What's wrong with me ?

I weigh myself 4 Jan 16 and am determined to loss weight, as I know if I don't my life will be shortened. So why even though I know this can I not seemed to loss weight.

I have been good. Cut out all chocolate, reduced wine to only a bottle from Friday night until Sunday evening dinner. 4 glasses a week. No cakes,biscuits or goodies. Watching my fat intake and carbs.

I can not do much excerises as Bobby won't allow. Breathing becomes an issue and knees won't support running at all.

Any advice welcome. Feeling very low. :(


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8 Replies

  • Are you eating enough? Not eating enough will just halt things,you need to check thyroid etc if still not losing soon.

    Go online and check how many cals you need for your current bmi, take things easy and research

  • Hi Lyn63, sorry your feeling so low! Maybe you aren't eating enough coz your body can go into starvation mode & think - it's a famine!! I need to store fat! Hope things change for you soon! Good luck :)

  • Here's the thing, it's hard to lose weight, it's hard to stay on a diet, and exercise sucks' If any of this were easy we would all weigh less and be healthy.So how badly do you want it ? You have to decide and stop making yourself miserable. If you decide to do it you will have to out smart yourself, don't make excuses, and don't give up. If you fall off, get back on.. It's what we all do. Think you have to have that bag of chips? Ok, you can have them, but first take your clothes off, stand in front of a mirror, and ask yourself if you need those chips. This is war, but one we can win. Never give up. I would like to know how you do, I hope you'll let me know. Go get em tiger. oh and eat food, give up wine until you figure out what it takes for your body to lose.

  • Oh dear it's so hard i know, I keep trying go forward a bit then slip back. So I do understand a little. My best advice is follow a plan, plan your week right down each day's meals snack drinks, add up the calories, don't cheat then just tick them off as you go. And read the last reply it has helped me. Good luck .

  • Thanks I'll do that. I'll keep posting and I'll be honest.

  • If you calories in are less than your calories out you will lose weight. I had the same problem and found that I was substituting chocolate for bigger portions. I would recommend really watching the calories - I use the app My Fitness Pal. It will at least give you a baseline of how much you are eating

  • Alcohol is a depressant; have you considered not having any until you have things sorted and feel happier?

  • Successful weight loss over time may well not be linear... I've told this story before of starting a weight loss regime with my husband years ago. In the first four weeks he lost loads of weight, I lost nothing at all. However, he gave up a few weeks after that because he didn't have the intrinsic motivation and needed results to keep him going - he had that 'this is hard, exercise is hard' attitude. I carried on and achieved my goal... it did take two years, a year longer than I had intended (and at that point I was too unwell to exercise).

    Most of us have a slightly rebellious streak so thinking of 'being good' is fraught with problems. It's not 'naughty' to have a glass of wine... or even a bottle of wine drunk over a few days... when you are trying to lose weight but the enjoyment you get from it may not be worth the effort to you of working round it to achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals. You will be the best judge of that - similarly other things you enjoy eating.

    Now, if you were to be here in 6-8 weeks time saying you'd weighed and you'd measured and you'd not gone above your calorie limit appropriately set for you and still nothing... then it might be time for questions.

    So whilst you are trying to be patient, perhaps look for some ways to make this more fun. Can you share that bottle of wine with someone and use a smaller glass for yours so your mind still feels you are having a glass of wine but you are consuming fewer calories? Can you treat yourself to some food which won't challenge your calorie limit too much but would feel special to you? Or even better, treat yourself to something non-food - it is daffodil time and you can get two bunches for £1 each in lots of places which feels really sumptuous and is lovely and bright in a gray January. Or lovely smelling soap or body lotion with a smell *you* find uplifting.

    Good luck, you can do this and importantly you can feel better than you do now.

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