Around the World in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 20 January (Part 2)

Around the World in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 20 January (Part 2)

Dear Travellers,

This is Part 2 - please post kms on here if you haven't already done so on Part 1. This is for kms/steps/miles you did on Wednesday 20 January.

After breakfast we are off to Mynamar (Burma) for the day. Guaranteed to see some golden pagodas!!

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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62 Replies

  • Ooooooh! It looks all steamy and mysterious Lizzy :)

  • I've posted my kms already, but just wanted to say what a gorgeous picture - wish I was there :-)

  • Me too! :)

  • and me too- how atmospheric :)

  • Wow Burma looks amazing!

    Day 3 of plan day 3 in the gym:

    Jog 2k

    cross trained 3k

    cycled 7.5k Total 12.5k

    I must say I'm in awe of those that can do 7k on a cross trainer in 30 minutes. That 3k took me 20 minutes says I burnt 225 calories and I was hot and yuch! Those doing 14k on that machine are really fit. Hats off to you. I'll see where I get to in 12 weeks time.

  • I know what you mean suzymac, I can't do 30 seconds on a cross-trainer!! :o

    What a fantastic number :)

  • hi suzy mac i'm a long way off fit maybe my crosstrainer is not reading the kms properly lol

  • Hi all, bit measly from me for Weds I'm afraid - 5k all just fitbit steps in the house :/ Jog-on on was a bit more productive with 15.4 combining walking and gymming :) Burma sounds fab!! :) x

  • Not measly at all Kate, that's a great number! :)

  • Hi lizzie 14kms on my crosstrainer yesterday, feeling very pleased with myself

  • You are amazing!!!! I'm in awe!! Woohoo, WTG you!! :)

  • Is anyone else finding that people are liking and responding to your posts and replies, but you're not getting notifications for it?? Just wondering.. :) x

  • I just pressed 'like' to your post Kate, so not sure if you received that notification. I think I've been receiving 'like' notifications myself. :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, I got your 'like' notification - eventually, but no notification for your reply... :/

  • Yes Kate! :(

    Please report it to the IT team, as I want them to realise just how many people are having problems with the site. Thanks :)

  • Its happening on c25k forum too which isn't as busy generally - I've just posted a reply to you moreless which seems to have disappeared!

  • I think its especially bad today. I don't normally have too many problems with it - but today has gone haywire !

  • Lucca, if you're around at the mo, would you mind "liking" some of my posts, as a test, please.

    Would you also raise your concerns with the site with the IT team, please, as I still don't think they appreciate the extent of the problems that many of us are experiencing.

  • A blatant attempt to look popular, moreless ;-)

    Sorry, was out clocking up kms with the dog :-)

    Will start the popularity campaign now :-D

  • I was trying to stop you, but I couldn't post! :o

    The likes work now, but not the notification of you replying! :D

  • Too much ? ;-)

    My notifications of replies aren't working either - only when someone likes a post. I'm still getting the replies emailed though.

    It did this a couple of months ago - and then got sorted a day or so later.

  • I had to post a thread the last time it went doolally, because I couldn't do anything.

    I've even asked them to post something official, so at least it looks as though they're doing something!

  • Are you using internet explorer Kate?

    They've suggested to me that I try google chrome. It's taken me all afternoon to get back up and running and I don't know yet if there's going to be any improvement. I guess time will tell!

  • I've gone onto chrome so will keep you posted :)

  • I'm really struggling with it and am still having difficulties.

    I don't believe it's our search engines, I think it's the site. It's become too popular for it's own good :D

  • I get the like notifications, but not the reply info. Was wondering why everyone was so quiet! Very odd!

  • Have you reported it JC?

  • No. (Don't really know how, she said in a very small voice). Others have the same problem, so with any luck it should be fixed soon.

  • At the top of your screen, next to the notification bell, it says help. Click on that and follow directions. Don't be put off by the guff, just send them an email with all the problems you're experiencing :)

  • Ah, me too. Felt all lonely as I got no notifications to replies and the likes went all funny. Will report it too 😐

  • Great Elissy, because it's getting a bit out of control now.

  • I don't get any reply notifications anymore and the likes are persistently not disappearing from my notifications 😦

    It's getting frustrating 😕

  • I have exactly the same Elissy, plus I'm unable to post sometimes, can't edit my replies, can't follow the posts, can't change pages without hitting the refresh button, or rebooting the whole site!

    It's really getting through now!

    Have you sent an email to the IT people now?

  • I have exactly the same problems, and yes, I have emailed the IT team. Just got to keep checking posts to see of I get replies 😡

  • I can just about guarantee that the first thing they'll ask for is a screen shot and a copy of the URL when it happens.

    The next one will be to change your browser.

    What is your browser by the way?

  • I haven't heard from them since I suggested the problem was with the site, not the browser! :D

  • Erm,.... Firefox, chrome, .... Using a windows phone, a Samsung and a pc, bit of everything 😉

  • They'll probably suggest you change to IE!! :D

  • Hahaha 😁 they must be inundated by emails, they didn't ask for any of the above as " we are very aware of various problems with the site and we are working on resolving these". So far no different, sometimes even worse! But I thought it was worth clogging your inbox up with it 😉

  • Hi Lizzy and all. 6.9k for Wed. What a beautiful photo!

  • Well done Mrscaw :)

  • I did 2912 steps and 0.5 mile swim (and the fateful hula hooping) covered in bruises down legs trying to go left

  • Well done Lizzie, I'm sure rowing's the way to go :D

  • 5 km for me Wednesday.

  • Good job Carpo :)

  • Only 2kms for Wednesday 20th :(

  • There's no "only" about it qd, all K's are good K's :)

  • 4km for Wednesday.

    Loving the pictures. Ruth

  • Well done Ruth :)

  • 9km today

  • Hello Arbitdude, welcome aboard :)

    What a great first number! :)

  • 5 kms done for yesterday ;-)

  • Good job kantara! :)

  • Hi Lizzy & moreless :-)

    I was on the lookout for the Wed post it didn't appear whilst I was on-line so for Wed 20th

    8 k run

    6.1 k walk

    Thank you :-)

  • T1, this is wednesday's post! :D

    Terrific numbers :)

  • Thank you :-) :-)

  • 3kms for Wednesday!

  • Well done Saga :)

  • 9.1km for Wednesday 20th :)

  • Well done Nussaybah, have you been onto today's thread? :)

  • 6.8 km for me on Wednesday 😄

  • Great number lynalla :)

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