Back ~ 'Trierisme' is 'trying' ~ Again

Hello everyone, well after a long absence, where I've gained more weight, I'm turning to people on here to for encouragement to set me off on another battle. Now weighing nearly 18 stone, recently diagnosed diabetic and recently diagnosed high BP ( God sounds / is depressing ) I'm ready to give it another go. I have my first appointment at the Adult Weight Management Clinic ( first in Wales ) next month and I'm really hoping they can help me on my way. Today is my first day eating healthier, please wish me luck as I'm scared of failing and staying a debilitated, obese shadow of my former self.


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6 Replies

  • Hi Trierisme,

    Welcome back to the forum and it's good to see you back after a while away.

    Please do join in our Monday weigh-in group if you fancy it - it's still going strong and has many more contributors than when you were last on the site - it's really grown and it's a supportive and friendly group. You'd be very welcome if you fancied being a part of it.

    You've had a couple of diagnoses to come to terms with, and I hope you're coping ok with those, but tackling your weight should help with both, so it's great that you're planning on eating healthier.

    Wishing you the very best on your weight loss journey, and hope you enjoy the next few weeks, and see some successes. Hopefully today will be the highest you'll weigh, and you'll be losing weight and feeling better as time goes on.

    Wishing you a great first week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply, reading your encouraging & positive words has given me a lift, I'm going to read them tonight when I get my usual craving to eat, as I know it will help...... I will do the weigh in too, what do we do ?

  • Hi Trierisme,

    Great to hear you'd like to join in the weigh-in. I'll send you this link to the Morning Session of the recent Monday weigh-in, so you can see how it works (the explanation is in the first part of the thread), and then you can see what people said in their posts and how they are getting on - some very inspiring posts and some amazing weight loss achievements - particularly LotsToLose and Moreless - they have lost phenomenal amounts recently. It's not all about total weight loss, as slow and steady is important, but it can be so brilliant to celebrate when people achieve significant goals.

    Here's the link anyway, and if you want to join in next Monday, then you just need to look out for the thread (there is a Morning Session, and an Afternoon/Evening Session, so choose whichever suits you best) - the morning one is posted just before 7am and the Midday one is at noon or thereabouts.

    Alternatively you could 'follow' me, and then you'd be notified automatically of when I post the threads.

    Have a great evening and a lovely week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • They need to impress on you the importance of controlling (not eliminating) your carbohydrate intake. Try to eat no more carbohydrate than your body uses from your glycogen reserves each day; 100g-140g for most people. The best sources include peas, beans from dry, lentils, sweetcorn, sweet potato, yam, bulgur wheat, quinoa, barley, whole-oats, barely-ripe banana, dried apricots (preservative free) and milk.

    Follow a balanced, real-food diet, not a low-fat diet.

  • Hi this is only my second week dieting & I must admit the forum is really helping me! I was told recently that I'm borderline diabetic so i decided it was time to lose the weight. I know how you feel about "failing" I'm sure we all feel that way at the beginning. Keep browsing the posts because there is so much inspiration to keep you on track. Hope the weight management programme helps you. Good luck :)

  • Welcome back. I am new to forum, only recently started and finding help and encouragement here all the time. I'm hopeful I can do it. Steady and slow if need be, just to get the weight off, to still be able to live and socialise, to make better choices and to get fit and well. Good luck x

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