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Realistic weekly weightloss?

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Could anyone tell me a realistic weightloss to expect over the coming weeks. Managed to lose seven pounds the first week on the twelve week plan and can't help but feel a little disappointed having only losing two pounds this week. I know it's still a loss but needed a good boost to help me on my way.

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ElsieW2 stone

Hi, I have just had my week 10 weigh in and I've lost 1 stone 2lbs. I've been following the 1400ish calories a day and I'm doing this with ease! I think 1-2lbs a week is a reasonable expectation. There is no fast fix sadly so keep at it! You've done brilliantly so far!

Elsie xxx

Thanks for the advice, will keep on at it

2 lbs is fantastic that is exactly what one would expect to loose. Some loose 3 lbs but 1lb or 2lbs is good as the slower the weight stays off. Apparently first week sometimes one always loose tons. Keep going you are doing great!


Overall most people seem to average between 1-2lbs per week. I lost 19lbs over the 12 week plan and I think that's about what most people lose - although those who start at higher weights may find they lose more than people starting at lower weights. For everyone, the first week tends to be a much higher loss as for many people there's a sudden reduction in junk food, alcohol, sugar, salt etc, so a lot of water retention/bloating goes immediately. But after that 2lbs is pretty good going, and 1lb is still respectable. But beware you may have weeks where you maintain or even gain - it's just part of the strange way that our bodies adapt to a healthier and lower calorie diet. It's a long game, hard to predict, but really really worth it in the end. Hope that helps and hope you're feeling patient and determined :)

Thanks a lot that really helps.


Quite agree with comments above. I lost 5lbs the first week and then it's been 1 or 2lbs per week since then, one week of gaining 1lb - oh yes, and then there was Christmas (glossing over that one - back on the wagon now!). Overall I've lost 1st and 4lb since 20 somethingth of Sept.

Good luck, you are off to flying start Sarahjess! Keep up the good work.

As others have said, a loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week is steady and more likely to stay off. Be prepared , you will have plateau weeks along the way, and some weeks even gain a pound or two, but dont give up...its all quite normal ,

In 2014 , I had 30 pounds to lose. I lost it slowly over ten months and reached my target in April 2015. I eat all types of food, drink wine, occasional crisps, cake etc but I have them less often and smaller portions. At xmas and holidays I gain a pound or two, but they soon disappear again and Ive stayed within my target range since last April, BMI 22.5

Slow and steady wins the race 😁

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Great to hear from a maintainer! I want that to be me saying all that in a year's time .... not got a great track record in that area!

That sounds normal to me Sarah, I started eating healthy a week before joining the 12 week plan so i am not expecting to lose any more than 2lbs on my first week. Like others have said, even a loss of 1lb is good. If you doubt it take a look at 1lb of lard in the supermarket! keep up the good work :-)

2lb is a good and realistic weight loss. The 7lb loss in the first week would have not been fat but water. To lose 2lb a week you need to consume 7000 calories less than you use. That is a big ask. Don't be disappointed, you did well


I don't think in lbs. I'm 53 and the UK education system started teaching in metric before I left infant school. I don't read diet books or celebrity mags. Not to mention that stones sounds, well, heavy!

I learned not to expect a steady weight loss. I think much depends on what was happening before and how focused you are (and full focus will not always be the best plan for long term all round health and wellbeing) I remember my first weight loss project. I started with my husband. He lost lots of weight in the first few weeks and then stalled and I dropped nothing at all for those four weeks. I was the one who kept at it and achieved my goal. Took twice as long as initially envisaged.

So what I am saying is that if you can 'disinvest' from short term results you are more likely to end up where you want to be.

[I need to tell myself this today as I removed fluff from the feet of my bathroom scales and now it shows me 2kgs heavier!]

in reply to GoogleMe

Good advice ... I'm going to try and follow it!

derrygeel1 stone

Oh those scales! You look at the needle and it's below 0, and you think Oh great. I need to calibrate it upwards . But your heart sinks when it needs to be calibrated in the opposite direction . 😊

Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint! Its the total loss at the end of that marathon that counts not the fluctuations in between! The first week is usually all water loss anyway.

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Two pounds is a great weight loss. Sometimes you may loose nothing. You just have to keep going and is not easy which is why we have the forum and each other.

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

To encourage yourself - put 2lbs of butter (or 1 kg of butter) in front of you and feel the weight of this in your hands - you have burnt this off in a week! That is a lot of fat, so be very pleased with yourself.

A safe weight loss tends to be expressed as between half a lb and 2lbs per week. Men and heavily overweight people might lose more and or those who do a lot of exercise. You don't want to lose too fast as you want your skin to shrink as the fat goes. Lots of walking helps with this too. Well done with your losses so far. As someone who has lost 5 stone to get to target, I think your losses are on the high side. I would be delighted with them. After all 2lbs a week for 12 weeks would be 24 lbs, almost 2 stone.

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