies

  • Congrats on the first stone :)

    One great lessen to learn is that one little slip does not mean you've ruined the whole thing so well done for getting your head around that one :)

    Here's to the next stone :)

  • Woooohooooo!!! Congratulations! Keep going, you have this licked 😊

  • Congratulations Slimsue. It must feel great to lose over a stone. You should reward yourself with a nice non food treat and celebrate. All the best.

  • Well done!

  • Well done Sue, that is a great achievement to lose the first stone :-)

    Yes, we CAN do it Sue !! Have a great weekend and looking forward to hearing you hit your next mini target :-)

  • Fantastic!! Well done and keep up the good work, I bet you feel better for it too!

  • Well done indeed. You can do it, just 2lbs a week is 56 weeks to reach your target. I've only got 4st to loose, aiming for July. Just imagine thought 8st is two sacks of potatoes, you are carrying around. I ride a Brompton to work every day and that feels heavy, but it's 28lb, so I always think I have 2 Bromptons to go. Just think of all those potatoes coming off. All the best.

  • Hi Slimsue

    Well done you will get there. However, do it gently.

  • Hi slimsue, I'm soooooo....... pleased to read your post!! Well done! Yeah its difficult but you did it! It's a massive step in the right direction! Go girl! :)

  • That's excellent, it's such a milestone to see a whole stone gone ! ☀️

  • Many congratulations slimsue on your 15 lbs weight loss and for not giving up on you. It can be a real mental challenge and that's why it's also good for you to take a little time just to reflect on the journey and to feed yourself with some positives such as, I can do it, I will do it, I believe in myself, anything is possible, I'm in control. It's things like this that I told myself over and over with just me in the mirror. Remember your in control and no matter how long this journey takes you to reach your goal one day you will get there. Don't ever give up and keep going :-)

    Well done

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