Over half of me is fat!!!!

Ok...so I brought some more scales as I had stopped the weighing game. Pretty good deal from argos at £8.99 as they do body fat and water levels(??). Got a huge shock when it told me that my body fat is 58%!!! OMG over half of my body is pure fat!

I Googled body fat percentages and it nearly made me cry. LOTS of dangerous health implications.

What the heck am I doing to my poor body?! I have to stop...NOW. I've faffed about and been half-hearted about calories, exercise etc but refuse to any more.

I don't know how I'm going to beat my night time eating demons, which I think is my major downfall as I can be golden all day.

Its back to weighing everyday now. I reckon overkill is the way forward. I've downloaded 3 different excel sheet weight trackers and a body imager to show me what I really look like (that was a shock aswell!!) as I avoid the mirror as much as possible,...well full length ones anyway. I've put the links in if its any use to anyone else.





GOT TO DO THIS...or I will probably peg out alot earlier than I want :(

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  • Oh dear! These new scales sound a bit frightening :-) I just checked my body fat % and it came back as 45%? I suppose if you allow for a normal percentage of body fat then I have to lose about a third of my bodyweight ? I think this would be a bit drastic and the figure I would say would be to lose around half of that amount. So don't think you have to lose half of your bodyweight. Good luck in resisting all those night time eating demons, perhaps eat your evening meal later? John

  • Yeah...just worked out and for 25% bf I'll need to shift just over a third. My bmi is 38...so lots to do!

  • one step at a time, one pound at a time, you can do it :-)

  • OK breathe.... don't look back and just focus on setting yourself the next target. I think the plan to lose 0.5-1kg per week is really achievable so you should start feeling happier and healthier soon!

  • Thx. I need to get rid of 5stone...even then I'll be just out of healthy bmi.

  • It goes 0.5kg at a time...

  • Hi and welcome fatty :) (in future, I shall call you f, as I don't think such a derogatory pseudonym is very helpful to you :) )

    I'm going to give you some links to :)

    1. Welcome Newbies thread


    2. Current monday group weigh-in thread


    3. Current exercise motivator thread


    I needed to lose nearly 9 stone to reach healthy BMI. I've lost 3.5 so far. If I can do it, so can you :)

    All the best :)

  • Thanks! The name was when I was feeling pretty poor about myself but hey....

    Thanks for the links..the welcome is great leading to more links. Its abit of a minefield looking for info so having it all in oneish place is great.

    I'm defo gonna do the Monday weigh in and hopefully that will keep me on track more. Onwards and downwards!

  • Have you posted today on the monday weigh-in?

  • Just missed it but will do for next monday.:)

  • The thread's still open, because the stats haven't been done yet. Please feel free to post :)

  • Hi F,

    I am hoping you are one of the girls, because we do have healthy higher fat percentage. Have you googled what healthy fat levels for women your age and height are? It might mean you don't feel so bad about the 58%. Not looking it up and relying on my dodgy memory, I think we are allowed between 25 and 33%. Don't mind being told I am wrong just hope it helps.

    We all have "Oh I am so fat" moments in our pasts. That is probably why we started here. I am ashamed of all of mine, but the one where the surgeon told me I was now too fat for the trial was the one that really shook me, even more than the photo at work that showed me my new suit didn't hide the fact that I would easily make 2 of the man the same height standing next to me. OK, he was skinny, but still!

    Just organise yourself into starting and then keep going. Once you lose even 5% of your total weight, you will find that a lot of the health benefits start. And you will have proved to yourself that you can do it. So have a good look at the NHS healthy diet info and use all these tools, like food diaries and the great support on here. You're not on your own, we are all on the same journey so we can help each other. So chin up and get organised.

  • I wouldn't mind 25% so i think it works out as about a third I have too lose which sound a hell of alot better than 58%!

  • Yes, I have similar scales! They tell me I'm less fat if I step on them with wet feet, and if I accidentally step on my OH's setting, I'm only 30% fat (I'm more than 50% on my own setting). First target is to get to less than 50%.

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