I love the encouraging posts!

I've just joined the site, after looking on the net for some encouragement on starting a new weight loss attempt. I'm knocking on 64, and have been overweight all my life. I'm 3-4 stones overweight, and that's no fun at 5ft. short! To add to my problems, I have a drink problem. My heart went out to Tommy on the site the other day. I felt like shaking him, and telling him to sort his out while he's young! Anyway, on the positive side, I am managing to cut down and also watch what I'm eating. I don't know where the will-power's coming from, but it's here at the moment, so I'm making the best of it! I'm looking forward to reading all the encouraging posts I've been seeing over the last few days.


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14 Replies

  • Well done for joining the site. I joined in April (I think!) And have received lots of encouragement and advice. It really helps to post on here. I found it helped me to get my thoughts in order and when things were not going brilliantly the support really bucked me up.

    Good luck on your weight loss and coping with your alcohol problems.

  • Fabulous! You have taken the first step to a healthy new you - I look forward to seeing your progress and cheering you on!

  • Hi and welcome Giving-it-another-go :)

    Please take a look at our welcome newbies thread, because it has lots of tips to help you get started


    All the best to you :)

  • So do I ☺️😋 Love you lot xxx

  • Hi welcome to the site I find it very supportive. I'm in my 60s too and used to have a drink problem. Actually a life problem which I medicated with alcohol. No good and it never gets better. These days the solution to whatever life throws at me isnt in a bottle. I ditched the drink and I'm much happier calmer and smaller. i recommend it.

  • Much the same as me! Thanks for the insight! When you're in this position, it's easy to beat yourself up, and imagine it's just your problem.

  • I used to drink, secretly and to excess. Now very rare, social drink. Feel so much healthier for it. Helps with the weight loss too. I will be 70 later this year and wish I had felt this good when I was younger. Good luck xx

  • We over 60's need to encourage each other. My mother is in her mid 80's - slim, and constantly nagging me (her 60 year old overweight daughter) to eat soups and salads etc. I have just this last week managed to stick to 1400 calories a day using Nutricheck online calorie counter which I find very helpful and feel quite positive at the moment. Good luck with your efforts and hopefully we can look forward to a fit and healthy summer!

  • Constant nagging did not work for me! My husband nagged for years about my smoking, just annoyed me and raised my resistance! I gave up for me, and my first grandchild, when I was ready.

    Ignore the negative remarks, if you can. Stay positive, and enjoy all the lovely people you will meet here.

  • I think you're brilliant for stepping up and addressing your health issues. It can't have been easy after a lifetime of being overweight.

    Are you looking into the reasons why you got overweight and started to depend on alcohol?Maybe that would help, or maybe you've already begun to address it.

    It's great that you're doing so well, anyway. :-)

  • Hi,

    Good luck 3 - 4 stone is a lot but not impossible. Portion control and snacking are a good place to start :)

    If you are talking about the Tommy I am thinking about then he is going Dry January as are a few of us here - why not join us?

    Good luck with your healthy new lifestyle :)

  • I have been told that because this is a long standing problem it is potentially dangerous to try to stop suddenly. I am trying to cut down gradually. I will eventually get there! Thanks for your good wishes!

  • Hello and welcome :-) I too look forward to reading your post and seeing your progress. It's great that you are taking this first step to a better you and a brighter future. Good luck on your journey :-)

  • Well done you for taking the step towards a more healthy lifestyle - keep it up, it will be worth it.

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