Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Friday 29 January

Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Friday 29 January

Dear Travellers

I really wished we could have stayed longer in the orangutan sanctuary - such a special place to be.

Today on Day 35 of our voyage around the world we are in Bali being pampered. Just what you need after clocking all those kms this week - a deep tissue massage or maybe a pedicure? Your favourite cocktails served by Ricky Martin's backing singers. If you're lucky, Ricky might be on the steamer later πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Happy Travels everyone β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜

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140 Replies

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  • Uh oh! Mind out for the Lucca stampede!! :D

  • THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP - Outta my way.....

  • OOOOOFFFFFF!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!

  • lol - that is sooooo funny!!!! :-)

  • They're coming to take us away! Ha haaa

  • Oh FizzyLiz,

    I am so there πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘™πŸΉ, Ricky said to tell you he'll be along later !!!

    Today I'm a bit tired but managed 8 kmπŸ˜ƒ


  • Don't you go overdoing it Flossie! Just lie back, have a massage and I'll make sure that Ricky saves the first dance for you :)

  • He's giving me my massage !!!πŸ€—πŸ˜œ


  • Watch out for Lucca! She doesn't do sharing! :D

  • Tough, she's way at the back of the queue!! Lol I'm an invalid and it better than Vick on my chest !!


  • Hi Everyone, my kms for the 29th are 2.64. Looking forward to a deep massage. Have a great weekend to fellow travellers.

  • Well done Marianne, hope you have a great weekend too :)

  • Hi Lizzie. I'm on the sofa wishin I was in Bali.

    16.32k today. Mainly cycling against the wind which is definitely worth trying. I feel like I have had a facial.

    Have a nice evening.

  • Wtg you! I might have braved the wind, but not the wind driven rain, hail and sleet! It was back to the rollers for me.

    Loads of K's and glowing skin :)

  • Well i was at the gym and on the treadmill by 6.30am and by 6.40am i was almost fainting and puking- so it seems this evil virus is getting the better of me- however undeterred i went home ate breakfast and returned an hour later- but i'm afraid the best i could do was 2 miles today : )

  • Do NOT push yourself to do things when you're ill! You naughty girl! A gentle stroll would have been more than enough.

    I'm so proud of your guts and determination though.......even if they did end up in a bucket! ;)

  • Hope you feel better soon

  • 6.3 km crosstrainer 3.6 km treadmill tired legs hurt.

  • Aqua I'm not surprised! You're a devil for that devil machine :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    Happy weekend! Looking forward to that massage. :-)

    I've done walking: 2.25km today.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Lowcal :)

    That massage really sounds appealing :)

  • Well Gertrude prevented me from getting out on my bike today, so back to the rollers it was :)

    Cycling 16.2K's

    Rowing 0.8Ks

    Total 17Ks :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Wow, what amazing figures - fantastic! Way to go you! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • How's the rowing going moreless ? Still finding it a struggle ?

  • OMG! It's a killer! It would be easier to get into a rowing boat! Either that, or I'm seriously feeble! :o

  • Perhaps its just a matter of getting the technique right ? Your legs shoud be quite strong because of the cycling and that's the main area that gets used in rowing.

  • The rowing machine I've got has handles to pull like oars and I find them a real struggle to pull, even on the easiest level! I must have really naff upper body strength :o

  • Wow great Ks :) :)

  • Thanks Liz :)

  • Evening everyone :-) To be honest I have had a hectic couple of days because hubby is away at the moment, so I'm too exhausted even to chase Ricky !!

    Anyway, did a 7.5k dog walk today :-)

    All this km kicking is going to my head - have spent the last half hour contemplating entering the local half marathon in June :-O - at least I could stop off half way round for a lie down in my bed with only a minor diversion ;-)

  • Lucca! You've stunned me twice! Too tired for Ricky and a possible 1/2 marathon! Oh you must go for it, you'd do brilliantly and we'd all cheer you on! :)

  • We'll see ! Perhaps see how I get on over the next month or so - seems an awful long way to run !!

  • It's not much more than you're actually doing at the mo. Just keep adding a couple of K's a week and you won't even notice the difference! ;)

  • Ricky is one relieved stallion :D

  • Can't remember if I posted yesterday - work was hectic! So for Thursday it was 2.6 and today it's been 3.2. Fitbit arrived when I got home tonight so I am hoping to report more tomorrow. What ho fellow travellers, onward and upwards!

  • I can't remember either Saga and I've got no excuse! :)

    Ooh a new fitbit! We're going to be stunned with your totals from now on! ;) Not that we aren't anyway! :D

    Tally ho, jolly hockey sticks and spiffing tiffin :D

  • Hi Lizzy

    This looks like a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a cocktail or two after a busy week, thank you for the wonderful pics. My km for today 3.7 km, have a good weekend everyone.

  • Well done mrsg and the same to you :)

  • 11.45km today

  • Fabulous number K_o_g! :)

  • 😒 giving this amazing place a miss tonight, after a long exploration in the jungle of Borneo yesterday I succumbed to a nasty bout of jungle fever. Slept most of today and already in bed again. My total for today is 2.3 km, not sure how as I haven't moved much, but then it's quite a way to the kitchen πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your massages and drinks tonight, Elissy 🏨

  • Ooh no Elissy - you need to rest up and take it easy. Still a good number :)

  • Thank you Lizzy 😊

  • Well done fellow travellers - it is great fun reading everyone's results.

    I managed a grand total of 19.61kms, which was more than I was aiming for, so I am pleased about that. One of my knees is playing up, so I am going to be gentle with it tomorrow and hope that it eases up.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  • Wow another fantastic number - well done you :) :) Take care with that knee - you need all your strength for the Ayers Rock climb :D

  • Hi all, back from my break...loved the hot tub and sauna we had in our lodge but back to reality now.

    Went for a couch to 5k run tonight too as hadn't done any running since Sunday.

    Anyway totals for whilst I was away:-

    Monday 3.1 km

    Tuesday 2.2 km

    Wednesday 1.4 km

    Thursday 5.2 km

    Today 7.1 km

  • Welcome back. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Of course me and Mrs M had totally forget you were away :O

    Great that you came back armed with K's

    :) :) :)

  • Evening all

    Well I dragged my tired butt out of bed in the cold and dark at 5.50am this morning as promised to get on my exercise bike, even though hubby kept me awake snoring and once I managed to get to sleep the awful wind howling down the chimney woke me up again!

    I got on my exercise bike and have done the following kms:-

    AM - 9.2 km

    PM - 10.1 km

    Steps - 2335

    Am shattered but happy with that πŸ˜€.

    Looking forward to a lovely massage after all that!

    Happy Friday everyone

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • You did what and what time - good for you and great for the challenge. Look at all those K's. Well done :)

    Please make your way to the special massage hut - apparently Ricky is good with his hand :D :D

  • Hi all,

    27/1 - 7.21

    28/1 - 9.11

    29/1 - 8.81

    Hope to catch up soon, it's just hard at the moment, hope you all understand😘

    Lots of love and good luck to allπŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Cheers J - fabulous K's :) :)

    Hope to see you back here very soon :)

  • 7.24km run to work for me today. Most of it against the wind, so felt a lot more!

  • WTG Geza !! Sounds like a very energetic workout and great way to commute :D

  • 3.22kms for me today 😐

  • You always pull those K's out of the bag - very well done Beryl :)

  • 5km today. I hoped for a bit more, mut it was too windy and wet :( I have to do 12km between tomorrow and Sunday to reach a marathon spread in a week... Let's hope Sunday will be nice since tomorrow has still yellow warnings.

  • Well done. I love how we all still getting out there despite the horrendous weather. :) :)

  • Another 8km for me today. That pedicure will be much appreciated.

  • Fantastic Ks as always - WTG Henlady :) :)

    Whilst having a pedicure, Ricky will give you a shoulder massage. And with that amazing view of the sea and sky, you'll be in heaven :D :D

  • 5.7k of walking for me today. Don't know why I feel so tired, but guess I'll feel a lot better after the massage!

  • Its at the end of a busy week and your body is surprised you're walking and not comatose on the sofa. You're pushing through and you will reap the rewards :) :) Massage coming your way :D

  • :-) just the one k for me. But Bali - can do that:-)

  • We'll take that K - thank you very much. And isn't Bali so dreamy and spiritual? I nearly went for Philippines but I am more attracted to Bali. Must go one day :D

  • 2.6 km for today only half what I wanted but had to go to Drs and had a little procedure so am ok with that x work tomorrow so pledging 3km x well done everyone some impressive kms x

  • Great number - hope the procedure went well. Take it easy :) :) Enjoy Bali :D

  • 3.5km for Friday. Stuck at the desk again. Going to try some marching on the spot tomorrow whilst at the desk.

    Loved the orang-utans

  • Great number Ruth - I know what you mean by being stuck at your desk. I certainly get up and move around than I used to. Walk round the office up and down the stairs :D :D

  • 5km today. Lovely day

  • Great number Frankie :) :) :)

  • My idea of heaven, a deep massage followed by a cocktail, Mmmmmm.

    No wellies today, managed 13616 steps, 9.1km. Not bad considering I was out to lunch. I was good and just had a bowl of tomato and red pepper soup. Tonight I made a Thai curry. I'll post the recipe later as it was delicious, quick and easy to make and low in calories.

    Snow forecast for tomorrow so that might hamper progress but it's Saturday so set to enjoy the weekend. Have a good one folks β˜ƒ

  • I'm with you - Bali is my idea of heaven :D Well done on the Ks. Ooh I love a Thai curry - will look out for the recipe :) :)

  • 17.4 km today. A bit tired now, but am looking forward to watching the Ricky Martin fan club in action later on. Will just have a rest on the beach first though.

  • Fabulous number JaySee. Take it easy on the beach :) :)

  • hi there Lizzy only 791 steps today been very poorly with tiredness, i'm sick to death of being up one minutes down the next. will try harder tomorrow even if it kills me i'll try better good night to all see you in the morning so to speak. Alan

  • You are doing so great Bigalan. I love your determination :) :)

  • hi Lizzy one thing my dad always used to say if you first don't succeed try try again. and that's what i'm doing take care will send my steps in later take care Alan xx

  • 3.8 km today, I really need to up my walking

  • Great number Britdiane. Hope you're able to get in more walking over the weekend :) :)

  • Just 1.5km for this poorly pants 😊

  • Aah take care and get better soon. We need you clocking up those Ks :D

  • Today I did 8.5km and 10975 steps 😊

  • Fabulous number. Enjoy Bali :D :D

  • Aaaaaaah- blissful! Lovely massage and what a view! 11.2km walking for me today πŸ˜€

  • WTG Rainshine - you totally deserve that massage :) :)

  • 15.19k for me yesterday!!!!

  • Oh yes Rossbale now we are talking. Please come back again tomorrow :) :)

  • Despite Liz asking so nicely Rossbale, you didn't come back! We're missing 6 days K's and we reeeeeeeally need them :)

  • Sorry ladies, had a late trip back from Disneyland Paris and a family emergency.

    Remaining distances as follows:

    30/01/2016 - 10.78k

    31/01/2016 - 6.66k

    01/02/2016 - 2.17k

    02/02/2016 - 1.57k

    03/02/2016 - 1.65k

  • Ooh crumbs Rossbale, I hope it wasn't anything too dire and that things are sorted now.

    Thanks for your totals :)

  • On Friday 8 kms walking and 12km cycling! I'm shocked myself! beautiful pic and yes pampering would be welcome!

  • You are capable of great things and your body just laps it up. Fab number :) I love that photo - took awhile to find one that captures our journey so perfectly :)

  • Hi everyone

    7.09 km for Friday. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  • Only 2kms for me....I see Lucca is a bit tired :( Gotta look on the bright side - that gives us all more of a chance with Ricky :)

  • Indeed it does - I have a feeling that Ricky will be going on tour with us for the rest of challenge. But keep that quiet in case Lucca finds out :D

    Great K's :)

  • 4995 steps for yesterday. The pampering in Bali sounds heavenly β˜€οΈ

  • The least I can do for you. Every day you give me steps and I am very grateful :) :)

  • Morning all,

    yesterday's figures 3.56km walking and 10.40km cycling so annoyingly total for friday 13.96km really should check my kms the night before as i would have loved to have rounded that up πŸ˜€

  • It's so annoying when that happens, eh kars :X

    Still a great total though :)

  • 6.1 miles yesterday. That's just a little more than 10,000 steps. I love Bali. Relaxing by the pool on our steamer after a long week with grandchildren in London. Perfect!

  • WTG Florence - fantastic Ks everyday of this challenge. I agree - Bali is magical place to be :) :)

  • Friday; 1.4km dog walking, 4.8 km cycling for work.

  • Great number - well done Concerned :)

  • Hi all, I only managed 2 pottering around the house - feel rough!! Jog-on managed 30.4kms, - 4.1km steps at work, 18.3km spinning, 5km dog walk and 3km pub crawl!!

  • Ooh Kate - hope Ed is taking care of you whilst you get better. Great numbers from Ed - glad you never left him on the boat back in Suez :D :D

  • Standard 6km

  • Cheers Steve - thanks for the K's. Come back again tomorrow :D :D

  • 14:61 miles to get me to Tebedu, can't believe how much it has changed but then it is over 40 years since I was last here. Gone is most of the ulu, the big pineapple plantation and the pepper plants, it would now seem to have gone and got all grown up from the little police outpost that I knew and is now a major broader control post from Malay to Indonesia.

    Must see if I can get to Serian and see if that has gone and grown up as well.

  • It's scary how much places change from long ago memories, isn't it :o

    14.61 miles??!! Good grief! That's a fantastic number!! :) Can't wait to see how many you clock getting to Tebedu! :)

  • 18.71km for Friday

  • Yeehah Darren :)

  • Sorry I'm late - 3.1 km for me yesterday.

    Today I am going to be mostly inside but dug out a pedometer so counting housework steps.

    Moreless/Lizzy how do I convert steps to km? Thanks :)

  • Good job Sueper :)

    Steps x 0.00075 = K's :)

  • Thanks :)

  • 8.6 km for me yesterday. most of that is from dancing. so hungover today...😡😱

  • Great number - glad you enjoyed yourself. Take it easy :)

  • Oops, so relaxed with the pampering nearly forgot to post my kms for Friday. 7.6 due to shopping (again)!

  • You're almost as bad as me Mrscaw, I've got a memory like a sieve! :)

    That shopping's really doing the trick :)

  • Fingers crossed for Monday!

  • And legs, arms and eyes!! :D

  • 5k for me for Friday

  • Good job RAF_girl :)

  • 7:7km :)

  • Fab Cazmaz :)

  • 19039 steps or 14.15k for yesterday, plus another spin class at 20k. Total 34.15k

  • Yikes Lexi, you did it again! :)

  • Hi Lizzy sorry not logged on for a few days as I am trying to squeeze everything in at the moment. For Friday I did 6.4 km walkig and 4.5 km run

  • There just aren't enough hours in the day to fit everything in T1!

    You still manage to clock up great numbers though :)

  • This is what I mean moreless with all the exercise, cleaning, going to work, visiting my mum and going shopping plus planning and preparing dinner it all starts to get on top of you and I still haven't ironed the uniforms LOL I will leave that until the morning now, there's no way I'm gonna do that as well. Every spare moment these days seems to be filled with something else to do. I think I'm busier now than ever I need to take a chill pill I think :-)

    I clock up those numbers because I'm addicted to exercise. I actually feel like I've wasted a day if I don't do something, you know what I mean :-)

    If only the weekend lasted longer moreless, if only :-)

  • You put me to shame! I run out of time and I don't work and don't have children at home, only the grandchildren at the weekend :)

  • The mind works overtime sometimes, it's always thinking even when I'm running or walking it's still taking to me and thinking what next and I have to do it because it needs doing. I don't know what it is, it's like an adrenaline rush. I've got all this energy and it needs burning with an activity of some sort. Can't wait for the weather to pick up and get my skates on again :-)

  • Oh my gosh! Poor Mr T must be exhausted trying to keep up with you! ;)

  • funny you should say that because sometimes he can't when I'm on one :-) he hates it when I say we have to run, cycle and walk all in a days work, but I like to push him which is good for both of us.

  • LOL! I bet he's as skinny as a rake too! :)

  • You could say I've whipped him into shape. He's lost 3 stone since he's been watching me and when he saw my results he wanted some of that LOL :-)

  • Wow! That's impressive! I'm afraid Mr M has done the opposite! I think I may be guilty of feeding him the things I shouldn't be eating! :o

  • Phahahahahah :-) that's so funny moreless I can understand how that can happen though. I'd of kept feeding Mr T the same old thing, but once he clapped eyes on my nice healthy meals he had to have what I was having which did make things a little easier for me :-)

  • Mr M's fine with the healthy meals, but I give him all the added extras, like the Christmas goodies and the things I bake with the grandchildren. I tell him he's my taster! :D

  • 11490 steps

  • Fantastic Paja :)

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