Around the world in 80 Days - please post kms/steps/miles for Tuesday 26 January (PART 2)

Around the world in 80 Days - please post kms/steps/miles for Tuesday 26 January (PART 2)

Dear Travellers

We are on Day 32 of our challenge of going round the world in 80 days. And you are doing fabulous πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Yesterday with a few more travellers to check in, we have met our target of 501ks. Your resilience to keep going even when the weather is so awful is fantastic.

Tonight on the steamer, Jon Bon Jovi is belting out some tunes, ice cold Prosecco (my fav fizz) is being served by Ricky Martin's backing singers and Moreless has reserved the first dance with JBJ :D :D


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126 Replies

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  • 3500 for me! xx

  • Well done Runningsoon :)

  • hi there yours steps makes mine look sick well done Alan

  • Evening All, my kms today are 1.41 26th. Looking forward to a splendid evenings entertainment.

  • Good job Marianne :)

    Oh, me too!!! :)

  • Awww, Lucca missing out again 😲???

    😁 go for it, Moreless!!!

    6.2 km from me today, still "resting", but leg feeling better every day 😊

  • It's about time someone else got a look in :)

    Don't fret Elissy, as soon as your leg's sorted out, I'm sure FizzyLiz will book someone special for you :)

    That's an awful lot of K's from someone that's supposed to be resting!! ;)

  • Complete rest is unthinkable when working - and to be honest it doesn't feel too bad. Just won't do any extra at the moment 😏

    Looking forward to feeling better now - wonder who the special guest might be 😍

  • Who would you like it to be? ;)

  • Oh, I'll have to have a think πŸ˜‰

    Got a bit of time before I'll decide and can't broadcast openly or else Lucca might catch wind,........ 😁

  • LOL!! :D :D :D

  • Someone mention jon😍Bon😘Jovi😜.❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

    It's ok guys, I've had a moment and my wobbly legs have returned to normalπŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    Anyway stats for the last couple of days( sorry I'm not getting here daily, πŸ™„my school report always I should try harderπŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    23/1 5.72

    24/1 4.79

    25/1 7.54

    Good luck to you allπŸ˜€πŸŒΆ

  • Should have said, no Kms for todayπŸ™„ This silly old fool forgot to change her gadget to wake modeπŸ˜† Been going great guns all day, then checked my steps only to find I'd been asleep for 17+ hoursπŸ€”

  • What a silly billy ;)

  • Here's a big reminder for you jal, we need wednesday's and today's now, please!!! :D

  • Ah, a woman after my own heart :)

    Thanks for all the K's, they're great :)

  • No thing from me on a Tuesday it is workshop day

  • Thanks for letting us know Aqua :)

  • He just gets better with age lol!

    Steps for today 4592, and yesterday's was 4118. Not going to try to post that on yesterday's thread as it seems to glitch more the bigger the thread gets!!

    Not managing much this week still feeling rough and my sons walking the dog, so just what steps I'm doing at work then curling up with a blanket and ibuprofen when I get home. think I'll go for the hot toddy instead of the prosecco β˜€οΈ

  • Oh you poor thing Fran! It's just miserable when you're like that. I'm surprised at the number of steps you're still clocking up :)

  • Evening everyone!

    Apols I have not logged yesterday or today yet.

    Still very poorly but now have antibiotics.

    I did eat a bit more today too so perhaps I have started to mend...will be fit for a dance soon I hope!

    Monday 25th 2.2km

    Tuesday 26th 3.9km

    Can't wait to be well again and have some prosecco - normally my favourite too when am not dry. 😊

    Have fun ladies! X

  • get well soon its horrid being sick

  • Let's hope those antibiotics kick in soon asics, this has been dragging on now :(

    Well done for managing to still clock up the K's :)

  • Yoohoo Asics! We need wednesday's and today's totals now please :D

  • Oh my Lord!! Tonight's the night! Thank goodness I put my squeeze everything in undies on! Thank you FizzyLiz, I'll be your best friend forever :)

    Siigghhh..............................aaaahhhhhh!!!!! ;)

  • 2.2km today save some prosecco for me πŸ˜€xx

  • We certainly will Claire :)

  • 8.71 km for me today, almost took off at times due to high winds.

  • Oh my gosh Determined, I know exactly what you mean! It was wild!

    Well done for the K's, how did you manage to measure them vertically? :)

  • Lol, it was a challenge

  • I'll bet! ;)

  • Evening fellow travellers

    What a dreadful day here, the weather coupled with really stiff legs after a new reformer pilates class last night I have only clocked up 3.3 km today. Tomorrow will be a quiet day too, so I am going to declare in print that Thursday will be cross-trainer day to try and up my total. Good luck with JBJ moreless, I'm not going to fight you for him.

  • Oh dear mrsg, the forces were conspiring against you :o

    If I declared a cross-trainer day, I'd be clocking up 3 steps!! I cannot use those things, they're absolute killers, so good luck to you! :)

    All K's are good K's mrsg :)

    Thanks, I'm going to have a ball! :D

  • 3.6 Km for me today, save me a drink too! I have calories spare x

  • Well done you for being so organised as saving calories Britdiane, we will definitely save you a drink :)

    Good K's! :)

  • Hello Britdiane, can you give us wednesday's total with today's please :)

  • Ooooh, prosecco, yummy! Just what I need after trekking 10.1 kms today in wellies.....again! Roll on summer 😎

  • Oh you definitely deserve a prosecco after that Bu-dog! :)

    Spring will do..............hopefully :)

  • Only 4.2km today. Sorry everyone.

  • K_o_g! Why are you sorry? You've done nothing wrong! If this is about your K's, I'd like you to read through the thread and see the number of K's that are being clocked. Your number is totally average and totally fab!! :)

  • 4.4kms for me.

  • Well done Phil :)

  • Ooh! Jon Bon Jovi and prosecco! What more could anyone ask for 😁

    My exercise today was a little lacking but I've had a fab couple of days with my lovely mum and spent a lot of time in Next and the Range today (shame about the weather or we would have had a long walk). Back to work tomorrow πŸ˜”

    Steps today 4202.

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • I'm so pleased that you and your mum have had a good time Nic :) Now you can have a fab night with Jon Bon Jovi and prosecco :)

    Well done for doing all that walking around the shops ;)

  • hi everyone i did 20km today

  • WOOHOO! Wow prettylady, what on earth have you been up to??!! :)

  • 10594 steps -26th

    17094 -25th


  • Hello Walkie, this is a nice surprise :)

    Fantastic number of steps, I can see this is going to be a match made in heaven :)

    Welcome aboard, be prepared for lots of fun :)

  • Hi all, 7.1km for Monday for me.

    I would ask jbj to save s slow dance to "always" for me but wouldn't want moreless to miss out. I'll happily sit at the bar with my fizz and drool πŸ˜€πŸΈ

  • Aww Ruth, for being such a sweetheart, I'll happily share and let you have a slow dance :)

    Great number too! :)

  • 6.1k for me :)

  • Good job RAF_girl, did you manage to unchain yourself from your desk?

  • hello folks. 5.1km walking today for me. Was going to try running again but the combination of the weather and my aches got the better of me...

  • Yep, that sounds more than sensible to me rainshine :)

    A 5.1K walk was just perfect! :)

  • 6.5 miles for me today.

  • Florence, you're such a super walker :)

  • 16km for me today all walking requests It's my life from Bonjovi please

  • Great number Prin, as usual :)

    Great choice! :)

  • Did 6 km today; much of it in the pool

  • My reply to you has vanished Frankie!! :o

    Great swimming! :)

  • ...well - did a 3 k - stomped out in the rain. Missed BJV - hmmmm- will pay ore attention next time

  • Not to worry Suzy, with a bit of luck there'll be a repeat performance from JBJ :)

    Great stomping :D

  • hi there Lizzy only 833 steps done today Tuesday 26/01/16, was recovering from yesterday take care hope your ok Alan xx

  • Well done Alan πŸ‘

  • many thanks not to good today paying for over doing it yesterday

  • Build it up slowly Alan. At least you are thinking positive πŸ˜‰

  • hi there your right but i've only got two speeds slow and slower take care Alan

  • Remember Alan, every step counts :)

  • hi there your right every little helps many thanks Alan

  • 5894 steps today, slight improvement on yesterday πŸ˜”

  • Well done Chris, slight improvements all add up and in next to no time, you find yourself running marathons! ;)

  • Hi, just 2.5k for me today as had Pilate's class (and no stomp to the shops!)

  • It's amazing the difference the stomping makes Mrscaw! ;)

  • Yay it's 7.55 kms for me 😊😊😊

  • Woohoo Lizzie! Have you been dragging that desk of yours around again? ;)

  • 7kms walking 1 km swimming for Tuesday

  • Well done Nussaybah :)

  • Oh nice, I do like Jon Bon Jovi :) 8.85km for Tuesday 26th January

  • You and me both keep-on :)

    Great number! :)

  • Morning,

    3.90km walking and 9.11km cycling so total for monday 13.01km.

  • Wow kars, that fantastic :)

  • Thought I had posted but can't see it:(.

    So this is just a repost - ignore if you have the data.

    Gym and steps total - 12.97km

    A poor gym effort but the cycling clocks up the Km's.

  • I can't see another post Gill, so I'm guessing the first has vanished into the ether, with hundreds of others. It's so annoying, isn't it?! :(

    Fantastic number though - exercise bikes are brill! :)

  • Please save the second one for me!! I need it after this yucky virus ..... but you might have to wake me up!! One of the symptoms is wanting to sleep a lot due to horrible lethargy!!😠😠 still 4000 steps . I'm hoping to be feeling better by the weekend 😷😴😳😫

  • I hope your dance with JBJ woke you up and made you feel heaps better, sopmarfree :)

    Well done for still managing to walk about though :)

  • 2.9 kms for Tuesday.

  • Good for you Don :)

  • 7,25

  • Great number diadhuit :)

  • Oops! I posted in thread 1 last night... This one wasn't showing! Flipping slow site :/

  • I echo those sentiments Kate :X

  • For Tuesday I managed

    10.46 km bike /rollers

    6.05 km ( 8839 steps )

  • Woohoo Angie, that's fabulous! :)

  • 15927 steps or 12.01k

    Plus 24.25k spin class / bike in gym

    Total: 36.26k

    It took a bit of effort to get there yesterday. I'm aching in places I didn't realise existed and I thought by now I might have discovered them all but apparently not!

  • Good grief Lexi, I'm surprised bits didn't fall off, never mind ache!! WTG you! :)

  • Getting used to a spin bike saddle isn't easy - why do they make them SO uncomfortable?!

  • I feel the same way about all saddles!

    I think for the spin bikes, isn't it necessary, or desirable for you to be standing on the pedals?

    I have to admit to not being an expert :)

  • Standing up cycling expends more energy so I guess in a spin setting it burns more calories but then the instructor does sprints and seated climbs - in my classes the split is about 1/3 standing 2/3 seated. I obviously just need to take a cushion in with me πŸ˜…

  • Get some padded shorts. There's nothing worse than being sore and it's really distracting!

  • 3.6 km for me for Tuesday.

  • Well done 20Voices :)

  • Tuesday just 1.06 km for me but I'm making up for it today.

    Have a great day everyone 😊

  • All K's are good K's veganista, can't wait to hear what today will bring :)

  • Hi everyone

    8.6km for me Tuesday. Thanks

  • Great number Mimsta :)

  • 7.8 km for me. Ended up taking the dog out even though I said I was having a day off. We have 3 options for walk that we normally take. One is just over 3 km, one is just over 4 km and the last one is 7 km. When we got to where we decide between 4 and 7 km the dog ran off down the road for the 4 km. He normally stops and looks at me to see where I want to go, but yesterday he made the decision, lol.

  • Hahaha, the dog obviously had been looking forward to a day off too! :D

    Still a fab number :)

  • I know, he did want to go out as he asked me for a walk with his big brown eyes, but he did not fancy the long walk, lol.

  • They're funny creatures aren't they! :)

    Btw, loving the profile pic :)

  • Thank you. I needed something different from the standard ones :) Did anyone pick up my km for Monday btw? Just noticed no one had responded to it, so was unsure if it has been noted down.

    If not I did 14.4 km Monday(the reason the dog was knackered yesterday, lol)

  • Oh no, I'm so sorry! Is it still there, some of the posts have vanished. I feel awful now and shall dash off to find it! :(

  • 20.07km for tues

  • Woohoo Darren, you're rocking it! :)

  • Morning...i thought i had left a post but it seems to have gone walkies!

    I love Jon Bon Jovi πŸ’œπŸ’œ....might have to wrestle the first dance off you Moreless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Anyway kms for Tuesday are 8.4....didnt get out for a walk with the stormy weather but managed 5k on gym treadmill.

    Have a good day all πŸ˜€

  • Too late quin, I've already had the first dance and many more with JBJ :D

    You're not the first to have a post vanish off the face of the earth, unfortunately :(

    Yep, that weather was a bit dire, but you still clocked up a great number :)

  • Thanks Moreless...still jealous about JBJ though πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • Hi everyone,

    Only 2kms for Tuesday. Not brilliant but there ya go, that's all I've done :)

  • As you know qd, all K's are good K's :)

  • Tuesday; 1.4km dog walking, 6.3km cycling for work

  • Very nice Concerned :)

  • Don't think I have posted my steps for Tuesday but I do lose track anyway 5.51Km for me

  • Thanks jenni and well done :)

  • 15.7km....delighted!!!! :)

  • WOOHOO Cazmaz! Me too! That's a stonking number!! WTG you! :)

  • Hi for Tuesday I did 8.4 km walk and 8 k run :-)

  • Wow T1, that's fantastic!! WTG you! :)

    Hope your back's ok :)

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