Yes! It might be hard, but it's worth it!

Yes! It might be hard, but it's worth it!

I work well with targets so, since late September, I've been setting myself goals. My current one was to have lost a total of 20lbs by the time I go on holiday next Friday.

Well today I smashed that. With a week to go love lost 21lbs. A stone and a half in 4 months. I'm so happy.

Looking at this photo it seems impossible to image that I've lost all this fat. Should also point out that it's not actually me holding the fat in the photo! Lol i wish!

And, looking good for my holiday aside, I'm no longer obese! I think this is the first time in over about 3 years that I've been able to say that. The best part is it doesn't even really feel like a diet anymore. Long may it continue 😊

Stick in there guys cos I can assure you it feels great!

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11 Replies

  • congrats! that's great news! im so glad that its not feeling like a diet and you are no longer obese!

    you can enjoy your holiday with your head held high! have a great time!

  • Well done you thats fab, hope you enjoy your holiday. x

  • Well done 👍have a great holiday 😁

  • Fantastic. Such a nice feeling indeed. In 20 weeks I have lost 30lbs ( started first week of September) , I am no longer obese, I am approaching the top end of my healthy range and I feel great too so I can totally relate.

    Great achievement and enjoy the feeling!! It will last, and last, and last!! Sometimes you just want to pinch yourself ( or what is left of you haha!)


  • Well done you! What a fantastic result!

  • Congrats on your achievements, I do also like to set targets and when I reach them it's means so much.

    Enjoy your hols and I do like piccies !!!


  • Woo-hoo! Great results - and doesn't that fat look gross?

  • Well done. You're totally on it. Have a great holiday and don't blow it.

    Relax and enjoy. Inspiring.

  • Well done you give us all inspiration & enjoy your holiday

  • Woohoo Ko! WTG you! :)

    I'm a great believer in setting targets too and you've proved that they work! Inspirational! :)

  • Well do you, what a terrific achievement - just shows how much 20lbs is in the photos. I would like to lose a further 21lbs to hit my target weight, so I'm gonna keep these pictures to inspire me. Have a wonderful holiday - you deserve it.

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