Someone, please call 9-1-1

My self-control has been shot down!! I don't know what's happened today but I am sooooo nibbly! I actually gave in and had a coke zero! So much for CLEAN living :(

I picked up a Cadbury and thankfully put it down and in its place had a Whitworth's orange shot! The thing is I can't figure out what's causing this!! Really feeling tortured....


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11 Replies

  • Poor you, get out for a walk, start knitting, post some more on this site - try not to give in. Easier said than done though!

  • Try to relax and remember it's okay to cheat once in a while now and then. You can't blame yourself for wanting something. If you don't eat something and you deprive yourself, you might want that thing more.

  • you say" I actually gave in and had.......a diet coke"! How i wish that's what I have when I give in! I have chocolate and cakes which is a Hell of a lot worse! I am not trivialising how you feel, just putting it into perspective for you so you don't feel too rubbish about yourself. It's normal to cheat and you can't be an angel allthe time.. ssounds like you are doing amazing 99.99 of the time, so, as the saying goes"its not the falling down that's tough, it's the getting back up again!" Good luck and keep up the good work!!

  • I have Diet Coke because I'm diabetic. I also drink water and tea.

  • So true. The getting back on the horse that I am too heavy to ride IS the difficulty. Thanks for the words of encouragement

  • sorry ... that makes things tougher I am sure...

  • I have been the same just want to eat things that are yummy!!! :-)

    No help I`m afraid but so you know you are not alone!!

  • You have completed 3 weeks and only one bad day - that's good. So don't beat your self up - tomorrow is another day. So pick your self up and dust yourself down and have a fresh start 😃😉

  • I was just feeling so restless - to the fridge, nibble, to couch over and over! What an unsettling day! How has your week been I hope it was a lot better than last week! Xx

  • Yes this week much better, managed the gym three times:)

    Had a couple of cheats but on the whole pretty good. Also a very clean house:). Spent most of weekend cleaning (a deep clean).

    Here's to next week 😊X

  • We all have those eat crap days, it's passed!

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