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Thoughts on chefs, life and food

My husband is a chef. He learnt his trade in 5 star hotels and worked for 25 years in top-class restaurants. Let's try a bit of understatement here - he can cook!.

And I can eat. Up to the birth of my second son (31) I had hollow legs . I ate what I wanted, when I wanted in huge quantities and was always at the low end of normal. I was probably underweight at times.

And because hubby is a very social guy, working in a very social and mobile area most of our friends also have something to do with food. They've been head chefs in Michelin star restaurants, they cook at top locations. Some more understatement - they can cook!

Everything we do ends up with food and drink. And really I don't mind, cos I love food and drink.

You can see the way this is going? It took me ten years to really realize that my metabolism was no longer up to the vast quantities I ate. And I've never really come to terms with it. I still hope (now nearly 25 years on) that something is going to trigger the old metabolism and the skinny me will miraculously reappear (without any effort, of course).

It ain't gonna happen 😥

And so the last years have been an attempt to try and find a balance.

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Social food is a nightmare.

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This is a tough one!


Yes it's hard. I used to work with some amazing chefs always wooing me with food in my 20's. One would make his head waiter call me when cheesecake was ready so he could get me to visit and watch me eat it. I was in my 20's like yourself great figure, could eat what I liked. Baby growing & raising put a spanner in the works!

I now work for the best pie company in Britain which people think would be hard. Not as much as expected.

My boss does the 5:2 diet and it works amazingly for him. He's surrounded by social foodies 24/7 but it drops off him after a few weeks on that. I'm on slow & steady but getting there.

Maybe the Italian/Mediterranean diet style would work for you?


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