Around the World in 80 Days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 27 January (PART 2)

Around the World in 80 Days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 27 January (PART 2)

Dear Travellers

We are now back on our steamer after such a wonderful time in Vietnam - the food, the people, the scenery. A perfect place to people watch! We are now on our way to Borneo. Tomorrow we will be hanging out with the orangutans!

Tonight on the dancefloor and back by popular demand is Jon Bon Jovi. More ice cold Prosecco served on the verandah for when you need cooling off!

Yesterday we didn't do as well as we had predicted and we have yet to reach our target of 501kms. This is to do with the number of travellers not the number of kms. Last week we had 10 more travellers. Lets hope they rejoin the challenge very soon. And if you know of any one that should join the challenge - please point them in my direction.

Today I stepped up to the challenge. I am motivated by all of you and your achievements whilst dealing with what life throws at you. Rather than putting off doing my chores until the weekend, I walked from Whitehall to Chancery Lane to go to the bank. It wasn't raining that much when I started and I was wearing the wrong shoes. It was bucketing on the way back to the office and my wrong shoes were getting wet :D :D Then when I left the office to go home, I had to walk to Hyde Park to get the first bus. An extra 30 mins. In all, my kms for today were 10.16kms. So pleased with that number :) :)

How is everyone else doing?

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)

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67 Replies

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  • hi there Lizzy my total for today was 1722 steps a bit of improvement and feel ok speak to you tomorrow take care Alan xx

  • Woohoo! WTG Alan!! :)

  • hi there many thanks and today or should i say later today with it being 01:36 am its my weigh in day so you will get my steps and to see if i've lost anymore wait take care love your comment it made me smile. Alan

  • Fingers crossed for a successful weigh-in Alan and I'm really pleased I made you smile :)

  • Hi there you do put a smile on my face, and i've lost half a stone so i'm now down to 20 1/2 stone from 21 stone, will send you my steps later take care Alan

  • Wowee Alan, that's fandabedozy! Well done you, keep up the good work :)

  • hi there just to had to the 1/2 stone i've lost i've walked today 3058 steps which is 0.57 mile so i'm improving take care Alan

  • What a star! You're coming on in leaps and bounds Alan! :)

  • hi there what i want to know is where did i get this energy from and to shed half a stone wow somebody must be helping me, and if i find out who it is they can have a bigal cuddle take care can't wait to see what tomorrow brings Alan

  • It's all you Alan, you've worked hard and now you're reaping the rewards, which you so deserve :)

    I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings either :)

  • hi there that's very kind of you but i think like the old saying it take to to tango, its your lovely kindness that you must be giving me each night and if it is i'm in diet to you my friend take care speak to you later Alan

  • If I'm in any way responsible for helping you on your way, then I'm delighted, but I think you're selling yourself short Alan :)

  • hi there i just want to leave you with this quote. A TRUE FRIEND SHOWS LOVE AT ALL TIMES, AND IS A BROTHER OR SISTER WHO IS BORN FOR TIMES OF DISTRESS. and that's where all of you have help me to cope and be reminded that there are some people out there who care. that's how i feel about you my dear friends. Alan

  • kms for today are 11.7 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Fantastic number quin and it's your turn for the first dance ;)

  • Hi Lizzy! 3000 for me. xx

  • Well done Runningsoon :)

  • Wow Lizzie; brilliant number considering the weather.

    The thunder and lightning played havoc with the dogs nerves this morning but still managed 8.3km (wed) even with squelching trainers as I forgot my wellies and the park was like waking through a river.

    We both had a nice warm bath when got home and clocked up more steps by having the ironing pile to do at one end of the room and the ironed stuff at the other; soon adds up when u get one piece at a time and have 3 weeks worth lol ๐Ÿ˜†

    Looking forward to seeing jbj again

  • I'm loving the dedication Ruth, well done you! :)

  • Hi please add 10.98 km for me Wednesday. Thanks

  • With pleasure Mimsta! Lovely number :)

  • Hi. 6.4k for today. Shop stomping again tomorrow. Must admit I'm cheating a bit by buying 4 pints of milk instead of the usual 6! If I carry 6 pints each time I may end up with arms like an orangutan!

  • Fantastic stomping Mrscaw! You won't have bingo wings though :)

  • 9.3 km for me Wednesday.

    now off to sleep. got audits tomorrow at work so have to be in and ready a bit earlier than normal. ๐Ÿ˜ด

  • Smashing number Carpo :) Not so smashing audits :(

  • Maybe I need a step counter. I will look at the weekend.

  • Test every one Aqua, because there are a lot of rubbish ones out there! :)

  • That picture's very Mr D'Arcyish FizzyLiz - eye candy X 2 :D

    What a fab number you clocked up, especially in the wrong shoes. Did they ever do a Wallace and Grommit "The wrong shoes"? :D

    My total today is 17K's, all cycling :)

    Looking forward to Borneo and the orangutans :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    What a fantastic result, well done you! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • Just 4km for me today - weather grim!!

    Gym date at 7.30 tomorrow so let's see what that brings ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You still did well Gill, good luck at the gym :)

  • 11.45km walking for me yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

  • Wow, fab walk Rossbale! :)

  • 10.8 kms today half of which running!!

  • Woohoo Nussaybah! WTG you! You clever old stick! :)

  • Only 4225 steps yesterday, beepin cold, although above picture has helped, thanks Lizzy! โ˜€๏ธ

  • That's definitely a picture to warm the cockles Fran ;)

    All steps are good steps :)

  • 9.95km, if wind resistance added anything to the distance it would be double!! At points it was a battle to make any headway at all, would not have carried on if not doing the challenge!!

  • Lucca10 said exactly the same thing Determined! :)

    Yaay to you and Yaay to the challenge :)

  • For Wednesday I did 1.4 km walking at work. I had a full day of resting and I feel so much better for it :-)

  • Glad you're feeling better T1. :-)

  • That's really good to hear T1, just continue to mind how you go :)

  • Morning all,

    wednesdays figures for me are 4.87km walking and 7km cycling so total for the day is 11.87km

  • Great total kars! :)

  • 5.34 kms yesterday

  • Brill Don :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    My kms for Weds 27th Jan 4.6km, I have set myself a challenge to do more km today on the cross-trainer later. I'll report my km for Thursday later this evening.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Well done mrsg and good luck with the evil instrument of torture, known as the cross-trainer :D

  • 9.1 miles. I'm in London and walked our feet off yesterday. looking forward to

    Lying in the sun on our steamer today!

  • Good grief Florence! It certainly looks as if you did walk your feet off! I hope you're having a smashing time in London :)

  • Hi Lizzy, you managed more than 10k in a working day in wet shoes! Amazing.

    My score yesterday (weds) still on holiday with trainers 10.04k. All walking.

    Have a great day.

  • Great number Gonti and I hope you're still having a great time on your hols :)

  • Finally made it back to the gym after the dreaded bug.

    I managed 8km jogging and cross training. Bit stiff this morning though, could do with one of those Eastern massages.

  • That's great news susymac and a great number :)

    Is that one of those massages that has somebody walking up and down your back?! :o

  • Hi,

    For Wednesday I did 5.6 km. :-D

  • Well done 20Voices :D

  • 10000 steps or 7.05k for yesterday. I suspect the FitBit may have jammed on 10000 steps as I felt it vibrate and still carried on walking afterwards but I'll just go with the figure.

  • That's a pest Lexi! What a waste of K's :(

  • Wednesday; dog walking 1.25km, cycling for work 7km , jogging 2.25km.

  • You had a good day Concerned :)

  • Another 4000 steps for me for yesterday. Have no idea what it is in k's though ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Don't you worry Sopmarfree, you do the walking and FizzyLiz will do the calculations :)

  • Not many yesterday as was out being a good daughter and then sat watching around the world for3 hours so 1056.

  • Every step counts Lizzie :)

  • Is it okay to just join in?? I've only started this week and been walking Monday Wednesday and today, planning to keep to those three days of the week.

    I am usually a stationary sort of person who does no exercise, I have around 6stone to lose!! So I've been driving to the cycle track and the walking for 1hr, I timed 30minites then turned back. Turns out it's a decent distance and so I'm going to stick to that and throw in some light jogging at intervals, like me own couch to 5K because I find the app too intense at the moment.

    Anyway according to my Fitbit on Wednesday I walked 5.8km and 7452steps in 54 minutes and the total across the day was 10070, which shows that outside of planned walks I move very little (desk based job)!!

    Glad to have found this thread as hoping it will help motivate me to keep going!

  • Of course you can join the challenge Fabala - welcome aboard. You will see my daily threads as we travel around the world. And Moreless will always respond to every post.

    I will add your name to the spreadsheet and tot up your kms and the other travellers. Our daily collective target is 501kms and we have about 68 travellers.

    Happy Travel :) :)

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