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Update on my Good News, Bad News post

Thank you to all of you that replied to my post 3 days ago, it seems a lot of others are having the same struggles getting back to eating in a controlled way. I don't feel so useless for letting myself slip and am so grateful for you being there for me.

I am taking each day as it comes at the moment and have decided that I am not concerned if I lose weight at the moment just that I eat in a mindful way and that I stop binging. This may mean that I decide to eat more often, or at least have given myself permission to do it, so far this has worked. How are the rest of you coping?

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Just slipped today with eating sugary foods which I may not but like you say today I have slipped I am now going to dust myself off and start fresh clean sleet of paper from now.

You are doing amazing with eating mindful!Keep going!


That's all we can do I think. Just don't do what I did last week, following a binge in the afternoon, I didn't want to eat my evening meal but because I had eaten in secret and didn't want to let my husband what had happened I sat and eat it. How stupid to do that.

Best wishes for your new start.

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We learn from our mistakes. I know you can do it!

I have finally learn to cut out sugary foods.


Hi Ros1,

Hope you're having a great day and that your mindful eating plan is going well. My week isn't too bad so far, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Yes my day has gone well thank you Lowcal. Have a good weekend.


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Hi Ros,

I am still struggling a bit - 1lb of the extra holiday lbs to go - it's been a real slog!

Glad you're feeling a bit more in control. Can you find a way to stop yourself eating in secret (I am sure you've tried) but it can't be doing you good psychologically. I am sure your hubby would understand and maybe he could help you at those times. If not, get on here when you are tempted and share with us.

Good luck for this week :)

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Your right Sueper I do need to tell him if I have another binge session. I have shared what has happened with a couple of groups of friends when I've met up with them and of course with all of you. I feel this is progress as in the past it would have been my own guilty secret!

I'm glad your weight is only a pound away from your Christmas weight. Have a good weekend.


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