Week 2

End of Week1:

10,848 calories (1550/day).

Activity 539 minutes (77/day)

Strength exercises 30 minutes

Weight loss 3lb

Waist change 0

27 weeks and 51lbs to go

Not too bad overall, even through I had less than the 1900cal/day. I had a close encounter with some coffee liqueur and 2 glasses of wine, but I've now cut down on nuts (256cal/handfull) and cheese and chips, never realised they were so high in calories. Running at the gym improving, up to 7.2kph now. I have to watch my joints after 5 operations on my legs!

Blood Pressure 151/87 up on 130/85 at the start. But I had to come off the blood-pressure tablets because of side-effects, hence the weight has to come off instead.


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  • I have been on BP tablets too although mine is very high.

    I didn't get on with my first lot of medication so they changed it to a slightly more expensive one.

  • I found that I could not stay warm. I was on them for two years. 2 of my grandparents died from strokes in their 50's, so I have to get this sorted soon (58 this year)

  • Felt some strange movements in my gut while lying in my bed last night. Like lots of small explosions and minor movements?

  • Hello FB

    Would you be interested in joining the 'Around the World in 80 Days' exercise challenge? All you need to do is post your kms/steps/miles recorded for the day and do that every day. Its a fun challenge and you get to visit some amazing places.

    Latest threads;



    Liz :) :)

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