Around the World in 80 days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Thursday 21 Jan (PART 2)

Around the World in 80 days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Thursday 21 Jan (PART 2)

Dear Travellers,

This is Part 2 - please post kms on here if you haven't already done so on Part 1. This is for kms/steps/miles you did on Thursday 21 January.

Aswell as snorkelling, we are going to get a very special chance to swim with elephants. Oh my gosh no one should miss this extremely rare opportunity.

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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33 Replies

  • Love the elephant! My favourite animal!

    I did 4.5km y'day. Actually got to gym and did first day of couch 2 5k on machine. Now just got to keep it up!

  • Yaaay Frankie! Wtg you! :)

  • Well done you 😀

  • Oh how fab! Not only to be with elephants, which are magnificent creatures, but to not be the biggest swimmer! :D

  • lol, Moreless! ;-)

  • I see what you did there you clever person 😀

  • 2.5kms for Thursday 21st Jan. Not much, but some...

  • It's great qd! All K's are good K's! :)

  • Morning...kms for thursday were 7.3 😀

  • Great job quin :)

  • 16.57km for Thursday

  • Woohoo Darren! :)

  • Hi. Just 1k for Thursday as spent time at hospital with hubby having his angiogram. All OK (phew). Back on track for Friday I hope, slowly doing a bit more than I could when I started. He's got to take it easy so no long walks with him for now :(

  • What a relief for you both Mrscaw, I'm so pleased all went well :)

    Just take things easy and in time, all will be hunky dory again :)

  • I have already posted my Thursday kms but just wanted to say thank you again for all the beautiful pictures you are posting and the work that you put into the encouraging text too.

    Swimming with elephants is a beautiful image and I am - in the virtual round the world tour- slipping out of my size 14 jeans ( see whole separate post where I had to rattle on about gaining a pound on weighing myself this morning but fitting into size 14s which hasn't happened for YEARS 😀) and into the water alongside elephants and all us fellow travellers- how fantastic!

  • Lizzy is a star isn't she rainshine, to keep us all so motivated with beautiful pictures of exotic places and words that transport us from the mundane to the magical :)

    Now I'm jumping for joy for you! Size 14 jeans!!!! WOOHOO!! That's fandabidozy!! What an achievement, you little wonder woman :)

  • 5.6k for me - started a chesty cough and had to defer c25k for a few days :/ Jog-on 14.5k mix of walking and jogging :)

    Have to say the site as a whole is doing my head in at the moment!!! Lol

  • Great numbers from both of you Kate :)

    Have you reported your problems with the site?

  • Sorry moreless - didn't get a notification for your reply!!!!

    I have emailed support and not heard anything back as yet :/

  • I completed 8.52 km for Thursday

  • Yaaay Angie! :)

  • Thursday; 8.5km cycling, 1.2 km dog walking. Favourite animal dolphin :-)

  • Great numbers Concerned :)

    I love dolphins too, maybe some will join us while we're swimming :)

  • 16424 steps / 12.2k for me yesterday.

    Plus 4.58k on the exercise bike in the gym.

    Total: 16.78k

  • oops just posted on part 1 but too late so 7kms for thurs. what a fantastic photo thank you

  • 10 k run

    6.1 k walk

    another 3 k run

  • Good grief, wonder woman!! :)

  • Here are my results for sun 8792 steps mon 7474 steps and tue 3998 plus 2 hours of dancing sorry forgot fit bit

  • Thanks Lizzie, how's your toe? :)

  • resting today no gym toe is bandaged, but enjoying watching David Niven in around the world in 80 days have reached the intermission so am cooking my salmon, horrid day today so thought I would endulge after seeing to my Mum. will have to hula hoop when its finished to get the blood going round. Have you watched the film journey is making more sense now. need to do some acrobatics that might help !!

  • I have seen the movie, but it was yonks ago! :)

    Get that hoop swinging and you'll feel recharged :)

    I didn't think you were going to be able to log any K's or steps, so you're doing really well :)

  • just finished watching the film, really entertaining

  • Thanks Skinny Lizzie - great numbers :) :)

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