Vibration Plates - Anyone tried one?

Hi everyone,

I am seriously considering purchasing a vibration plate (the one you stand on not the one with the belt from the Dick Emery sketch). The reviews on Amazon and Argos are pretty much all positive and you can pick one up for about £100.

I am wondering if any of you guys have tried one and what you think?

I don't think it is really gonna help with weightloss (despite some of the claims) but it does seem to make a difference with toning. As many of you will know I started out needing to lose over 13 stones and I am now nearly 5 stones down. But having a lot to lose means areas of loose skin and general flabbiness. To be honest so far I have been pretty luck but it is something I wish to minimise.

I am concerned it'll just be something else gather in dust so would love to know if anyone has seen some good results using one.

I am still keeping up with my walking which tones my legs but finding it hard to motivate myself to do anything else.

Your thoughts are welcome :)


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45 Replies

  • I have no personal experience I'm afraid Sueper, but am very curious to hear other people's reviews.

    I've just acquired a rowing machine, primarily to deal with bingo wings, which are so bad now, they're virtually blowing in the wind! :o

    A vibration plate would be so much easier! :D

  • Ha ha! I have a wing problem too - they seriously need clipping :D

    I found a little machine on Argos to help with them for only £20 but again I'm not sure. I do love my sofa and find using any of these things a challenge (because I'm so lazy).

  • LOL! You and me both! :D

    What's this bingo wing gadget you've spied then, that sounds very interesting? :)

  • Hi,

    Here's the link - it's only supposed to take 6 minutes :)

  • OMG, that sounds too good to be true! I'm away to have a look. Thanks very much :D

  • Right, I've got it sussed. I sit on my bike, in front of the telly, put the bingo wing DVD on, pedal like mad and spin the spinny thing! Easy peasy! :D

  • Just don't fall off! To be honest if you can do it I think it would strengthen your core too so win win! If you buy one let me know who you get on. I am thinking of getting one next month :)

  • OMG! I've just persuaded my OH to spend £90 on a rowing machine, if I tell him that I may have found a gadget for less than £20, that will do the same job, I may end up in the divorce courts!! :o

    I'll have to think of some way around this ;)

  • I read (honestly this is true ;) ) that using that device in conjunction with a rowing machine doubles the chances of you shedding the bingo wings. Does that sound convincing? Will your hubby believe me :D

  • hahahahaha! I'll give it a try!

    I've just tried my rowing machine - 300 metres and I'm a dead thing! I guess I'm going to need a lot of practice! :D

  • For bingo wings and back boobs .... sorry to say it girls ... RUNNING WORKS! I'm a C25Ker, and whilst my wobbly cellulite still abounds on my thighs, the bingo wings and back boobs are no more!

  • I just wish I could run! :(

  • Swimming helps. I don't really have bingo wings

  • I can't bear to bare my arms Aqua, never mind the rest of me :)

  • I hide myself in a towel until I get to the steps. Once you are in the water no one can see you. Please don't tell me this is not true.

  • I think I'm too big to run at the mo but I do fancy giving it a try. I did run to the car in the rain yesterday though :D It was only about 30 feet but better than nothing :)

  • That's more than I could manage! My mind's willing, I'm just waiting for my body to catch up :)

  • Running will definitely help you to tone up when your ready and it's only a matter of time till you are ready sueper. I could just about run for 1 minute when I first started out. I haven't used the machine described, but I have tried my mum's vibration machine with the belt, it was a bit of fun, but it could just end up being used to hang the clothes on if I had it in my house. I'm sure that's what my mum does with her's now LOL.

    Some gyms have arm bikes where you peddle using your arms and it's great for toning your arms and I found the recumbent bike a great way to tone the legs and much easier on the bottom. It's about finding what's right for you, hope you find what works best.

  • Thanks Trafford. I am still tempted with the running but just not sure. Have a health check with the GP soon so I may ask then :)

  • Oh I love this banter - you make me smile, better than chocolate!!!

  • Sounds like the power plates at the gym, those things make me feel dizzy

    but I would be interested to know if it works. Sadly based on genes, 60% of my fat goes to my I have these massive thigh arms which makes buying clothes (with sleeves) very difficult

    I'm now curious if this might work

  • It's sounds like an option if you've got the money, but still sounds too good to be true.

    I just wish they had a similar non-invasive way of getting rid of excess skin when the fat's not there to fill it out any more. The shar pei look isn't terribly attractive on anything other than a dog :D

  • My arms are pretty bad too, I am losing weight there but just makes the wings flap more! It amazes me how shops like Evans constantly stock sleeveless clothes - who buys them?!

    I always keep the tops of my arms covered and try to get sleeves to come to my elbow.

    Not sure whether that treatment would work - the excess skin would definitely worry me though.

  • I thought I was the only one that had such an aversion to sleeveless clothes! I find I'm hard pushed to find 3/4 sleeves on anything, but especially summer clothes! My upper arms are horrendous and definitely not something I want to inflict on unsuspecting members of the public! ;)

  • Snap! I have a large selection of shrugs to cover the evil things!

    Sadly I doubt the weightloss will get rid of them, but it won't stop me trying, maybe we could invent a bingo wing clip to tie them up - how grim :(

  • I suspect that some time in the distant future, they'll come up with some way to sort this problem out, but unfortunately, for the time being, it will be left to you and I and thousands of others to hide them as best we can!

  • How about elastic bands lol :D

  • If they were multi-coloured, we could start a new trend! :D

  • I have used them in the gym - I'm not sure whether I think the are beneficial or not though. Generally you just squat (or some other stretch) and hold for a minute, which is probably toning in itself, even without the plates! I didn't use them often enough to see any changes.

  • I have also used them in the gym and didn't really notice any difference in toning. .. besides that, I felt really dizzy when I was on it. your whole body is shaking a lot! So for me, wasn't worth the extra cash to pay in the gym but am sure there are some positive reviews on these things...

  • If everything wobbles I'd be scared I'd start an earthquake :D

  • Aarrgghh!! LOLOLOLOLOL hahahahahahaha!!!!

    I just caught a glimpse of this and nearly spat my mouthful of coffee everywhere!! :D :D :D

  • I really don't think a sports bra is gonna be enough :) Do they do one that covers your complete body :D

  • If you find one on Amazon, can you share the link please?! :D :D :D

  • Hi,

    This is the one I have my eye on - will have to wait for payday though :)

    The ones in Argos are about £200 so a bit too pricey for me.

  • I'm still bemused by how being shaken helps in any way. What does it actually do?

    I'm so gormless :D

  • From what I can tell you have to slightly squat on it (why is exercise not graceful?) and then it jiggles you and helps you tone up - some say it makes you burn calories too. It helps strength your core too and is supposed to help with circulation etc too.

    You can do a few exercises on it too.

  • Oh crumbs! I struggle doing squats on terra firma, never mind on a jiggling machine! I'm sure I'd come a cropper! :o

  • I've never even tried a squat - lol! I don't think it's a proper one, just knees bent a bit. I wonder if it is good or bad for the knees?

  • I totally mis-read that - jeez I am losing it!!! Will hunt for the body bra now!!! :D

  • It's ok, I've just admitted my gormlessness :D

  • Might be worth having a look on Ideal World, they sell vibration plates and belts. You can try them out and return within 2 weeks if not for you (just postage costs). It may not be long enough to see results but at least you can check if you like using it.

    It seems you can even use them both sitting down if you have difficulty standing. I have one of the belts and did use it regularly for a while but as so many find with exercise kit I gradually stopped using it. If I rested my arms on the sides of it when it was round my waist there was a lot of vibration went through my upper arms.


  • Thanks Ros. I'll check out Ideal World too :)

    This is the problem with exercise machines we just get bored with them!

  • lol there are lots of different exercises to do while you are on the plates to target your different areas: lying down on your back, front , squatting, standing... most of them not very glamorous!

  • Hi, I was interested to read your message, I've been looking at these as well. I go to Zumba weekly which I love, but at 56 need another form of not too strenuous exercise to help shift those pounds!

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