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Why wont this weight shift?

Hiya all, Ive not posted my weight since the first weigh in of the year - there is only one reason - Ive not gained or lost any weight. I am still 15.12 (my start weight). I have made my portions smaller, more veg, less carbs, cut out snacking - cut out fizzy drinks - drinking alot more water. Moving more, not running as much as I want, but I'm still moving more. Can anyone help me figure this out? Many thanks xx

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Would you be willing to divulge what you ate and drank over the last couple of days?

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Hiya, My day consists of roughly the same 'type' of foods. So I start the morning with a bowl of cereal, Lunch is usually Beans on toast/Crackers with light spread, dinner is always some meat ie chicken/sausage with mash potato, vegetables and gravy. Ive not been able to do a shop for a few weeks, (apart from the very basic) so there is no snacks or other foods available in the house till Monday :(

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You will probably get some difference of opinion over this, however my opinion is that a lot of what you eat is making it difficult for your body to use fat for fuel because it is spiking your hormones, particularly insulin.

Whole-oats are virtually the only cereal not to do this, and even then we need to watch the portion size.

Boiling beans from dry instead of baked beans is better. Rough oatcakes are preferable to crackers. Mixed-grain bread, where you can see the grainy bits, slows digestion reducing the insulin spike, however the only way to avoid the preservatives is usually to cook our own (unless you know the baker).

Although sausages don't usually spike insulin as much, any flour they contain will not help the situation (ditto gravy), and invariably they contain preservatives that disrupt our gut health.

Potatoes are terrible for insulin levels, as was highlighted in the news recently again with regard to gestational diabetes. Sweet potatoes are better.

Overall, we need to eat a balanced diet, with between 100g and 150g per day of low Gi carbs being adequate for most people, a sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables (mainly greens), less than a palm-size of natural protein at most meals, with the remainder consisting of natural fat.


Are you writing down everything that passes your lips? It is so easy to wreck a day's healthy eating by nibbling on left overs, a scrap of grated cheese, a lick of chocolate cake mixture, a gulp of fruit juice etc.

The other thing to look at is "time of the month" as this can cause water retention which can add lbs in weight, although it should vanish a week or so later.

Concentrate on boosting your self-esteem; have a new hairstyle; sort out your clothes and change your furniture around; keep making changes and you will soon find yourself out of this rut.

As to exercise, try cycling, swimming or dog walking even - this not only exercises you, but keeps you away from the house where the food is!

Good luck..!


Hi, I will be honest, Ive not written anything down over the last few weeks, as ive been eating the bare minimum, I dont normally have a 'time of the month' as my pill stops all that, but just so happens that ive started to bleed yesterday, and my stomach is quite bloated at the moment. Ive not gained any weight since I weighed on the 4th Jan when I was 15.12, nor have I lost any. I try to go running around 2 - 3 times a week, tho last week I only went once, and this week has only been once (mainly due to recovering from the flu, so my chest is still abit tight). Im not sure what else to do. It took me a whole 3 years to lose 3 stone, 1 year to gain back 2 stone, So im happy that Im not completly at the start (around 17 stone). Im having my hair cut on Tuesday, and doing abit of me time shopping tuesday/wednesday too. So im hoping that it will help me feel better. I walk everyday (I walk everywhere) including taking my son to and from school. Any Ideas I can try? xx

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Sorry you have been feeling rough, fighting off flu can sap your energy, I know. Every time you go for a walk, try and add an extra half a mile - take the long route, take in a hill - it is good to puff a bit, (but stop to rest if necessary). Beware of those tempting coffee shops when you go shopping!

Try some new recipes for dinner (I find a slow cooker very handy) - swap potato for cous-cous or small portion of rice - you can buy bags of rice to heat in the microwave. Mix them with first with some chopped red onions, peppers or herbs for added interest. Swap the sausage for some salmon or cod - this is lovely done in the oven with a topping of breadcrumbs mixed with herbs and small amount of grated cheese. Your son might enjoy a cooking session with you too.

Instead of gravy, serve a sauce made from tinned chopped tomatoes, add some herbs, onion, worcester sauce and thicken with a little cornflour. Let your imagination go! Tell me what ideas you come up with? All the best.


Have you had a look at the 12 week plan? I have found it very good. It makes sense to me. It does require you to keep a food and drink diary. It also involves weighing portions on a digital scales to calculate the calories . You might be surprised where some are going. For instance mashed potatoes . What's mixed through them ? Butter or something else? The gravy, depending on what's in it, could be lethal as well.

If you're doing all that and it's still not coming off maybe your gp needs to refer you to a dietitian.

Good luck.


Maca root has helped my hormones lately, a bugger being menopausal.

The next thing to look at is blood type diet, complex good and works well, check out the sites, it targets certain foods to your blood type.

The next thing is are you eating enough?


Dear Wannabe,

I don't know what caused the problem before you had your flu, but I do know that feeling under par reduces our willingness to move and exercise. I know that most of the over the counter cold and flu remedies can impact on water retention.

I found that in the aftermath of Christmas, I was left with just a few treats in the fridge, rejected by the family. I cannot waste food, even at the cost to my waist! So I started eating them up. When I checked the kcal of my initial portions, I had wrecked my day's intake. I did finish them up but only having a half or quarter portion to keep inside my allowance. Could this be you?

If you don't want to be bothered with recording your intake, and who could blame you, not feeling well, consider just taking a photo of every plate. Keep going for another week and see how you go. Then if you don't lose next weigh in, you will have a record to work out why.

I would add to your current meals. Perhaps fruit to your breakfast. Some vege soup to lunch and dinner. Sometimes when we cook traditionally those kcal sneak in as well. Perhaps photo the nutritional information of things like sausages to see if yours are somehow worse than the average. You do need to weigh your cereal, your beans, bread you slice yourself, your potatoes and any meat that isn't already portioned. Portions have a tendency to get a little bigger as time goes by, so it is worth checking them occasionally.

The good news is that at a difficult time of year you have not put any weight on. I'd be happy with that over Christmas and January. I lost 2lbs the first 2 weeks. Then last week, under the weather like you, and having a helpful but not clued up enough family looking after me, I made so many wrong food choices, I put the 2lbs back on. So I am now in exactly the situation you are, but it feels worse, because I yo-yo-ed. More like a bungy jump, really! I am being hyper careful this week. This damned time of year and my weight is not beating me!

Keep going with me. We have nothing to lose but those extra lbs. And you haven't done anything wrong. You have in fact coped beautifully. Good luck for next week, Venus.


Thank you everyone for your comments and support. I should know to weigh my food that isn't already portioned (I went to weight watchers for 4 years!!) I have the scales here, and still have my books that I bought over the years - my problem is that I'm a fussy eater, always have been, so plain basic foods is my limit. I've wanted to try cous -cous, but have never had the balls just to cook it. My mash potato is made with light spread, no milk. I am going to do a huge shop tomorrow, frozen and fresh food. So will look out for everything I used to have whilst attending weight watchers. My local meeting shut down, and i don't have the money to join again, so I'm trying to do it on my own. I did download the 12 week plan, but I need to be honest - I've not looked at it, or printed it off - naughty me! I am trying again this week, and will do my best to fill in a food diary, and/or take photos of my portions etc. I used to walk up hills on way to and from school (without my son - he'd hate me lol). I will get going with that again. I will let you all know on this thread next week once I've weighed what I've been doing (if that's ok) and ill get the 12 week plan emailed to my mum to print off for me lol Thank you again everyone!!! :D


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