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Belly Fat

Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I am 55 and want to lose 2 stone to sit in the mid range of my recommended BMI. However, most of my extra weight sits around my middle the result of eating badly in the past and hormones. Since following the NHS plan I have lost some weight but not from my middle. Is there any way I can target belly fat? It is very unsightly and I am concerned about the health implications.

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Good morning. I have the same problem, I am 53, 12 stone 11 and was always 10 stone until the dreaded menopause happened. I need to loose weight for health reason's...and because I don't like how I look any more. I have joined today, which I also did a year ago then gave up as I lost weight too quickly and looked and felt ill. SO here I am again! would love to have a buddy as I really want to make lasting change's x


I don't think that you can really target fat in that way. I know that hormones and stress can make people gain weight around the middle but I don't know of any way of reducing fat just in that area.


I agree ive got it too in the middle...really bad..but ive lost an inch stick to diet.and its more comfortable wen seated.but must amit its very slow moving.infact very hard.i thought it would come off there first but not possible..any suggestions ..i would love to know how to reduce it tooxx


I agree that's is hard to target. Fat lo


Alcohol and fructose go directly to the liver to be processed, where any excess emanates as fat. Think foie-gras, where the poultry eat corn (from which High Fructose Corn Syrup - HFCS can also be derived).

Table sugar is half fructose, half glucose for example.

This central visceral fat then disrupts insulin receptors, making us insulin resistant. That means our body's cells become less sensitive to the effects of insulin, and we produce more and more; insulin causes fat deposition and inhibits fat 'burning'. Central adiposity is a symptom, and some people go on to develop type 2 diabetes. Excess insulin is a greater risk to health than diabetes (see the ACCORD study).

Keeping carb intake to between 100g and 140g per day of low fructose, low Gi carbs, allows us to replenish any glycogen used without exacerbating the condition. An excess of protein can easily be turned to glucose too (glucose spikes insulin/IGF-1).

A sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables and natural fat are relatively inert.


Brillant answer im so glad im dieting could of ended up with diabeties ...i think it was a close call...with the way mine was getting really big....its going down now but slowly still needs alot of work...but i can bath now and reach taps wer as bfore couldnt reach at all with this problem...xx


Hi Thank you concerned for your reply it makes sense to me. I have cellulite lumps on my stomach where ive laid down the fat. I am now radically changing my diet to exclude all processed and refined foods. Watch this space!


Thanks, Concerned, for a really useful post.


Good luck to all and I am happy to join anyone as a slimming buddy but I am 58 and have somewhat more to lose than those on this chat so far, so journey will be somewhat longer before I will be able to contemplate weight maintenance. X


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