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The ultimate rebellion - doughnut

Well I did it! After eating all the bad stuff, cheese slices, croissant, bread, I then bought myself a doughnut. Oh, I bought the fruit I went in for but that doughnut sitting in it's bag just had to be eaten! The ultimate rebellion against losing weight!

But wait - just who am I rebelling against? Who am I punishing? ME.

Feeling sorry for myself because my knee hurts but emotional recourse to food is not the answer. We all know that right?

Duh! I'm stupid.

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Hi Ceriandblue,

It's done now, so just move on from it, and today is a fresh day ahead.

I hope your knee recovers soon, and that you feel a bit better in yourself as the day goes on.

Maybe next time a doughnut beckons to be in your basket, think before you buy it - "Do I want you in my life, would my relationship with you be an improvement on the last doughnut who came into my life?" - hopefully the answer to that question will be the shortest answer you could give.

Have a great weekend when it comes.

Lowcal :-)


You are not stupid my lovely, just human.

Let that be a marker in the sand. Let the doughnut be the final straw! Put that bad boy behind you, dust yourself off, hold you head high and get back on it.

Can you fuel your soul and emotions today being super focussed? Difficult when you are in pain I know.

Sending you lots of hugs to help power you through today like super woman of the healthy world!


Put it behind you, it's done and can't be changed, but we can learn it !! Next time only eat half !! Lol

Seriously, it is so easy to use food to soothe us but it's a tough habit to break, maybe start with getting the best pain relief, and keep taking meds regularly to keep on top of it

if you like sweet stuff have you tried Warburtons thin bagels ? The fruit and cinnamon are 130 cals and while it's nowhere near a scone or a doughnut it works for me when I 'need' something sweet ( I sometimes put a bit of quark on and a scrape of jam 😈)

Have a lovely weekend



You did well not to pick up a five-pack ☺


That would be me lol!


The only doughnuts I really like only come in a five-pack :-(


Quick - throw it in the freezer! Some of the pleasure is in the act of buying it - but you can leave the eating of it for another time....I dread to think what is at the bottom of my freezer!

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