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Weigh in week 11

Hi all,

I can report a small loss this week of 3/4 of a lb. Not amazing but not bad as I have been after bread all week. I've had a crap week at work and been really hungry with stress. This week I am going to write EVERYTHING down that goes in my chops!!! So I am a total of 1 stone 2 3/4lbs down from beginning the NHS plan and plus another 2 stone I lost previously.

Hope to have a good loss this week. I'm on week 8 of c25k too so it's all good!

Have a great week everyone!

Elsie xxx

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Very well done on loosing 3/4 lb this week considering you ate wrong. I know you expected more but it is still a loss. You sound very positive. Keep going and well done in loosing so much weight! :)


Hi Elsie,

Congratulations on losing 0.75 pound this week, that's really good - especially as you described this week as a challenging one, as you were after bread all week, and you have had stress at work.

Great that you're enjoying the C25K, and hope you have another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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I reckon it's the dark and the cold and the post Christmas doldrums. Was really struggling too, till I turned up the heating 2 degrees, doubled my lean protein and veg intake. Planned before I ate. But it took me 2 weeks of overeating but writing it down, and a couple of lbs on, before it came home that overeating was not the way to lose lbs. Onwards and downwards!


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