Dry Hot Toddy?

Morning! As some of you know,I have been dry for 10 days.

Feel so much better for it in general.however yesterday my chest flared up again and I have an awful chest cold and blocked nose.

Now normally I would enjoy a hot whiskey toddy ... or 3...in the evening.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an alcohol free version?

Normally I use Orange squash, honey, whiskey and water.

All suggestions welcome!


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18 Replies

  • I normally just mix lemon and honey into a mug of weak black tea - hope you feel better soon and congratulations on the 10 day dry streak :-)

  • Well done on your dry streak - long may it continue!!!

    I tend to just put a good spoonful of honey in a cup with boiling water and add lemon juice to taste. The honey helps to sooth a sore throat, and the lemon helps to cut the sweetness. I believe that at least one of them have antibacterial properties.....?

  • Its not hot, but berocca or the cheaper supermarket versions is great for sending a cold on its way. I also recommend gargling with Listerine to kill the bacteria in your throat, pressing a hot water bottle against your chest to help loosen phlegm and ease your breathing, and also try breathing steam using a big bowl of hot salt water. None of these taste as good as a hot toddy, but they should hopefully help you feel better. Hope you can kick your cold soon. Oh - how about boiling some water with some slices of ginger? That might give you the kick you're craving...

  • Hi Asics,

    Hope you feel better soon. I would probably add ginger slices, like Ruth suggests, as that would give a delicious 'kick' to the taste.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hot water real chopped fresh ginger root with honey or if you don't like ginger then fresh lemon juice will do. The ginger gives that vapoury feeling. Keep going and congratulations on staying dry so far.

  • Its perhaps a strange one but my favourite remedy is a cup of hot water and marmite (my Dad swears by it!). Failing that I also do love a cup of lemon and ginger tea when I'm feeling poorly - an absolute life saver for all ailments. Get well soon:)

  • All the above; I am also keen on using echinacea as soon as I think I'm getting something for a week. Get well soon

  • Hot water lemon and honey. It's the vitamin c and zinc you need to get in you. Alcohol is actually a toxin which makes you less able to absorb the vitamins you need. It's a treat but absolutely no use at all. I'd stay away from the whiskey. Hope you feel better soon.

  • This, or hot lemon and sugar if you don't like honey!

  • Thank you everyone. So I will try hot water bottle later and I will gargle with diluted TCP. (No Listerine! ) as for the toddy I have combined all your ideas with what I have found in cuoboard... So get this!

    One herbal pukka tea (lemon, ginger and Manuka honey ) with fresh lemon juice, hot water and honey. Don't have any fresh ginger but I am still getting the taste!

    I will get some fresh tomorrow. However this concocation tastes and smells divine. Thank you everyone for the inspiration!

  • I am so jealous of you for 10 days you have kept dry. I must learn from you after 3 days I started eating sugar again. I hate myself now I am so itchy due to Thrush. Well what was was I am now going to learn from you. You are sticking to no drinking and I am now going to stick to no sugar and yeast and eggs. We are now going to see who is going to win this race! :) If you can keep to no drinking than can defiantly stick to my diet. It is a big shame as I was completely free of Thrush. Every time I am pain free I always start cheating. Well this time it is going to be different!

  • Come on bakersdozen! We can do it!

    Take each day at a time. Having to update on here helps too.

    Let's kick these nasties for as long as we can. 😊

  • Thanks for replying. Now I know your secret you are so right take each day as it comes and keep on updating on this forum and than I will stick to it! I am determined to listen to you as you are now my mentor! :)

  • Ha ha! I hope I don't let you down!

    Am really poorly today but as I lie here I am wondering when I can sensibly also atrempt to give up sugar.

    I have managed 11 days without alcohol and feeling confident about the weekend.

    So if you grab the banner for banning for the sugar I may be following your lead very soon! 😊

  • You are not letting me down just pick yourself dust yourself and start a fresh clean sleet of paper! So you slipped we are after all humans just start gain! Don't beat yourself up otherwise you will not be able to pick yourself up. You have one really well for 11 days no drinking pat yourself on your back! That is amazing! Look at the positive side and never at the negative.

    I am now a leader so exciting. Come on lets go. I always need to desperately start drinking enough fluids!

    I know we can do it. Once we set our minds to task it is unbelievable what we can achieve!

  • Yay! Here we go! I haven't fallen off the dry wagon yet though 😊 am on day 12 and counting. I kept my hot toddy dry. What does that make it? A hot tiddy? 😊

  • You made me laugh! :d

  • A high proportion of natural fat in my eating plan, starting with a low-carb breakfast; turns up the immune system and slows ageing, allegedly.

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