Around the World in 80 Days - This thread is now closed. Please post instead on Part 2 for Wednesday 20 January kms

Around the World in 80 Days - This thread is now closed. Please post instead on Part 2 for Wednesday 20 January kms

Dear Travellers,

Apologies if you have had trouble getting on yesterday's thread. We will put up two threads - Part 1 will be for tonight thru until tomorrow morning and then Part 2 for the rest of the day. When you see Part 2 thread on the forum, please do not post on Part 1. Hopefully this will enable everyone to post their kms/miles/steps and should mean that Moreless will find it easier and quicker to respond to you all.

Well I know I am a Londoner and no doubt a Southerner wimp. But for me, today was absolutely Baltic and yet I managed to walk 8.31 kms. The fire alarm helped - got me out of the office and I went for a brisk walk. How did everyone else do?

Yesterday we did great and still with travellers to check-in, achieved 507kms. Another fantastic achievement :) :)

We are now on Day 26 of our voyage around the world and I have managed to get us back on the tropical luxury cruiser. Lazy river, volcano waterfalls, glass bottom swimming pool, crazy golf and much more. Pina coladas back on the menu and a very special guest singing for us tonight - Barry Manilow (no he hasn't popped his clogs!)

Get on that dancefloor and shake those hips ' and passion was always the fashion at the Copa Copacabana...'

Happy Travels everyone :) :)

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131 Replies

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  • Hi,

    Am I first up??

    3.2 km for me :)

    And it was flipping freezing so I think I need a sunny spot on the tropical cruiser to help me warm up :)

  • You certainly are Sueper, there should be a prize for first up :)

    Great number :)

  • Si did 6 km on crosstrainer and 3.7 on the treadmill

  • Great stuff Aqua! :)

  • 6.45 miles - not sure of the km

  • That's 10.32K's k_o_g! Woohoo! :)

  • Great idea about splitting the thread Lizzy, hopefully that should mean fewer problems. Come on IT team, get your act together. We need help!! :)

    Who'd have thought a fire drill could be so beneficial to one's health? ;) Wtg Lizzy, fab number :)

    Barry Manilow??!! Good grief! He's even older than me! ;)

    I need to practice shaking my hips, so that I can work my hula hoop! :)

    16.2K's for me today

    See you on the dance floor everybody :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Wow, what an amazing result - well done you!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal :)

    I've just experienced another strange glitch, you came up as hidden! :o

  • How strange is that - I'm not 'hiding' honestly. :-)

    Lowcal :-) Here I am.... ;-)

  • 9km in the warm gym! X

  • How very sensible of you Claire :)

  • 8.15 for today. I've managed to get my goal everyday so far and only 11 more to go this month. πŸ˜„

  • Yaaay henlady, you're a star! :)

  • 12,600 steps today, pulled a muscle in my back slipping on icy mud walking the dog so hope there's a massage service on our ship! β˜€οΈ

  • Oh lordy Fran, poor you! :(

    I'm sure we'll find someone to give you a massage :)

    Great number of steps, you have been a busy little bee :)

  • Had to leave poorly car at the garage after work so the walk home bumped up the steps!

  • They say every cloud has a silver lining :)

    Hope your back feels better soon :)

  • Oh my sympathy- slips and falls while dog walking are awful. Hope that lovely massage has done the trick ;) take care πŸ˜€

  • Thank you, warm wheat bag seems to doing the trick x

  • It's murder dog walking in this weather. Do you think they'd let us bring the dogs aboard πŸ˜‰

  • Well I'm sure my Lily would enjoy a relaxing cruise, she spends most of the day on the sofa with her legs elegantly in the air!

  • The winter dog walking really sorts you out doesn't it. In the dark, mud, rain, frost, wind, snow- you name it. It can be pretty desperate. Particularly if you end up slipping or falling over. I think there must be a kennel full of dogs towing along behind us!

  • Woohoo! How fantastic- what fun having Bazza on board! And the swimming pool is fantastic, my pineapple juice and soda is divine- and I've clocked an incredibly cold (oops! I mean warm laps round the deck!) but satisfying 10.7km and 5.03km- please forgive me going to a second decimal point but I'm feeling so chuffed to have made it back to 5.03km in 32:56 πŸ˜€

  • Woohoo rainshine! You are rocking!! No wonder you're feeling chuffed, I'm cock-a-hoop for you! :)

  • Keep the cold drinks and bring me some soup while I lounge in the the hot tub so.o v cold today.

    My score 17.07 km mainly cycled very fast indeed while cursing loudly..

    Fire alarm - great idea - worth setting it off every mid morning.

  • I have a great mental image of you pedalling furiously, with a stream of blue air billowing out behind you, Gonti :D

    You certainly managed to clock up the K's in your fury though :)

  • I did 6.6 km today, getting used to this now and surprisingly quite enjoying it!!! A nice float in that warm pool sounds like a good idea 🌞

  • Well done Britdiane, great number and getting into the swing of things. Wtg , I'm delighted for you :)

  • I love this boat and I am very glad that Barry is still alive and well!

    Today was an intense and demanding day, which is why I worked out so long and hard yesterday as I knew I wouldn't be able to get much exercise in. I shall also try and make up for it tomorrow as well.

    Anyway a rather sad and embarrassing 2Kms for me today - sorry everyone!

  • Now, now LtL, you know the rules, no apologies, no regrets, because all K's are good K's :)

  • Thanks Moreless and well done to you for picking up the slack!

  • Oh no - I'm having a Tibetan herb flashback with that boat .... :-)

    10.6k dog walks for me today :-)

    Can't believe how amazingly well everyone is doing. If you'd have told me at the beginning of January that we would manage to beat or come close to the total every day, I'd have said 'no way' !

    Just a thought though Lizzy - aren't we on day 16 not day 26 ? or am I confused ? (easily done !):-)

  • Our first day was Day 10 because of our credit kms from North Pole and rest of December πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Oh fab - a head start :-)

  • LOL! :D

    That dog must be your best buddy now! :)

    It's absolutely staggering isn't it! We are pretty fantastic! :)

    I can't answer your next question, cos even taking my socks off hasn't worked :D

  • The dog is pleased as for the first time in ages we ventured back into the fields in the valley, as they have begun to dry out a bit more now - too slippy beforehand. So she's had a good run around off lead and I am calmer because I don't have to spend my time preventing her from eating random yucky stuff off the pavement :-)

  • Hi Lizzy, i have only 1.11kms today 20th been slowed down with a nasty bug, present from my hubby. Ill enjoy listening to Barry.

  • All K's are good K's Marianne :)

    You tell that hubby of yours to keep his nasty bugs to himself ;)

  • Hi moreless, no worries i have had words. The runny nose its horrible and I cant seem to stop it then it stops and I cant breathe, think hubby pleased for some peace and quite then!

  • Good for you Marianne, because we need you fit and healthy :)

  • Thank you

  • Barry manilow now he would make me run further and faster than those Bengal tigers.. But maybe a few of those pina coladas will help!

    5.3k today. Rest day from the running so that was mainly dog walking.

    Now starting half marathon training so will get some miles in over the weekend

  • LOL! :D

    Still a great number and can't wait to see what you clock up at the weekend :)

  • Evening all!

    Have Barry's song in my head... and this Lola, she was a show girl... dancing away with a sparkling water in hand.

    Well done everyone. Blimey what a team we make!

    9. 4km for me today. I am getting slightly obsessed about turning all the fitbit markers green each day!!

    For those suffering after slips, trips or just generally from the cold sending you all best wishes for a quick and warm recovery.

    Until tomorrow my friends. 😊

  • Aarrgghh!! That song's rattling around in my head now! :o

    I'm loving the fitbit obsession, it's that type of behaviour that makes this team so ace! :)

    Fabby number asics :)

  • Wish I hadn't read those lyrics.. Got the dreaded earworm now.. Can't get it out of my head..

  • DITTO!!! :o

  • Thank you have enjoyed this evenings virtual Karaoke a pity there was only one song😊 🎀....

  • Im going to post now before i go to bed...#exhausted lol....12.1km's today...a walk at lunchtime and a run at gym tonight....good luck all πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Woohoo! No wonder you're exhausted quin, well done you! :)

  • Wednesday's total 8.03km, just got back from the gym!!

  • You're a star Jude :)

  • Evening All! 3000 pour moi!

  • Tres bien Runningsoon :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    My total km for today (Wednesday 20th January 2016) is 0.6 km (just over half a km).

    Great idea to split the thread.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good for you Lowcal :)

    The decision was forced upon us unfortunately, but hope it'll be very temporary, as with the Monday weigh-in thread :)

  • 7.44km for Wednesday

  • Well done jenni :)

  • Evening fellow travellers

    Today I have done:

    Exercise bike - 11.1 km

    Steps - 4543

    I can't believe how much this is motivating me to use the exercise bike that I borrowed from my sister in law! (she lent it me in June....I think)! Absolutely love it once I get going and listening to the random 80's and 90's tunes 🎡🎡on my phone really helps too.🎢🎢 and singing along πŸŽ€πŸ˜€πŸŽ€

    Night all I'm off to bed now, its been a very long and busy day at work.


  • Exercise bikes rule Nic! Next it'll be the real McCoy :)

    Great number! :)

  • I surprised myself with 9.35km today πŸ˜€

  • You shouldn't be surprised Determined, you're always brilliant! :)

  • They really do moreless and all yours and everyone else's support on this forum! I very much doubt I will be investing in the real thing as where I live there are far to many very big hills and walking up some of them is challenging enough!! πŸ˜€

  • But just think how good going down them will be :)

    I still haven't managed to go up the hill that we live on yet, but I will some day and then I shall tackle all the hills around me :)

    This cycling malarkey is addictive! :)

  • Evening,

    Should join daddio in running away from Barry, sorry 😊 at least that would add a few more steps πŸ˜‰

    Wearing headphones now with different music 😁

    Total steps 10556 which is just over 7km. Sorry can be more accurate tomorrow if needed 😊

  • I'm coming with you Elissy! :D

    Don't you worry Lizzy is a maths whiz kid, I just know it's a fab number :)

  • Busy preparing for tomorrow's guest plus doggie sitting ( walking really) helped me clock up 9.54 kms. Paths are slowing progress as not all the snow has cleared. Pleased with my mileage and new pedometerπŸ‘

  • Fantastic Bu-dog! No wonder you're pleased, we are too :)

  • Only 4.8 km today (mostly in airports). Will have to spend some time in the swimming pool to earn my cocktails. I think I'll skip Barry Manilow and just chat at the bar. But if you could get AC/DC .....

  • You've more than earned your cocktails JC, you can get on with your head banging then :)

  • Perhaps they could do a number together - that would be interesting :-)

  • My mind is boggling a bit at that thought. Would definitely come out of the pool/leave the bar to see thatπŸ‘

  • 5k exactly today.

  • Well done Phil :)

  • I'm also a soft southerner - cycled 22.12km around London today with double socks and double gloves - but still had numbness in my smallest fingers and toes - and it wasn't even below freezing today. I've got no idea how anyone's managing to cope further north of here! Must be made of significantly sterner stuff I reckon! Happy travels everyone, and stay warm :)

  • I've just got considerably more blubber, Ruth :D

    Woohoo! That is an extremely impressive number!! WTG you!! :)

  • I wasn't much better when I had more 'insulation' ML. I think it's my Raynauld's more than a lack of flesh - my fingers and toes always suffer when it gets cold like this! And ears and nose :( I think tomorrow will have to be a day off from the cycling. But I'll be back on it Friday hopefully :)

  • Oh, that's a horrible condition to have when you live in a cold country! Poor you! :(

    Hop on a nice warm bus instead :)

  • Aren't pumpkin seeds supposed to be good for that Ruth ?

  • I cycled 8 miles yesterday and I live further north. Feet were freezing! Do you have proper cycling socks & shoes or could you recommend ways of preventing cold feet cycling - I'm slightly scared of going to a cycling place & them recommending something expensive.

    Could always go for 4 pairs of socks but not sure my trainers will fit!

  • Her name was Flossie she was a show girl, ( and did 14.1 kms today), with yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut to .......... there !!πŸ’ƒπŸ»

    Just in from seeing Hairspray , I can hear the bells !!

    Time for bed


  • Wow Flossie! Great number! :)

    Isn't it Quasimodo that said that? ;)

  • 16.3kms for me today's counting a bit of run and Zumba but got told off in "speed" (it's all relative) training this evening thought I had cramp but have been told muscles are probably fatigued 🚳So no spin for me tomorrow need to get myself ready for Sunday's long run..........

  • Naughty girl!! You should be taking more care of yourself! Just gently does it until everything's sorted and then you'll be just perfect for sunday :)

  • hi there today Wednesday i'm managed 2016 steps which works out at 0.38 mile, which is an improvement from yesterday not by much but its there Alan

  • Alan, those steps mean the world to us, because you put your heart and soul into them. What more could we ask of anyone? I'm proud to call you a fellow traveller :)

  • hi there that means the world what you have said, its different to what other people have said, its brought a tear to my eyes, that's very kind of you. thank you Alan xx

  • It's the truth Alan :)

  • hi there the nice thing i love about being on the forum is the lovely friends i've made thank you again Alan

  • Oh, I agree! :)

  • hi there and now i'm with you wonderful people i've made more new friends take care speak to you soon Alan

  • Hi - I've done 4km today Wednesday. Thanks

  • Well done Frankie :)

  • today I've done a 3 mile dog walk and 5 mile walk around the area

  • Hello Lisa, welcome aboard :)

    What a fab number! :)

  • I'm a few days behind again - sorry!

    Monday = 1.9

    Tuesday = 5.8

    Wednesday = 3.6

    Not been for a run this week yet - been so busy but hopefully tomorrow or Friday I'll be able to add a few quicker kms to the proceedings

  • Better late than never Garfield :)

  • Hi there 😊

    Wednesday a good day for me, I managed 5.3 km yay !! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Woohoo veganista, you must be on the mend :)

  • 6.25 k for me on weds

  • Good going Beryl :)

  • 5.5k for Wednesday for me

  • Well done RAF_girl :)

  • 8.52 km for yesterday, now for a busy day at work. πŸ˜πŸ˜€

  • Great stuff Angie, hope being busy will make the day go quickly for you :)

  • 4.72 miles walking

    7.7km run with running club :)

  • Ooooh 15.25 K's, woohoo Steph! :)

  • 6.6k for me yesterday :-)

  • Fabby Rossbale :)

  • 6.75 km for me.

  • Well done Don :D

  • 15320 steps = 10.97k for me yesterday

    Also cycled outside for a bit - covered 13.58k

    Total: 34.55k

  • Yowzers Lexi! You're beyond belief!!! :)

  • 10.38km for Wednesday 20th January. It was pretty chilly up here in the north of Scotland. Got my walk out of the way on my lunch break so I didn't have to venture out after work :)

  • You must have walked up a bit of a sweat though keep-on, because that's some going for a lunch break! :)

  • 16.78km for Wednesday

  • WTG Darren! What a star! :)

  • Just wondering how much time everyone is spending clocking up all these kms? I know I have to walk dogs as others do, but for people who don't have to do that anyway how much extra time is this challenge taking? I came home from work yesterday, walked the dogs for an hour then went out again for 45 mins to warm up run and warm down again...

  • My main kms are spin cycling at the gym I do 5 classes a week Monday Thursday and Tuesday, should be there now but have been told to rest calvesπŸ‘ŽπŸΎ, can do 13-19kms in a class, and since wearing Fitbit can clock up3,000+ in Zumba and insanity, I walk to and from work each day so that's 5k a day 4 days a week. I do two body pump a week but they don't attract kms. Got no childs to worry about so I can please myself what I do

    dh comes to spin and we are training for Paris marathon in April so will do some long runs too

  • I'm a lazy retiree rainshine, so can spread my cycling over the day, or indulge in long walks with no time constraints.

    I take my hat off to the workers of the world, who are being really conscientious about getting in their daily exercise :)

  • 8.3 miles for me yesterday. Walked with a friend and yea it was very cold but bright and sunny. The puddles were all frozen. Cloudier today for us in Devon.

  • I don't know about you Florence, but I would choose cold and crisp over damp and drizzly any day :)

    That's another staggeringly good number :)

  • 7.54 kms for me . Wiggle those hips

  • I daren't wiggle mine too much Mimsta, I might knock people flying! ;)

    Great number :)

  • Morning all,

    Better day for me yesterday did 6.07km cycling and 5.59km walking so total for Wednesday is 11.66km πŸ˜€

  • That was a brill day kars! :)

  • Good morning

    Yesterday it was 4.5 km doing HIT on an exercise bike.

    I hope Barry is alive and kicking as I am going to see him Glasgow in June!

    Hope you all have a fab day


  • Well done Steve :)

    Ooh crumbs, I hope Barry's hale and hearty too, or that Glasgow venue could be very quiet! ;)

  • Hi lizzie, can't wait to get on that boat ... It looks fabulous! Only 3 k from me yesterday. Got stuck behind the desk 😠😠 hoping for more today but overslept this morning ... Maybe running to catch up will help lol

  • All K's are good K's Sopmarfree :)

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