Weight Loss NHS

Week 2

End of Week1:

10,848 calories (1550/day).

Activity 539 minutes (77/day)

Strength exercises 30 minutes

Weight loss 3lb

Waist change 0

27 weeks and 51lbs to go

Not too bad overall, even through I had less than the 1900cal/day. I had a close encounter with some coffee liqueur and 2 glasses of wine, but I've now cut down on nuts (256cal/handfull) and cheese and chips, never realised they were so high in calories. Running at the gym improving, up to 7.2kph now. I have to watch my joints after 5 operations on my legs!

Blood Pressure 151/87 up on 130/85 at the start. But I had to come off the blood-pressure tablets because of side-effects, hence the weight has to come off instead.

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I have been on BP tablets too although mine is very high.

I didn't get on with my first lot of medication so they changed it to a slightly more expensive one.


I found that I could not stay warm. I was on them for two years. 2 of my grandparents died from strokes in their 50's, so I have to get this sorted soon (58 this year)


Felt some strange movements in my gut while lying in my bed last night. Like lots of small explosions and minor movements?


Hello FB

Would you be interested in joining the 'Around the World in 80 Days' exercise challenge? All you need to do is post your kms/steps/miles recorded for the day and do that every day. Its a fun challenge and you get to visit some amazing places.

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