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Goals and losing weight


Having have a little look at people`s amazing successes I decided to try and do what others do and look at the targets to give me a bit of a push.:-)

I think it may help if I focus on little goals over a certain amount of weeks as I have realized that my total loss over 13 weeks ( i do realize Christmas was in there !) is ten pounds which actually isn`t great progress 0.7 ib a week so think I must step up and push my self more! ;-)

Don`t get me wrong I am very happy to be 10 lbs lighter and fitter with my exercise but know truthfully I could do better and so thought I would put more effort in sticking more strictly to my daily calories.

Sorry was having a little thought process and its such a good place to share! :-)

Do most of you have small manageable goals like half stone in so many weeks etc? Or just focus on the end number wondering what works best? esp as I have about 6/7 stone to lose! :-)

I feel that I will get there (eventually!!) but wondering if plodding with slow loss each week is sensible or try and aim for 1-2 ibs a week!!

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Oh my MM, I've had little goals all the way so far and they stretch right through the year and beyond! :)

Every 1/2st marker, moving down to a different number, 5%, 10%, 15%, going to a special event, visitors, christmas, new year, 12 weeks, 6 months, holiday etc, etc my list is endless!

I picture the occasion, picture the number of pounds I need to lose and go for it!! :)

My weight loss average so far, is just under 2.5lbs/week and I've never starved myself. I eat good, nutritious meals, but I don't eat anything sweet and I don't snack.

I realise that we're all different and that this is just my way of tackling it, but it's working for me :)

Good luck, I'm sure you'll come up with some brilliant goals :)

I might try and focus more like you moreless as you seem to be really on top of how to do it and very focused and I know what I want but get lazy and eat a little too much each day , not badly but not enough of the best choices!! :-)

I will try and get myself used to less in between foods and stick to more routine!!

I think I will try and make my first little goal getting under 17stone which is 7lbs in 4weeks!

Thank you moreless you always give incredible support !!

I am not unhappy as I am moving in the right direction but was thinking about this lots today!!:-)

morelessAdministrator in reply to Midnight-munchie

I've managed to switch my focus off food. In the past, it's been on my mind constantly and it's been a battle to keep on track. The cravings used to control my mood and I hated being on a "diet".

My mindset is completely different this time, because I no longer think of myself as being on a diet, but eating healthily for life. I feel positive and upbeat about everything and am really enjoying my journey.

I think you need to find your happy place and it may be that you're already there, so don't feel under pressure to make your journey the same as someone else's, because that may make you feel inadequate, which most certainly isn't the case :)

i definitely don`t think about dieting anymore which is a huge bonus Hee think its just thinking of ideas to make this journey more doable and actually knowing that if I am really honest with myself I can do better. ;-)

I think also that any loss is great but I dont want to dip into my old ways so was finding ways to refocus I like the idea of half stone goals as that feels very acomplishable (if there is such a word!!)

Thanks moreless one bonus is I am always in quite a happy place Hee!! :-) :-) :-)

morelessAdministrator in reply to Midnight-munchie

We'll be happy Henriettas together :D

Happy getting skinny henriettas :-) haha

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

I think you have done really well.

Thank you so much Aqua for your kind words, u are always supportive to me! :-) :-)

My goals are more the things I want to be able to achieve. My biggest is that I would like to be able to run come spring. It is all a bit fluid though, no set dates or amount or anything.

Maybe it is because I have a lot to lose at the moment, but when I get nearer goal, I will get more focussed!

I know exactly how you feel LTL and I think like you having a lot to lose makes me think its such a long haul that I will do it over time and not set myself stuctured goals, but lately I have felt like I am drifting along a bit .

I think having things you want to achieve is a good idea like running etc and I am certain you will be running by spring :-)

I did set myself a swimming goal to get to 20 lenghts and have happily done that so am looking to 25 lenghts next,

Think I just need to adjust my food a little !!! We can help each other LTL :-)

Thanks MidnightMunchie, you have given me food for thought (yay, no calories in those, lol!). And yes, I will be cheering you on all the way!

We can both cheer eachother! :-)

Hi, I have around the same amount to lose as you and I have broken it down into small chunks otherwise I know I'll get disheartened and give up. Don't be too hard on yourself just think fresh week and plough forwards.

At the moment I'm losing an average of 2lbs a week which I wouldn't go any higher however you must remember everyone's metabolism is different. I allow myself the occasional treat but that is a one off and remember to count everything.

Good luck though you will be fine.

Thanks Kat I think thats great advice and yep I am going to definitely break it into small half stone chunks and then it doesn`t feel so scary !

Think I have been coasting and will try a bit more with food choices so I at least make it a pound or pound and half. :-)

Some really good advice for you there midnight - munchie and if your chosen name indicates a previous nocturnal activity then we have all been there!! I am always thinking about food and gradually I have lost the craving to snack on biscuits either during the evening or any other time, also logging onto this site first thing in the morning really helps as I read through all of the posts, which a) keeps me out of the kitchen and b) gives me the motivation to push on!! Write everything down, count the calories, cut out added sugars and set realistic and achievable targets. Good luck :-) John

Thank you John, you have just reminded me that I haven`t been writing it down for a while and that definitely does help! hee I do try and not be a midnight munchie any more but sometimes at 9pm the munchies take hold!!! So i eat clementines now rather than chocolate!! :-)

Great ideas that help me refocus thanks John :-)


I set mini goals but not a time frame. I enjoyed my food planned ahead if a celebration was coming by saving some daily calories for the special occasion ( Google calorie cycling ).

I weigh in kg. So every 2.2 lbs I dropped a number. .. so motivating to see the numbers getting smaller. My first big goal was to get to from an unhealthy bmi to the healthy range.

And to fit into a dress that my husband bought in my usual size from my favourite shop but I couldn't get it done up!

Basically what I am saying is that it was lots of little goals that demonstrated I was moving in the right direction.

I too focused on getting healthier and eating well. Enjoying what I did eat.

Good luck

Thank you Fab` clothing is always a good indicator and yep my big goal is not being in the bmi obese range , so amgoing to take everyones great advice and try new little ways again to chip a little more away each week than currently :-)

I Need to think of summer and pretty things!!

Hi MM, I think small manageable goals is the way forward and you have brilliant losing 10 lbs already on your journey :-) I aim for 1-2 lbs a week and anything more is a bonus. I gave myself one year to change my life and started with 6-7 stones to lose like you. When my year was up I had lost a total of 90 lbs which has changed my life forever and it all started with this forum and self belief.

However long it takes just know that you will reach your end goal one day and it will all be worth it :-)

asics in reply to trafford1

When I first shared my idea of setting mini health goals on this site, 'sueper' replied "you could change your life in a year." I wrote that quote at the start of my health diary. Named sueper, date 29.12.15.

I love the fact that this was also your goal and you achieved it! Thank you for sharing that. It fuels my motivation.😊

trafford1 in reply to asics

Thank you asics :-) yeah I began on 04/01/2015 17 st 2 lb and my moto has always been to believe in yourself as anything is possible and your worth it. I found my focus and went with it. It hasn't been easy and I have put a lot into this journey, but not once have I ever given up on my dreams. Week after week I have enjoyed being here and love where I am at now. Wishing you a very successful journey :-) remember your in control and you can make a change no matter how long it takes to reach your goals, never give up. Dreams really can come true :-)

Woah Trafford 90 pounds is amazing and really does inspire me especially as you did it over the year, i love the idea of making this year the year that i find me again without feeling self concious! :-)

You have done soooo well ;-)


I am a seasoned yo yo dieter.

I am goal and data driven. I have always set small realistic goals for myself, although I have sometimes found these work against me (if I miss them I can get de-motivated and stop). Ultimately my little realsitic goals only work if my head is in the right place. I start well then my drive and enthusiasm start to fade.

However this new year, after long and careful consideration i have changed my method. I set two longer term realistic weight goals. With some little markers to celebrate along the way (but with no time scale to these).

The main change is i have decided my main focus is my health and my main goal focus are my healthy habits. I will tackle each habit one at a time. Get my healthy habits right and weight loss will be a healthy outcome.

So being a little more mindful of what i ate but not ruling anything out. Personally I cannot count calories not even with apps to help. I just do not have the time to do it properly. I also started by just joining the round the world walking challenge with the aim of doing my 10000 steps per day. So with the food and exercise i have an improved and in case of walking challenge, motivating, backdrop.

Health Goal 1:Give up alcohol for a period until I know I can mostly 'dry' but enjoy a glass or 2 of quality drink on special occasions.

Goal 2: this was all about sleep. Then I got really poorly last week and haven't been able to sleep at all. So I changed it. Goal 2: give up sugar. I am on day 18 being alcohol free and day 4 of sugar free.

This is working for me. My focus is away from restriction and calorie counting and away from definitive weight loss targets.

What I wanted to say with all this is everyone can find the things that works for them, fits their life and their mindset. It will be different for everyone. So it is a really good idea to look at what other people do, maybe try some ideas on for size.

You have done so well to date - 10lbs is a good chunk of weight. Keep going and good luck with all your goals. X

I have mini goals and an overall goal

for instance I have my anniversary at the end of February and if I lose 4lbs (1lb a week) I will reach a unhealthy bmi - cause for celebration! and if I lose 1.5lbs a week I will be 13st 2, and if I am good and lose 2lbs a week I will be 13st - all good choices

my next goal is my holiday at the end of april and again I have set a realistic goal of 1lb a week but for fun I work out the 2lb a week and as long as I hit the 1lb target I will be very happy

overall goal is to get down to 10st but I know when I get there (possibly end of this year or next year) I will be re-evaluating my goal before even thinking about maintance

but I will celebrate every 1/2 stone lost, every st, every new bmi category, every old piece of clothing I can fit into again etc lol

Hi everyone thank you so so much for the wonderful replies it really really helps me :-)

Sometimes it feels like I am drifting along and actually have to refocus what I really want for my life and all the fab ideas really help me !! I love the thought that this is the year i change my health for good! :-) It is so nice to have such solid help on hand.

I have begun again writing my food down as this makes me realize when I am going off track and have my next little ambition to get to the 16`s , my long term goal is to get to a healthy bmi and wear all the gorgeous clothes I cant fit into ! Thanks again for taking time to reply x


I'm settling ng for 1/4lb goals now, having lost 8lbs in recent months, my main celebration is now that my bloating , menopause wise is sorted, due to maca root, so less variables

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