Around the World in 80 Days - This thread is now closed. Please post on Part 2 for kms/miles/steps for Thursday 21 Jan

Around the World in 80 Days - This thread is now closed. Please post on Part 2 for kms/miles/steps for Thursday 21 Jan

Dear Travellers,

I hope everyone enjoyed their day trip to Burma - what a fascinating place to visit. Tomorrow I've persuaded the captain to take a slight detour to Andaman Islands - please pack your swimming gear. Snorkels will be provided.

Tonight on the dancefloor, we have another special guest appearance. The wonderful Gregory Porter, American jazz vocalist will be singing all night long. And there will be a jive lessons beforehand so no excuses. Plenty of cocktails and bucks fizz to get you in the mood.

We are now on Day 27 of our voyage around the world. Yesterday we did great and still with travellers to check-in, achieved 557kms. Oh my we are doing so unbelievably well :) :) You are truly amazing - look at how far you have come.

Happy Travel everyone :) :)

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  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    What a beautiful photo - such blue sea.

    My kms for today are 6km walking.

    Looking forward to the dancing tonight - I need the jive lessons though!

    Hope everyone has had a great day! Here's to a jiving evening!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Phew, I was worried there Lowcal, because I couldn't reply to you! It's a very glitchy day today :(

    You've had a lovely walk today, I hope that made you feel good. I know my walk perked me up no end :)

    It was a nice long walk too, so well done you :)

    I've always wanted to be able to jive, maybe this will be my opportunity :)

  • We'll learn together eh !! πŸ˜ƒ hope your ok honeybun X


  • Hello Lizzy, sadly wont be able to join you when you go snorkelling still feeling under the weather. Ill just relax. My input for today is low 0.756kms.

  • Oh dear Marianne, that's no good. Not to worry you can relax and have a laugh at us attempting to jive :)

  • Feel better soon

  • I love swimming. I walked 2 km today.

  • You would have to with a name like that :)

    A lovely walk too :)

  • Thank you moreless, ill do that. Have a great time everyone.

  • Evening all. 6.55 miles.

  • Great stuff K-o-g! :)

  • How beautiful is that !!! I am so there πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘™πŸΈπŸΉπŸ’ƒπŸ»

    Today I clocked 14.4 kms πŸ˜ƒ

    Love jazz and so looking forward to a bit of jive, see you there! πŸ˜ƒ


  • Woohoo Flossie! I'm surprised you haven't worn your legs away! ;)

    It looks absolutely idyllic, doesn't it :)

  • Oh just to be there !! 😎


  • Nothing for me today - I would need a snorkel just to walk around my estate! I'd prefer to save the snorkelling for the Andaman Islands. Literally hasn't stopped bucketing down since I left work :(

  • How grim Sueper :( I think we're supposed to be in for something similar tomorrow. Roll on spring, winter's becoming a bit of a drag now :)

  • It is a nightmare as they only exercise I do is walking and it's either freezing or raining :(

    Spring is nearly here - surely! :)

  • If I hadn't got the stand for my bike, I'd rarely clock up anything, it's been so atrocious!

    Ohhh, I hope so!! :)

  • Sorry Sueper but it did make me lol ! πŸ˜ƒ it's chi King it down here as well β˜”οΈ


  • Sueper that's why you need a Fitbit mine gets measured all the time even just moving around on day to day tasks, go on treat yourself

  • Hi Prin, I have a GPS watch which I love and couldn't bare to replace :)

  • I have a gamin 15 but never used to wear it all the time

  • Mine is a garmin too. I am a deskjockey so don't do much exercise all day. The watch is fab as it tells me exactly what kms I am walking and as I never walked anywhere in the past I know that everything I record is exercise I wouldn't have been doing just over a year ago.

    It does mean I don't have so much to contribute here though.

  • Oh how beautiful - two lovely pictures in one day :-)

    Dog walk 4.8k + Run 12.5k = 17.3k = achy legs :-( !!

  • Wow! That's a mega run! Are you going for a half marathon too? I'm not at all surprised you've got achy legs! :o

    These pictures are making me dream about summer hols :)

  • Ooh how good you ! πŸ˜ƒ I can only run for a bus ( well sometimes ! )


  • Managed 11.3 km today. Back to the normal routine with an early morning walk / jog and a walk after work. Need to get more active at work though, I realised I spend over 8 hours stuck in front of a computer, mostly sitting on my posterior.

    Aren't the Andaman Islands where hostile tribes live, who don't want anything to do with civilization? Or am I mixing them up? Picture looks really good though, can't wait.

    Thanks for planning such a fantastic route.

  • Well done JC, that's fantastic! :)

    Please don't ask me difficult questions, can I get one on chocolate instead? ;)

  • Yes, of course. How much chocolate does the average British person eat over Christmas?

    Answer: lots and lots

  • LOL! Sorry JC, only just found your reply - no notification! :(

  • I goggled it lol Yes you're right but the hostile tribe πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή resides on the North Sentinel Island. The other islands are tribe free πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Ooh that's a bugga !! πŸ€”


  • Hi, sorry I'm useless at posting daily at the moπŸ™ƒ Life's just so hectic. I can't remember if I posted 19/1 so just Incase I didn't

    19/1- 11.86

    20/1- 5.78

    21/1- 13.18 so far ( don't think I'll be doing much more now to be honest )

  • Lol jal, not to worry :)

    Great numbers and I would say you don't really need to be doing any more today :)

  • Just 6kms to contribute today :-)

  • There's no "just" to 6K's John, that's a great number :)

  • Oh my Lizzy, I can't believe we managed 557K's yesterday without everyone's totals!! That is awesome! :)

    You are the master of finding the perfect pic for the day and lifting everybody out of the doldrums and onto Fantasy Island :)

    My totals today are

    Walking - 8K

    Cycling - 8.64K

    Total - 16.64K

    See you all on the dance floor folks! :)

  • Evening 😊

    What a fantastic picture, Lizzy, looking forward to snorkelling β›΅ and ready to jive the night away πŸŽ·πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΊπŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸ’ƒ

    Raining here but still went out and did week 8 of c25km β˜” Sadly my long quiet shin wasn't happy at all πŸ˜’ not sure what to do now?!

    Really enjoying going out.

  • Oh no Elissy! Do you think you've been overdoing it a bit and need to rein it in to give it a chance to heal again? :(

    Did you clock up any K's before things went pear-shaped?

  • Must be going loopy 😁 meant to say 12.74 km tonight.

    Finished the run, but at the beginning ant end shin hurt. Might go every 3rd day and look into better shoes 😊

  • I suspect the pain is getting to you Elissy, they sound like good ideas, it's just not worth overdoing it and then being out of action for weeks/months!

    You still managed a huge number though! :o

  • Thank you, must remind myself that to start running at my age these things might happen πŸ˜‰

  • Fifa your shin hurts try swapping your running shoes for a couple of runs. I alternate between three pairs and it really makes a difference.

  • Thanks, will have to buy some then 😁

  • Aarrgghh!! I don't know why, but every time I try to reply to you it won't let me, unless I refresh the page!

    You're only as old as you feel - that makes me about 103 then :D

  • 😁

  • 8.4k for me today, I managed to unchain myself from my desk

  • WTG RAF_girl! Well done you! :)

  • 2.3km today as my ironing took over!! X

  • Aarrgghh!! Ironing! My nemesis! :o I'm surprised you managed any K's at all Claire :)

  • Today 7.09kms :) Walking.

  • Fab Nussaybah, you're clocking up some great numbers :)

  • Hiya I'm at 6.60 kms today πŸ™‚

  • Well done Beryl :)

  • "Burma" was slightly surprising for me - iron grey sky!! But new office temperature was sub-tropical :-)

    3000 paces for me!

  • LOL Runningsoon! :D

    Well done :)

  • this beautiful pic looks almost like my beautiful island.Yesterday i did 3245 steps and today thursday 20km

  • Which island is that prettylady?

    3245 steps plus 20K's!! Wow!! How did you clock up the 20K's :)

  • i from St.Lucia it's in the caribbean an island with sun and beautiful beaches .

  • Oh how lovely! What on earth brings you to our frigid shores then? :)

  • thanks,i wanted to lose weight and i haved try every diet i lost a couple of pounds and gain all back so i decided to do some search and i came upon this site.To tell u the truth it because of u all am losing the weight,when i hear that people here exercising in cold weather,am like what? If they can do it in that kind of weather i can do it too because i have sun everyday in the year and most of all i can go to the beach anytime to doing some swimming.

  • You lucky, lucky person :)

  • Hi all- how do i join this or is it too late? - i need a kick up the proverbial!

  • It's never too late MR, we'd love to have you join us :)

    Have you clocked up any K's today? It doesn't matter if you haven't, you can start counting at 5am tomorrow :D

    Welcome aboard! :)

  • Took a day off today as a bit poorly - but fingers crossed for tomorrow : )

  • Or a kick up the proverbial ;)

  • Busy day at work but still did 4km

  • Good for you Britdiane! :)

  • Hey all oh what I wouldn't give to be on that boat right now cocktail in hand feeling the stresses drain away ..... Hey ho back to today I've done 6km walking couldn't get on yesterday but that was only 3km hope to get back on tomorrow x

  • Oh me too Es! :)

    Do you mean you couldn't get on the site, or the thread?

    Great numbers :)

  • No was my broadband to blame it's not been playing very nicely .hopefully sorted now. 😊

  • Oh how annoying! Thank goodness you're back to rights today :)

    Are you having any problems with the site today?

  • No it's been fine today a bit slow loading but hey by this time at night so am I lol

  • Jive lessons. Yippee! Always wanted to be able to jive.

    8.28 Kms for me today.

  • Me too henlady! :)

    Great number! :)

  • 7.6km for me on Thursday assisted by a great clubbercise session glowsticks were going everywhere,except where they should be going. First session for me since July when I had a major op πŸ’ƒ

  • Ouch, lynalla, that sounds painful! The op and the glowsticks! ;)

    Great number though :)

  • Gorgeous picture sight for tired eyes.

    I racked up 21.7km today: 🚴cycling, πŸƒπŸΌlunchtime walk - lovely afternoon at work πŸ‘―strotting between warehouse 🏭and office πŸ’»and then warmup on treadmill πŸƒπŸΌbefore weightlifting πŸ‹πŸ½and yoga πŸ™ƒthis evening. It does add up. Off on holiday tomorrow yippee.

    Have a lovely evening all

  • Going anywhere nice, Gonti?

  • Wow Gonti, I hope you haven't worn yourself out, clocking up so many K's! :)

    When you say you're off on holiday, do you mean you're going away, or not at work? :)

  • Going to Devon for a week via a visit to some ancestors graves in Stafford with long lost cousins. Not , sadly, the andaman islands or Burma but t'is an outing. I am very easily satisfied these days.

  • It sounds good to me Gonti, it's been a long, long while since I was in Devon :)

    Are you researching your family tree?

  • I've just done another mile - could you add it to today's total please?

  • Oh yes, K_o_g, we accept all miles :)

  • hi Lizzy not to good today only did 1368 steps which is 0.25 of a mile. what a let down will try harder tomorrow, must admit its not been a good day i tried my best take care Alan x

  • Not a let down at all Alan, you did your best and we appreciate the effort that you're putting in :)

  • hi there i'm not used to people being nice to me apart from my friends on here, i must admit i've had a rough day, but i will try even harder tomorrow many thanks Alan

  • Just don't try too hard and end up hurting yourself :)

  • hi there you can't hurt what is already damaged, how i'm still going someone must know Alan

  • What a beautiful picture!

    Despite a nasty chest cold I managed 7.2km. I was 1000steps short so I did them on spot at a slower but steady pace.

    Hoping the warm location and our detiur will melt away my ailments!

    Sleep tight everyone!

  • A good healthy dose of vitamin D, a cocktail, or 2 and some vigorous jiving and you'll feel like a new woman.......................or you'll be dead on your feet ;)

    Still a great number though asics :)

  • Hi all

    I managed to walk 7.21K today.


  • Hello Doctorwho, how nice of you to join us :)

    That's a great first number too :)

    Welcome aboard :)

  • Ohhhhh that blue water looks so inviting, 11,553 steps today β˜€οΈ

  • It certainly does Fran, I bet there are some beautiful fish to see :)

    Loads of steps!! :)

  • Hi everyone. 6.60kms for me today

  • Well done Mimsta :)

  • 6.58 for Thursday

  • Good work jenni :)

  • 11.4km walking today for me- hurrah for all of us πŸ˜€ And what a beautiful pic Lizzie- thank you! Great visualisation destination πŸ˜€

  • Great walking number rainshine! :)

  • Loving that relaxing picture, under orders to take it easy😜 For me that is

    One spin @ 12.6km in steps and 15.7 of spin

    Saw Gregory Porter at V last year he was ace so looking forward to the entertainment

  • I think you and I have a different interpretation of "taking it easy", Prin! You really are a machine! :)

  • Is that 28.3? And you can recall your kms for Tues?


  • Oh heavens I didn't realise I hadn't posted Tuesdays sorry or I did and it disappeared

    1x spin 18.5km (no wonder I was knackered Wednesday!0

    and general steps including to and from work and to and from the gym( they are only 200m apart!) and 13.29 kms (can I round it up to 13.3?)

  • Evening all

    My exercise km for today:-

    Exercise bike - 8.2 km

    Swimming - 1.25 km

    Steps - 2568

    Night all

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • Absolutely brill Nic :)

  • I did 9.3k of walking today.

  • That's a lot of walking Phil! :)

  • Yay, late checking in for me this evening, but I did really well. I paid the gym two visits (short ones) today and clocked up 17.22Kms. Just a few months ago, there is no way I could have managed so much exercise!

  • Woohoo LtL! WTG you! :)

    I think we're all pushing ourselves further than we ever thought possible! Just a few months ago, I could barely drag myself out of bed! :)

  • Me too, Moreless - this challenge is really encouraging for all of us, thanks to Lizzie and to you for your dedication cheering everyone on!

  • Hi, forgot to put in my km:

    - Wed 3.8km

    - Thur 3.8 km

    Why today's post is part 1?

  • We've had to split the threads into two parts diadhuit, because as it starts to fill up, people, myself included, struggle to post on it. The congestion is eased by having fewer people posting in each thread, therefore Lizzy will post another one (part 2) tomorrow afternoon :)

    Thanks for your numbers :)

  • Snorkel packed. Beats the snow! Mileage for today 8.8kms. Don't think I'll manage double figures till Monday and my guests depart. I have been good today though, only one glass of wine!

  • Well done Bu-dog, for the K's and the self control :)

  • 2.9 km's for me Thursday!!

  • Well done veganista :)

  • 9.2 km today. Majority of that walking around the corridors at work.

    The dog managed to talk me into an evening walk. After 15 min I almost rang hubby to come pick me up as I was in agony. Had a coil fitted yesterday and also got my period so was not nice. I managed to push through and completed the walk, but took a lot longer than normal. Collapsed on sofa and had some ibuprofen. Feeling a lot better now. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.

  • Oh my gosh Carpo, how horrible for you! Hope you'll be feeling 100% pronto.

    That was a lot of walking at work! :)

  • Sorry I just haven't been posting lately, I walked 6km yesterday, same for Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday :)

  • We were worried about you ScoobaSteve, hope everything's ok :)

    Thanks for your numbers :)

  • 7.02 kms for me :)

  • That's great Don :)

  • sounds beautiful and relaxing. 9.47 km for me. Will be difficult today as not a moment spare but will try and squeeze some walkinh in.

  • It sounds as if you're needing some relaxation Determined, as you're busy, busy, busy :)

    Great number for yesterday and don't stress about today. We can only do, what we can do :)

  • 4.35 mile total for me :)

  • Goodo Steph :)

  • 3.65k for me yesterday - not bad as I was working from home, sitting in front of a laptop - l walked into town to do some errands at lunchtime - productivity + fitness :-)

  • That's the way to do it Rossbale :)

  • Morning all,

    what a gorgeous picture think im going to like it there 😁 my figures for the day are 6.4km cycling and 3.46km walking so total for Thursday is 9.86km.

  • Ooh, you are a clever old stick, well done :)

  • Good morning all from a wild and wet Falkirk.

    The kms on the doors for yesterday are 5.5 km.

    Hope you have a great day


  • I know what you mean Steve, it's wild and wet here too! :o

    Loving the scores! :)

  • 3.06km for me for Thursday ☺

  • Well done Jude :)

  • Well I followed your suggestion and now have bike with no wheels going no place, after I had been sat on the thing for an hour I noticed that the trip computer wasn't working.

    Had that been on the road it would have been about 11 miles, so I don't know where I am with it.

    So ML I have one hour peddling and I don't know if that is of any use on this journey, back on road tomorrow.

  • Oh heck!! What a pest! :(

    If you say you would have done 11 miles in that time grandad, of course we shall believe you :)

    My counter only works on the open road, because it's linked to the front wheel, which doesn't move when it's on the stand. I have to count pedal rotations and multiply by wheel circumference to get my distance :)

  • Ooohhh that looks amazing, I'd love to have a swim there!

    8.08km for Thursday 21st January :)

  • Fab number keep-on :)

  • hi lizzie 7kms on my crosstrainer yesterday. only did one session as was my mums 84th birthday. love this beach......perfect on a dull day like today thank you

  • That's a great number Linda! I have a great deal of respect for anybody that can use a cross-trainer, because I can't! :D

    Happy belated Birthday to your mum :)

  • Hi lizzie. Not sure if I posted Wednesday ... 5k. Yesterday was 5k but today ( Friday) will be about 1500 steps as got hit by this horrible bug doing the rounds. Drinking lots of fluids and taking vitamin c and Echinacea in bid to kno k it on the head.😡😡

  • Lizzy will know Sopmarfree :)

    Thanks for all your totals, they'll do nicely :)

    So sorry to hear you're under the weather, let's hope you've acted quickly enough to stop it getting a good hold on you :)

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