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Good foods vs bad foods?

Shock findings suggest that there is no such thing as a generic fattening food, it depends on the body of the person eating it. Read about it here: bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-351... "Trust me I'm a doctor" on the BBC will discuss this tomorrow night or you can see it on i-Player.

I guess we who try to eat in a healthy way work this out for ourselves to some extent: we find out by trial and error what works for us and what hinders our weight loss.

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My husband has been stuffing his face with chocolate for the sat three weeks and has lost weight ( he has been not well) and I know that would be a stone if I did it.

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Yet, there was something on the other day, saying that a little dark choc can also be an appetite suppressant. It obviously doesn't work in the face of more chocolate, of course... ☺


Fascinating! Thanks for that. I have set my TV box to Record.


Highly interesting! Thank you for sharing :)


Wow Carolee! I can't wait to watch the programme.

Thanks for this :)


Hi Carolee,

This is a really interesting article, thanks for sharing, and I am looking forward to watching the programme tomorrow night - I've enjoyed all the episodes so far.

Hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Lowcal :-)


Of course i know about good and bad foods Aditi, but is it really as black and white as that?

BTW, it's a shame your list doesn't distinguish between good and bad, which could be confusing to others reading the thread. I personally eat red meat at least once a week as it's a good source of iron.


Fascinating that the same foods don't affect people the same - how some fruit spiked her blood sugar but didn't affect her colleague. And great that in years to come we may be able to send a sample and they send us foods to avoid and include to make our insides more efficient and healthy. I know some people swear by probiotic drinks to avoid coughs/colds and are never sick. And I can down these drinks all day and yet seem to leap up to catch every germ in my county. I wonder if having a healthier inside can help stop people getting all the yucky lurgies that are about? I think it's all dead interesting!!


Or it could be that they've already been exposed to those bugs in earlier months and years, caught loads of colds back then, and are now immune.

Stress - whether from work or personal life - is also a huge factor in why some people seem to catch every illness going. Stress increases the cortisol hormone in your body, and that interferes with the working of your immune system (and pretty much everything else, too!). Exercise has been shown to be an excellent way of neutralising the cortisol - as is doing fun things that relax you and de-stress you.

The only supplement that research has shown to be any good in preventing coughs and colds is zinc - and then only for young children. The rest of us are advised that a good balanced diet is all that we need for a healthy immune system, and everything else is a waste of money. It'll probably be different next week, though... ☺


Fascinating, yeah.


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