So much for starting again!!

Well, having decided to start again a month ago, I am still stuck at the same weight and have been eating really badly. Yesterday I bought 1 large bar of galaxy salted caramel chocolate, packet of strawberry bon bons and multi pack of crisps. Unwillingly shared a few with my daughter but managed to pack most of the rest away myself. I'm now feeling that I will never be able to lose weight. Food is just too enjoyable!

The only success I've had so far is that I stuck to a small goal for 2 days of not eating any butter. Even that was difficult as I love Lurpak on bread, teacakes, and just about anything else really but I did do it so a small victory.

I am now starting to have a lot of pain in my right foot when walking and am sure this is down to my weight. What am I going to do?


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27 Replies

  • You are using food as a source of enjoyment rather than to fill yourself up when hungry. Can you write a list of other things you enjoy and maybe busy yourself with those? Even starting a knitting project or writing a blog (with a bowl of carrot pieces if you get nibbly) might distract you.

    My best weight loss in years past was when I was redecorating a house - lots of physical activity and my mind was focussed on the job in hand. To keep your mind off food you could take your daughter out to play badminton or for a swim or get stuck in to a really good book when you are indoors.

    Put all the tempting foods out of sight and shop online so you don't physically have to walk past those bad foods. If you must buy a treat - buy some seeds or mixed dried fruit which you can chomp on when you need to graze. On the plus side, you haven't gained any weight so you can't have been doing too badly!

    Maybe as an incentive, buy a pair of jeans a little on the tight side and make it your aim to fit them by this time next month? Best of luck!

  • You are right, it is an easy source of pleasure. I have a demanding job and often feel too tierd to do anything when I get home, but eat! I tend to buy chocolate and stuff after work as I see it as a treat and look forward to eating it so its kind of a reward. Also spend far too much time in front of the TV.

    I might ask my GP about CBT as this is meant to be one way of helping with obesity according to recent information from the chief medical officer.

    Great idea to write a list of enjoyable things apart from food down and I will try that. I already read quite a lot and love getting into a good book but its easy to eat when reading unfortunately.

    I know I really need to do something physical but find motivating myself is the main difficulty. For instance I quite fancy doing Tai Chi and have found a class but didn't go today. Annoyed with myself. Also thinking about getting a dog which would mean I would have to go out for walks!

  • Sympathise with not doing much exercise - I have the same problem - but I have just started going to Tai Chi which you mention - and I love it! Not too energetic, but lots of stretching like yoga (but all standing up so don't need a mat or special clothes or anything) so I am hoping it will help tone up my muscles a bit! People of all ages seem to do it. I am 65 and want to do it to improve my joints and flexibility so I can keep walking. Let us know what you think of it if you do go along :)

  • Hi Nelliecat. I intend to go next week as have been wanting to go for some time and Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I suppose its just walking through the door that is the hardest bit and thinking I might not be able to do it.

    I have tried yoga before and really liked that but feel too unfit to do it now particularly floor work as I have problem with my knees and getting up from the floor.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Tai Chi. Would love to hear how you get on with it.

  • I went along by myself, feeling a little trepidation, but it was not difficult and the teacher said just do what you can and if you can't stand on one leg you don't have to! (Just as well as I have no sense of balance at all!). I did yoga years ago too and felt it was too much but the Tai Chi is very calming and positive. Good luck and keep us posted on how you do, Corinne.

  • Decide whether you want to eat a lot of enjoyable Rubbish and stay overweight and increasingly injured or make a decision to take control and put in the action to change your eating and moving habits. Only you can decide. Nothing tastes as good as feeling in control.

  • Hi Florence

    Thanks for your reply.

    The problem is I keep making the decision to take control and then lose it again. I can't seem to stay in control and don't know how to change that.

  • Try Dave's idea. Pick one thing, make one pledge and stick to it just for a day. Just one thing, just for a day.

    Sounds like this has helped you with butter.

    Maybe try that with chocolate. I won't eat chocolate.Just for today.then put a post on here and tell us about it. This is my pledge for the day. Then know you have to update us when you get into bed. It has worked for me!

    I am taking one pledge at a time, focusing on one area at a time as I know I cannot do it all at once. But once one habit is firm I move to the next.

    (I have been alcohol free for 19 days and sugar free for 5. If you knew me, you would just not believe that I could do do this!!)

    I also know I must get more exercise in but it is so difficult working full time. So for now, as I focus on alcohol and sugar and the next will be sleep, I join the round the word walking post and (when well) aim for just over 10000 steps per day. I do these watching tv with vigorous marching on the spot.

    So don't try and do it all at once and be kind to yourself.

    Have a go.make one pledge for tomorrow. Post it. Then update us. It might just be the answer! 😊

  • "I have been alcohol free for 19 days and sugar free for 5"

    Well done! I don't have a "problem" with either substance, but I simply wouldn't be able to do that.

  • hi asics. It was after reading Daves idea that I decided to do without butter for a day and it did seem to work and to be doable.

    Actually, thinking about it, I'm still off the butter so something must have clicked in my brain.

    Well done you for being alcohol free for 19 days. Thats a really great, big achievement particularly if you are a person who would find it very difficult. You have inspired me, although alcohol isn't my problem, mainly eating far too much.

    I am now thinking about pledging to be sugar free for a day and will post this pledge tomorrow.

    By the way, how long does it take to do 10,000 steps? Sounds an enormous amount to me. Another pledge for me might be something like: only watch 1 hr of TV or do 3,000 steps. You've given me something to think about. Thanks

  • Well done on the butter again. It is a great step forward. If you can transfer that to other goals just one at a time that might make all the difference.

    As for steps... Well... i don't know is the answer! I think... I normally do about 7500 during a working day and it takes about 40 to pace out another 3000? Haven't done it this week as poorly but will check when I next do it!

    However a great first goal with steps is to do a day. Then say right I am going to beat that every day this week. So if you do 2000, make your goal somewhere between 2200 and 2500 each day. Then the following week up it again to somewhere between 2450 and 2750. It is a great way to increase without being daunting. Be careful though - it is quite addictive!

  • Thanks, think I'll try that. Get a pedometer or something similar first.

  • Any of the fitbit products are great and they record your progress for you in their app.

    But any pedometer will do the job. They are like scales just keep using the same one. X😊

  • I feel your pain. I have been there many times.

    We have to choose between short term pleasure or long term delight and satifaction. If we chose short term pleasure we will have long term misery.

    I used to feel I was missing out. missing out on what? Long term fat,misery and health problems? I am only just at the beginning of this journey (I have tried many times) but this is what is helping me through. Another portion of cake, chocolate and salted Carmel truffles will lead to a whole lot more discomfort, embarrassment, high blood pressure etc etc etc.

    As Florence says, only you can decide this one. I did lose all my weight once and boy it did feel good. I was healthy, in control, had some fabulous clothes and my confidence soared. That is the feeling I want back, so that once and for all I can stop worrying my weight, stop worrying about my health, because these will be resolved, and truly live without their burden.

    Pour a cup of tea and sit and look into it. (Or strip naked and look in the mirror...whichever works for you!) Be honest with yourself, decide your path (whichever way that is)and resolve to stick with it no regrets. And let us know so we can cheer you on!

  • I know it's hard but if you really want to change then you have to put the action in and sometimes that's painful. It's like any addiction. You have to recognise the harm its doing and stop being in denial then be brave enough to put the action in which will make the changes. You can do it but you have to decide. Do I want to stay like this or be courageous enough to change. Good luck. Come on you can do it!🙋🙋

  • Hi Corrine1, I'm sure everyone on this forum knows how you feel.I'd luv to sit down with a big bar of fruit & nut chocolate,but I've been there done it! Too many times! And if you really really want to change you've gotta bin it! Or give it away! There's no one worse than me for loving sweet things but I want to look better, feel better, and be healthier! Together we can ALL do this!!! We're all behind you! You CAN do it! :)

  • Thanks for everyones replies and encouragement. I'm beginning to think perhaps I can do it step by step and with all the great support on this forum xx.

  • Draw a line under it & start again, keep in touch & everyone will give you all the encouragement & support you need! Keep posting, asking for advice or just support on a bad day! Good luck x

  • hi Corrine, not much to add to all of the positive comments except that in a short time you will feel the benefits of cutting out excessive sugar and fats from your eating and realise that they far outweigh the short term enjoyment of a bar of chocolate. Good luck, one step at a time ;-)

  • I was eating the crisps and biscuits, etcI bought for my daughter as snacks before she got a look in so I now buy the things she likes but I don't. I think if you know what food you pig out on then don't have it anywhere near you and only have healthy alternatives to hand. It's hard for the first few days but you do change the habit

  • Come and join us on our trip Around the World Corrine. There's no pressure to complete a certain number, but there is heaps of encouragement, inspiration and motivation :)

    You can do this! :)

  • Hi moreless

    Is the group still open? Not sure I'm ready yet as I'm having a lot of foot pain.

  • Yes Corinne, we're open for all takers :)

    Can you swim, row or cycle? They wouldn't impact on your foot :)

  • I can swim but not done it for a long time. Can cycle but my bike needs a bit of maintenance work.

  • You're away then girl! :)

    Dust off your cozzy, pump up your tyres and come along for the trip of a lifetime :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I'll have to give it some more thought

  • Don't think too long, because that's how to think yourself out of things ;)

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