Fasting day was successful yesterday and I'm 800 g lighter than I was last Saturday. Lowest I've been this year (not difficult as it's only 23 days old!) And only 200 g short of being normal weight. Still not the lowest I've been since starting this journey, but the Christmas binge is now behind me. Now have to get rid of the family pig-out week which took place at the beginning of November and triggered off the weight increases over the last months. Steady loss in January of about 1lb a week, which is not huge, but fine at this time of year and at this stage in the journey. All in all I've cast off just over 20% of my initial body weight. That's a lot of "me" which has vanished into thin air!

Thanks to Dave for his pledge idea, it worked. Will try and keep that up at least twice next week. And thanks to the "Around the world" team for making us all laugh and dream of warmer places. 😎🐘


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3 Replies

  • Well done you!! 800g is great achievement. I read your post and have decided to try it today. Had a cup of tea this morning (with milk and sugar- I just cant seem to give up the sugar) and hoping to have another cup of tea evening time (to get through lunch and dinner). I have got a stubborn 6-7 kg to lose, that I have been trying to shift for years now!

  • Hi Hasna, good luck - hope it works. At the start it can really shock your body into losing weight! The sugar in your tea may put a spanner in the works though, it will trigger insulin which will then course around your bloodstream looking for something to process. When there's nothing there it will tell you you're hungry. You may also have the classic symptoms of low blood sugar (bad mood, shakey, headaches etc). Good luck anyway - looking forward to hearing how it works!

  • Wow JC, 20%! That's a staggering loss! Well done you! :)

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