Weight loss and BMI

Hi, this is my first time posting a comment etc. I am on a weight loss programmed, since January 16th and doing quiet well. I am overweight 21st and trying with God's help to lose that ridiculous amount of weight.

I know how it spiraled out of control in the first place.

Since then i have made some lifestyle changes , and doing quiet well. I am confused however with the BMI, as it seem to fluctuate, i am looking to see it come down every week, but i guess it doesn't work that way.

The weight comes down, but the BMI goes up and down. I know its no quick fix, and i am prepared to not just lose weight, but to make this a lifetime habit of eating right, but the BMI confuses me. Can anyone explain how the BMI works?


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6 Replies

  • Hi, well done you on consistent weight loss, I'm as confused as you regards the BMI, my understanding was that provided your height remained consistent any reduction in weight should result in a positive effect on BMI. It has done with me so far 🤔

  • BMI is your weight divided by your (height x height), so unless your height has changed, your BMI changes with your weight change; weight comes down BMI goes down, weight goes up BMI goes up.

  • In relation with the BMI, I was wondering if it has to be recalculated as I lose weight? And therefore lower my calorie intake?

  • That's correct Mary.

  • Your BMI should come down every time you lose weight. Make sure you use the same measuring website all the time. I use an app on my phone and I was in the severely mobidly obese range. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I fell into the overweight range. Felt fantastic...... Don't worry too much about weight. Log it once a month but keep an eye on it weekly. Just make sure the trend is downwards. Go by how you feel in yourself and how clothes feel to you too.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for that, but i weigh every 3 months at my local clinic. That way i know i am correct. My blood pressure that was constantly high, also came down drastically.

    I have had people saying to me, they are a bit worried with my BP. as its so low, when i checked earlier this month it was 117/78 pulse 81.

    That is great for me, as its never been stable in years. I will be weighing on the 5th of August. My last weight was 19st 04Ib, and am quiet excited to know what my next weigh will be.

    I am aiming to get to 17st, and although my ideal weight is 12st, I will just see how i get on. I love listening, and talking to you. Good luck to you too. speak soon.

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