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Week 2

Only a 1lb weight loss this week... and struggling to remain motivated at the weekend. Perhaps its because January is such a depressing month! I just want to curl up and hibernate!

Really feel like I should be getting more active but I just don't know what to try... I might be brave and go to circuit training this week. Which I'm sure would be fun, but it's just about forcing myself to go on my own!

I'm still avoiding carbohydrates (bread,rice,pasta,potato) in the week in exchange for veg and my calorie intake remains around 1200 a day. I do find that unless I do a lot of high energy, cardiovascular exercise, I don't seem to see much of a loss.... I guess it was never going to be easy! ;-P

Think I'm going to try and make some changes and let's see how it goes....

Trying to stay positive!

Start Weight: 13st 1lb

Week 1: 12st 12lb

Week 2: 12st 11lb

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Sorry your feeling it a bit of a struggle but another Ib off is great. We sometimes don't get the wgt rewards we have worked hard far🤔

I do think there's something about January being difficult and I'm sure yesterday was the 'worst' day of the month!! ( M&S we're offering cake and a coffee for £3 to help !!! Not lol)

Maybe rethink what you have as you do need a bit of carb and make sure you are eating enough calories! I know it sounds daft but if you do t eat enough you'll struggle

Have a good week



This is the Weight Police. Step away from M&S and come out with your hands up! Seriously, these places know how to cash in on certain times of the year don't they! I do most shopping online so thankfully I can't be tempted by passing shops and smelling the coffee, imagining the cake that naturally goes hand in hand with it when you visit a coffee shop, etc. Or the smell of bread/pasties from the bakery, then you look to see what you are smelling and there right in front of you is the display of cream cakes and other evil entities! I knew if I looked hard enough I could find some positives in being slightly reclusive - if I don't see it or smell it, I don't tend to think about it - yay! Lol! :-D


Hey, that's 2 packs of butter gone, very well done! I don't know how much you want to lose, but my journey is a long one. I try to think of it like this...there are 52 weeks in a year...if you lost 1 pound every week...well, you get the idea, it would be fabulous! They say that slow and steady is the healthiest way to lose weight, 1-2 pounds per week, so it sounds to me like you are doing just fine, keep going!

I know what you mean about January. I'm finding it a pretty uninspiring, gloomy month - it just doesn't stop raining and we need the lights on indoors during the day so much - it just seems so dark! Hibernation is the perfect description, that's how I feel about it! Make yourself some lovely healthy veggie soups and fill up on those, they're good for you and will "warm the cockles of your heart" in this gloomy weather! Plus I read somewhere that quality of food can actually have an effect on your mood (how true this is, I don't know). I can't really advise on exercise due to health, but I do know that exercise is also meant to improve your mood, so, being physically capable, maybe this is a good time to take up something new, it might help lift you out of the January doledrums!

Stick with it, you're doing just fine! :-D


Thanks Weight Warrior,

That's a good way of looking at it, 2 packs of butter gone and still 49 weeks of the year left!! ;)

Veggie soups sound good for this weather - I've been eating lots of different salads but they're just not hitting the spot at the moment!

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I know what you mean, cold salads leave me, well, cold(!) at this time of the year. I tend to cook up a kind of open omelette...start the thing cooking slowly but chop up pepper, mushrooms and tomato and throw that on the top so that it sinks into the mixture, then put it under the grill to finish off cooking the top, with 30g of Tesco reduced fat mature cheddar melted on at the last minute, cos I love cheese and won't do without it! Mature means more flavour without having to use too much I find. Anyway, I slide it out onto a bed of lettuce arranged on the plate all ready to go. It's a hot meal but it still kind of has some salad involved - I'm more willing to eat that than a cold salad so it works. Plus, I find most of the time, if I am chewing food rather than eating a soup which seems more liquid, I feel fuller, although I think it could be purely psychological!


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